By Baidu K station will be included again

a lot of webmaster are asking such questions, now I tell you, the answer is yes, Baidu K station, there is still hope not to be included, Baidu has repeatedly denied that, frankly, Baidu did not you say black, he also has his rule, not because he stood punished for you, you will think he is black, in the country, as long as you stand to do good, most of the traffic will be from Baidu, didn’t he, your standing flow will be greatly reduced, the words not to say

the following answer the question, why am I so sure of it, because I have experience, I have four station, city personals network campus secondary trading network Wudang free Internet cinema website ranking flow webmaster Club Forum

is on the same server, with second stations, is a member of the dissemination of information, in October last year, I was busy to do one thing, I don’t have time for it, some people do in the above released a mobile phone monitor, and the sale of pistol information was to monitor network because, I can not find, I do not know the site background, I find them from the IP server location, I put off the server and taken away, so that all my station closed, about a month, then let me back to normal operation, in this period of time I am afraid of Baidu K, my station, alas, as expected, it was K, so I hurried to the virtual host on the Internet to find a few days, for some procedures, page modifications in free space, the past and the domain name resolution, so Only the seven day trial, I have been in space, but Baidu also received them, before K, the station ranking is very good, I think after K even can not go up, will not have a good ranking, unexpectedly, the middle is K after two times, and K close, my rank not only did not fall but rise, a month later, the server can be used normally, so I just before the program again on all this time, this place was rising, has never been K, ranking also have been rising, indexed pages more

Oh, that, as a reason to say no, not I do not say, is not one or two words can say, I also spent a lot of time in this month, although tired, but after this ordeal, learn a lot of experience

has the same webmaster, may wish to my point of view, maybe you can see something to let you see, or better, because I want to do what I write, it is not good for thousands of words, did not understand

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