Teach you to use Google Google map streetscape

in Losangeles, Santiago, Houston, Orlando, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Miami and Denver City, you can see the street on the map in Google map (street view, street level images).


specific methods of use are as follows:

navigate to a certain location. If there is a street view here, the button for the map view of the street will appear in



click the button on the street view

. A blue border appears on the road


if you reduce the map to a certain extent, the camera icon

will appear, click the camera icon, and then click the blue word "Zoom in" in the open window".


At this time a small icon

will appear on the map. Click on this icon you can see the street map, including street map information window will appear or use the mouse to click on any blue boundary street. The green arrow at the bottom of the villain points to the direction you want.


if you want to rotate the direction, you can use any of the following methods:

* drag the street view image to the left or right

* click the arrow

on the left of the image


zoom in or out, do one of the following:

* drag slider * click + or –

* double clicking on any point on the street view can zoom in to this point. To retract, just click "Zoom Out", and

if you want to move along the street and click on the white arrow on the ground, the scene will move in that direction. You can also use the left and right keys of the keyboard,.

to show full screen street view, click Full-screen or

button. To restore small window click. To close the window, click


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