At the beginning of the legend play station experience

4 in December, my website officially installed successfully, psychological don’t mention how happy, on the two day of the background operation thought finally can set up their own website, the evening also drank some wine to celebrate, prepare formal advertising for second days, but on the second day they found no one knows my website, see your site click value and IP value of the halo is their own, pull, then depressed died, how to let people know that in my website, Baidu and Google are not search your own website.

want to the night, the second day early in the morning decided to promote their own websites, first in the game forum, forum postings and PW, Netcom in relatively well-known servers enter the game website, enter the large network game website publicity, although there is illegal but the effect is very good, when Baidu and Google included in your site after don’t pull. There is a very popular method, the legendary N family website publicity in the major family legend QQ group UT group YY group IS group and family boss, a family ranking in their own website, called the families in the click. Time who clicks back to the family of the highest reward (such as: RMB, or pre paid cards what). Finally, the size of the game and website, PW website links. In less than two days you The popularity of the website is very high.

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