Liu Tao the realistic choice of the small and medium sized stationmaster in the post Google Era

for many grassroots small website, GG advertising alliance has been one of the important profit model, so in A5, we often discuss the topic all around the "profit, flow, IP and other words, the real success of the electronic commerce is rare. Once this "money flow a contemptuous disregard, value?" "advertising alliance website is rubbish station" category of speech, sometimes we do GG webmaster will quietly with a smile, "what do engage in traffic?! why should the investment flow?! money!" this much in line with the trend we have many websites, to attract more people, to improve traffic, and then sell advertising, put into the GG code, waiting for the monthly 15 GG.

if this idea is the mainstream idea of what you are doing now, the site of words, so, now if GG really want to go, what will you do for the website? Has formed a certain flow, depending on the survival of GG alliance website, we are likely to encounter this post crisis era "after the era of Google". If Google really goes, the world will continue, at this time do not have to talk about "profit model", "listed", "venture capital", and do not have to guess the event may exist behind some of the reasons, which are meaningless.

webmaster is realistic, so we don’t have to appeal, and we don’t have to shout, we should go back to the basic level, think about our realistic choice. The author believes that every reshuffle, we will face three choices: go away, turn off and die.

one, turn off

I think many webmaster and my point of view are very similar, in the current Internet presence of dazzling advertising,

alliance, the really relatively fair advertising alliance, as long as the GG advertising alliance. Google is gone, our site traffic is still there, we may be on their own sites on the second rate advertising alliance, such as Ali mother, Baidu alliance, the first video, results network, and so on.

the party is over, people are still dancing, Google is gone, the advertising alliance will still exist, the webmaster’s pain is: in our world, Google is unique.

, is this the tragedy of Ma Yun or Robin Li, or is it the tragedy of our grassroots Adsense?

two, walk away,

for a long time, because of the existence of the Google alliance, many of our webmaster has become very lazy and full of the status quo,

we tend to indulge in SEO and other low level means of rapidly increasing traffic to gain short-term benefits. It’s not that we don’t have the ability to innovate, but because we’ve got used to it in the hotbed of the Google alliance.

Google era after

. We can not continue to sleep in the hotbed, so we have to walk away, all roads lead to Rome, I believe that the following programs are operational, the key is how we integrate resources, careful operation.


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