From the Amazon fresh web site Amazon is how to do fresh electricity supplier

    Tencent technology reported on June 24th,

Amazon fresh (AmazonFresh) is currently only launched in San Francisco and Seattle, a single amount over $35, free courier, morning list dinner time before 10 can be delivered before 10 p.m., the second day breakfast can be served.

contains fresh goods, from milk to electronic products, Amazon website contains more than Goods are available in all varieties., 500 thousand pieces of daily necessities, including apple, shampoo and digital camera, the family needed to stop traveling run supermarket.

in addition to Amazon’s proprietary product, the local grocery store or restaurant and three party products can be served by Amazon fresh bakery, such as bread, fast food lunch, pizza pizza, open the door to receive orders.

popular restaurant food, no longer to the store, anxious, patient, and other seats, through the website or mobile client, you can always shop, shopping everywhere, save time and effort, the next order is also a minute.

, these are the service profiles on Amazon’s fresh web site. It’s tempting. Let’s look at how Amazon did it.


fresh products need to be stored at low temperature and perishable, which determines that cold chain logistics must be adopted in the process of warehousing and distribution. Cold chain logistics refers to the refrigerated and frozen food sales in the production, storage and transportation, and to all aspects of the consumer is always in front of the low temperature required to ensure food quality, reduce food losses in a system engineering. With the development of science and technology and the development of refrigeration technology, it is a low temperature logistics process based on refrigeration technology and refrigeration technology.

The scope of application of

cold chain logistics include: primary agricultural products (vegetables, fruits, meat, poultry, eggs;; aquatic products, flowers, food processing products) (frozen food, poultry, meat, aquatic products such as packaging cooked food, ice cream and dairy products), fast food raw materials, special commodities (drugs).

because of the food cold chain is to ensure the quality of perishable foods for the purpose, in order to maintain low temperature environment as the core requirements of the supply chain system, so it is higher than the average temperature of the requirements of the logistics system is more complex, but also much larger capital investment is a huge systematic project. Because the timeliness requirements of perishable food cold chain links with the organization and coordination, more so, food cold chain operation is always associated with the energy cost, is closely related to the development of effective control of operating costs and food cold chain.

storage, the construction of a key ring is cold (or in cooperation with third parties, such as outsourcing), according to foreign media news, Amazon logistics center across the country in the new cold storage, probably with fresh goods distribution. The construction of cold chain logistics center is a huge investment and long payback period

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