finally have a blog site of my own

has always wanted to have a website, but I was on the site, is a rookie, how can I build a website of their own,

?I want to

website, is actually quite simple, can have an independent domain name, a completely independent space, can be reproduced, published some of their favorite learning articles have experience of website construction and method, the exchange of learning, they would learn about the website construction skills, so think of blog.

learning some articles, online blog, the most easy, download a program, select your favorite skin, so the choice of PJBLOG, many people use the program, with more than 100 yuan to buy a domain name ( and 200M space, upload to the host, choose to download the template the site opened, low-key.

no flowers, no applause, only my heart is happy. I finally have a completely independent website, although it is very naive, very decent, after all, this is the fruits of their labor.

heroes, if you’re free, you can go to my website and sit in my hut:

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