Me and my web site a secret that can’t say

me and my website, a secret that I can’t tell you.

has been wondering whether my body is loaded with the wrong soul. I grew up with the other boys are not the same, when they are in the fight I prefer reading indoors or with the girls home game player wine, primary school, middle school, high school all the way up I was very popular with the girls but I never love a girl, but instead I for that boy with bright sunshine not the same feeling, indistinct, also dare not to think…


went to college, I met him, a man possessed me deeply, he is my roommate, also known as "the movement of our department," Prince of love love playing football every sports games have his shadow, it is his shadow firmly in my mind and my heart. And I feel very helpless, feel that he is a sick man, do not understand why I love boys, I am afraid to see his more love him, so I went to the library to go to Internet cafes to spend all the time to stay in the dorm, I am afraid of their own deeper. At that time I was exposed to the Internet about this person, is also known as the GAY group, very confused at first, think through them to understand themselves more slowly, I found a lot of old people like me, we chat through the network, through the network communication, I feel no longer alone, later, I and several friends to chat when I said there should be a special offer for us this kind of exchange places, so do a comrade website idea slowly forming in my mind, after more than a month on the night did not work, the site was built, all of us it is called "home" — let us feel the warmth of feeling place on site of these days, I often do not back to the bedroom, he also specifically called to ask me what is the matter to my attention The body, there is something to say to everyone, I am very happy, but also very sad, to tell you that such a simple sentence is very difficult to do… Every happy, sad, lonely, lost I will be recorded in the "home", and "home" friends will comfort me, let me happy to accompany me through the sad day, "we chat place home, a good book, a hot topic of discussion and even a small market, for us almost everything, along with the increasingly long time," home "more and more people browse more and more (not including the US this kind of person, I don’t know where they are aware of) fortunately, most of the people in good faith…

bedroom people ask what I do on the Internet, I told them I webmaster nets ( on the school website, they said I have to look at, in order to cover my "home" and the other two, a novel one is on the computer, of course no, in my heart, "" oh. All this requires money, plus the cost of my internet access, and I’ve hung some ads on my other two websites, looking at the clutter

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