Red Net boss original is the way to survive the site

I always thought that a website is not like a business brand, no known products in the market, "a website without characteristics, is like a person without personality, it is hard to remember.". In recent years, the red has always stressed that the original strategy and established the development idea of "original strong network, network, fixed network planning Xing brand", in the integration of information, explores the original planning, brand promotion and other aspects, constantly in the website content’s appeal on the efforts to get rid of the net thousands of network side mode, the content of the website often see new.

as Hunan’s local news website, net since its establishment on the positioning of the Hunan provincial government news network, integrated network and communication network, in order to promote Hunan, Hunan, Hunan communication effect "for oneself. We regard the timely reporting of Hunan as the primary task, and take objective coverage of Hunan as the basic requirement, and comprehensively report Hunan as the direction of our efforts, and give authoritative reports on Hunan as a relentless pursuit. Highlight localization information and work hard on originality, content, service, proximity and readability.

At the beginning of the

network, we can clearly recognize that if "you have all I have, the last is what is not." If the net is the news network, so it is the most valuable, the most distinctive news is Hunan local news; if the press is the core of the core net, involving Hunan’s original news is the core of the net. Over the past 7 years, the red has gradually become Hunan confluence of news, red net news has formed the core competitiveness of the brand, the website has become Hunan in Hunan, in Hunan, foreigners in the field of Hunan and people all want to know Hunan, Hunan people’s homes on the internet.

our specific approach is:

one, original strong network, to build the core competitiveness of network media


of the Internet, let us have a feeling, the concept of news has expanded a lot, is the evaluation of friends broke the news, netizens (with sth) is a new trend of network news, the news is the same news, many traditional media to follow, tracking, anti reverse network media ignored, we require not only can edit the good news is reproduced, can deepen the refined news, pay close attention to the online dynamic. Any content that can arouse the net friend’s attention should be our object of concern; any hot spot that the netizen pays attention to is the content that we report and the object that pays close attention to.

, we have established the "original strong network" development ideas. In the local news website earlier established an original interview team, has 3 full-time reporters from the initial development to the present, has a team of more than 50 people in the interview team; we use the opportunity and "Xiaoxiang Morning" achieve strategic integration, to carry out the interaction of Internet and newspaper, the news of Hunan Xiaoxiang Morning more than 100 reporters every day we have written, have access to the Internet in the first time; we focus on communication team construction, has established a city covering the whole province and industry more than 1000 correspondents; "red pepper comments" has.

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