How far is the network marketing idea to go

this article point of view: network marketing, especially soft Wen marketing planning and writing, thinking how far can go

whether you do blog marketing, forum marketing, or event marketing, or other marketing methods, your program needs to be implemented through text planning. The author thinks that the text planning and writing is compulsory, network marketing practitioners in this regard, I in "method is the key to realize value marketing planning and writing" (due to the constraints of the problem, iResearch online article title words so Ereli article titled "marketing planning and writing the value is king") article and other articles are mentioned, will not be detailed here.

marketing development thread

, when it comes to online marketing, I think it is necessary to sort out the development of marketing ideas. According to the personal understanding of the author and the following context, please Paizhuan.

, a marketing professor about the origin, the author thinks that Carleton University a few sheep for a cow, then, should not talk what marketing, with the horse (Marx) comrades say, with the remaining goods themselves, in exchange for the goods. After the special industrial revolution of the commodity economy, the productivity has been greatly improved, and a large amount of surplus goods have appeared. The business owner needs to sell the surplus goods, so the marketing really begins.

two, the initial marketing, I think it is nothing more than now some of the creative marketing techniques. Such as: the wall in the street or bus station, or even a paper label on a wire saw, printed with two words "card / telephone XXX, every time I see this label advertisement, I wanted to greet the author’s family, but I think what you say is the quality of the migrant workers.

by the way, (1) I am a migrant worker and I am proud. Why not as migrant workers, "Qi Shi", not as in the platform today bubble fly about corruption, will go to "chihuangliang", also sent a free small house. Someone may come to a "dude, you Bozhuan, would like to, you can not say that life ah, too, but I don’t blame the government Mingku, I own my pride. (two) those who do the ads, brothers, I am responsible for clearing the bus station, "card", "post" advertising brother, all day long greeting your family, no way ah, you that the whole is too difficult to clean up. So, learning this kind of migrant workers, a little quality, okay?.

three, up to now, the marketing mode of more and more "creative" (a little above pull away, back). The double quotation marks are because some advertisements are really hard to compliment, and some advertisements feel good. Of course, I’m looking at it from a non professional point of view.

modern advertising is made in the west, so for a long time we’ve been looking at the quality of advertising in terms of Western standards. Of course, it’s not that people don’t make sense. So I have to 4A domestic advertising advertising for the pursuit, I really think Professor Carleton University, "

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