Lu Songsong a common problem in blogging

It is not easy for

to judge the value of blog content, but a good article is first to be friendly to the users who visit your blog, and secondly to search engines. Adhere to the deep thinking, adhere to hard Lianbi, see more excellent blog, slowly it is easy to find their own style, once has its own style, is to establish their own characteristics.

1: This is for the search engine, not for the user.

a good article is not only friendly to the search engine, but also more user-friendly, which includes the correct and fluent expression and the quality of information needed to search users. Proper search engine optimization is better than full stack keywords. Remember: search engines follow the user experience. If visitors think your article keywords are too stacked, then the search engine will not like it.

2: no personality, I do not express any views.

saw a lot of articles, and when Lu Songsong entered the title, it was a video or a copy of the news. Without any explanation or explanation, I’m sure the visitors will think you know nothing about it and not know why. Video, news, you can read it, the user to your blog is to see your views and comments.

3: text wall, in order to add words to write a pile of nonsense.


did not write do not write well, a long winded managed to scrape together two thousand words, users do not see article, but a wall. Short articles is the fast reading times users love article. If you want your blog to be read, don’t send more than 1500 words long, short, or shorter…

4: too many artistic cells, the content is too elegant.

blog is not a Sina, not a newspaper. It’s easy to write. It’s too serious, too deep and not very interesting. Blog text with some of the better, it is best to popular, good reading, approachable.

5: stop comparing yourself with others. You are unique.

the most common mistake of any blogger is to compare it with other blogs. Each of us has different writing styles and different positions. If you’re trying to become a writer, practice, write more, and write as many as you can.

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