Fall into the plight of innovative apes question library can come out

in front of the ape exam, profit exploration update product more than eager, even now to chalk network ape exam blood, who can guarantee that the core character of chalk elsewhere, the advantages and disadvantages of individualized teacher is obviously, the user will follow the teacher to go, rather than follow the this is the product, the biggest advantage of online education.


before the anatomy of a database, Jia Lang believes it necessary to become familiar with the course of its development. Ape exam is second, the former NetEase senior Li Yong online education business in November 29, 2013, chalk network officially closed, until August 2014, to enable the chalk net, but the type has changed to the occupation education, mainly for occupation test users, such as public servants, judicial examination etc..

from the creation to the present, ape exam received several major financing: 2012 IDG capital gain of A $2 million 200 thousand round of financing in August 2013; acquired by China Jingwei lead investor, IDG with the cast of B $7 million round of financing in July 2014; and IDG China China to obtain the latitude and longitude of the $15 million C round of financing.

the ape exam and chalk network and database over the accumulated number of users more than 3 million, has been a leader in the field of database, but the leader caught in a dilemma, but also the majority of database products to face.

advantage gradually disappeared, into innovation difficult

There is an old saying: consume without producing

. In the best advantage of the time, did not seize the time to become difficult to go beyond one person or company, then later will gradually eroded. The same is true in the field of online education exam, exam is considered by most founder objects is difficult to catch up, but now becomes gradually began to challenge and surpass, together with in the big market, but the space has been compressed.

in the field of examination questions, not only have Baidu homework help, more learning treasure, learning tyrants king and a large number of later, the development of the ape question library seems to be involved in a stable situation, it is difficult to have a big breakthrough. On the one hand there is no threshold lifting technology database, on the other hand, the user’s loss is serious, a huge user data, user retention time is not true, we are concerned about the user data, more attention should be paid to the user usage rate and retention rate, this is a question the core data, a number of loyal users, other data are to go with the flow.

ape question magazine and chalk net is the two product line of Li Yong company at present. Chalk net is the main field of Vocational education. To some extent, chalk net profit space is larger than the ape exam, a big reason is the teacher personalized, such as the civil service head Zhang Xiaolong, without Zhang Xiaolong, the civil service examination field with justice, reduced to the same level of postgraduate.

chalk net restart, a big reason is the separation of occupation and K12, because to do a good job positioning, so to two >

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