Home page layout techniques can increase click through rate

              webmaster what is most needed, may get a chorus of answer: flow. Yes, no matter is simply rely on advertising alliance site, or do the electronic commerce industry station, station, or rely on search engines rely on promotion and reputation, or products and services allow users to take the initiative to find a home. In fact it is in the flow, because whether it is effective or invalid user users, long-term users or short-term users, access website is the most direct traffic, although there are good products and services, even if there are few users website flow solid foundation can also Everfount profit, but the flow is always the basic site webmaster want to site traffic, the more the better their.

recently from the Admin5.com home page layout found a number of improvements related to traffic experience skills, want to share with you. Let’s start with the composition of A5’s home page. Basically, the number of articles per day is around 120. The submission, most from the webmaster Wangzhuan experience, experience, tutorials, webmaster interviews, SEO optimization, and is closely related to the webmaster webmaster experiences, so every day contribute more. In addition, there are some reprinted Internet interviews and news reviews, some of which are closely related to the webmaster, while others have little to do with the webmaster. In addition, the source of the article is the reprint and originality of the editor, but the proportion is small, but the editors are meticulous, choose their own careful writing, and thus will make some good articles. Of course, all the articles can not be displayed on the home page, some of the content is not strong readability of no great importance usually do not show the home page, in general can display the home page is the quality of selected daily articles in relatively high, in the home limited sector, should be based on the user experience as the center, make the website column layout is convenient for users to browse, from top to bottom the following main secondary principle, setting the browse order, make high quality content to attract users can be the first users to browse to the user clicks, which will maximize as much as possible.

here today is not intended to say that the article in the layout of the home page, in fact, most of the article layout skills, masters have mastered. What I want to say today is how to adjust the layout of the article according to the specific situation of the users to further improve the click amount of the website. We all know that hits A5 home every day is very high, I do not have the specific traffic statistics, but home every day at least 30 thousand IP, recently found some problems, is generally the top bar experience, Adsense news, interviews and hit the highest, like the SEO, the Internet, because of the leisure section, column the location of the contrast, unless the fine article or some title more attractive with the owners interests the correlation the general articles are not as good as the top bar high. Another phenomenon is that the top column, and webmaster related relatively high type of webmaster news, click rate is very high, and experience experience class article, by comparison, point >

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