Operation resurrection how to arouse and recall the lost users

users have different classifications from different perspectives: for example, from the point of view of user activity, they can be divided into zombie users, low frequency users, active users and deep users


has recently been thinking about some of the things that users have to do. Because when the platform operation to a certain stage, the user data will be accumulated in large quantities, the user data is operator gold property, how to manage and operate these users is one of the key personnel of the operation.

users from different angles have different classification: for example, from the user activity, can be divided into zombie users, low frequency users, active users and users from the user to the depth, if the value of the platform, may be divided into law becomes the seed users, ordinary users and core users. Different categories of users should have different operating strategies. The analysis and management of users from the perspective of the user life cycle is one of the common ways of data operation.

what is the user life cycle


‘s so-called user life cycle is a derivative of the "customer life cycle" based on traditional marketing.

in Baidu encyclopedia, the customer lifecycle explanation is this: the customer life cycle refers to start from a customer understanding of the enterprise or enterprise wants to a customer for the development, until the customer and business relationship termination and related matters at this time fully processed.

is a derivative of the Internet now. It means that users should be interested in products instead of paying attention to the product. Different from the customer life cycle is the Internet, the product life cycle may be very short, even before the beginning of the end, because if there is no operation, he in every process are likely to direct loss (but not necessarily to go to maturity after death), so the work is to improve each operation a stage of life growth rate (conversion), to the stage from the stage of interest loyalty to assist a user.

phases and goals of the general user life cycle.

traditional "customer life cycle" basically contains five stages, different stages of the target, as shown in Figure:


is born to death, just like the growth of a person’s life,

will be "customer life cycle" derived from the field of Internet products, it has become a "user life cycle"". But unlike the customer life cycle of the Pyramid structure, the user life cycle is more like a funnel, and each stage is not operational, and the user may go directly to the drain and end the life.


The "AARRR transformation funnel model" and the user behavior study mentioned in the

growth hacker are closely related to the user’s life cycle. < >

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