A four years of experiences do some Webmaster Station

website has is a turning point in life, because it makes me see hope, let me make a pot of gold of life, and the site also gave me a fatal blow, I am prepared to devote the time, Baidu gave gently my site from search to erase this means that, my website was sentenced to death around for help to no avail, I was desperate to fall, do not want to go to work, do not want to feel about the site was hollowed out, like what to me is not important.

I am

to download the station, a station of the most common, January 18, 2008 is an unforgettable day for me, in this black Friday I " to download station; " from the stable 40 thousand IP down to more than 10 thousand IP, in the days following the flow can be used almost too horrible to look at to describe, finally only Google day will come 56000 of the traffic, the gap is really indescribable, believe a lot like me to stick to a webmaster have the same feelings, do a website, need to pay too much effort, from the beginning of November 2006 to build my website for program buy, space, he spent several days to beautify their own ", then what all don’t understand, only know how to update the site every day, so stupidly insisted for 6 months, traffic From the beginning of a few hundred to 1000 to more than 3000 at the site traffic, the growth of every day, the heart can not tell the joy, then the flow rate reaches 10 thousand IP, the station GG advertising revenue is more obvious, every day there are more than 10 knives, then pointing at others, changed when income high Firefox (fire Gu) advertising, when web traffic has been relatively stable in 40 thousand IP, it should be said that many owners in all that time the use of FF made a fortune, but then the installation price 0.1$per user, monthly income is good, my FF collection can reach about $2000. I’m not ready in how to use the site to make money, the first gold came a bit too fast, I have more confidence to do, and decided to quit to concentrate on their own business website during the download station, also encountered many He did not think the problem more, the website was hacked, is horse, server is attacked, unable to access the site, these are far beyond the scope of an ordinary webmaster can assume, it also forced me to master some basic technology of network security, once the website was hacked, I stand on all the advertising code do join the Trojan link, and then soft kill no alarm, I found not finishing in the background file modification date, just know oneself website by black, then I can do is to put advertising code of the Trojan link to delete, the hacker friends, every day is after midnight online, he will the Trojan link to add, so every day I remove Trojan links every evening to morning, he added a Trojan link, the website is linked to the horse back and forth for half a month, Site traffic has also been seriously affected for more than a month after this

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