Because of the earthquake my website was dropped by Baidu K

          May 12, 2008, suddenly, the sudden major disasters giant earthquakes and landslides that occurred, the magnitude 8 earthquake caused tremendous pain and suffering, to the compatriots in the disaster areas to sudden disasters, the shock of everyone’s heart, China people face a severe test. Sichuan city in Mianyang province hit, communications interruption, power outages, power supply room can not be normal, therefore, part of the server cannot be used normally, unfortunately the server is placed in the city of Mianyang telecommunications room.

          started in early April, at that time very random registered the domain name just pull a program to do a novel site, a station named my ebook, I do not know good luck or other reasons, the station Baidu a week included my site because in the webmaster nets around in the discussion included Baidu very slow. Feel very lucky, a new domain name, on the acquisition of novel station is included so fast. Baidu included site to bring not the small flow, but the 512 earthquake shocked everyone, facing a severe the test in May 12th 2.28. After his novel station could not be opened again. Contact the space business can not contact. Then through the news site that 8 earthquake occurred in Sichuan of Wenchuan, know the reason why the site can’t open because of the earthquake disaster on. People in the earthquake relief at the same time, keep in touch with space providers, the news is because the earthquake, telecom room closed, until 21 before opening, and found that the site has been Baidu K dropped.

            K off site can restore included? Now that K has fallen, I also learn to rebuild their home, a new domain name re read my ebook together to build your own web site.


editor comments: in the face of natural disasters, can only choose to adhere to

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