WeChat red envelopes massive operations send 1 billion red envelopes difficult where


Note: the 2015 WeChat

red book, new year’s Eve shake a total number of 11 billion times, the peak is 14 million times per second, 810 million times per minute, WeChat developed red 1 billion 10 million! Behind the alarming figures, the Tencent is how to support? The author before the interview to WeChat background responsible for share envelopes behind the technology with you.

this is from the WeChat public key Tencent auditorium (TX_DJT).

4800 times the challenge of

this year WeChat red and last year between users and users of mutual red envelopes compared to shake red way is a great burst of traffic light, is the new year’s Eve 10:30 sent a red envelope wave reached 120 million, is 4800 times the 2014 New Year’s Eve peak of the giant peak (2014 per minute is open envelopes only the number of 2.5W



sends 1 billion red packets, where is the difficulty,


team to conclude there are three major difficulties: Fast – how to ensure the users to quickly shake to the red envelope? How to ensure the roll to the quasi – steady – open envelopes can be successful? How to ensure open envelopes to share out

?A large number of

users shake envelopes at the same time, the moment of tens of millions of requests per second, the magnitude of the request without guidance directly to the background processing, will cause the back-end service overload or even collapse. Above, new year’s Eve, the background monitoring data curve can explain everything – in front of a heavy stream of decompression, the background server load is still soaring more than ten times.

three major coping strategies Qi battle

for the above three difficulties, WeChat background development team mainly through three coping strategies to deal with: lossy service, flexibility available, large systems, small

what is a lossy service? A lossy service is by ensuring that most of the core functionality is run by carefully splitting the product process, by selectively sacrificing part of the data consistency and integrity. This is the Tencent accumulated in the PC era a special operation strategy — in the premise of resources under certain conditions, not the Internet, the myriads of changes in the scene to meet the core needs of users.

The core point is

WeChat red shake, split, share envelopes, the whole system design must do its utmost to ensure the three steps one, any associated system abnormality when the system immediately relegated, cause the system to prevent the avalanche.

system degradation can be divided into two aspects, one is the core function of spin off and simplified, aided by a lightweight service implementation, to ensure the minimum critical path is feasible, for example in the access layer in logic will shake envelopes, tens of millions per second per second level requests into million red envelopes requests to back-end logic red service, can reduce the avalanche.

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