Marketing recommendations use time urgency to increase network sales

for online transactions about fashion, household items, travel and food, consumers will be quick, regular or repeated, and they love it. For group buying or fast selling sites, they may prioritize urgency and act as a strategy for product sales. Even if you don’t belong to such sites, that’s OK, and you can also learn from some of these more successful websites.

market research firm eMarketer recently released a study, a detailed description of the relatively new electronic commerce mode of growth, which highlights the importance of promoting email site visits and purchases. Any member like these sites will tell you, if the website owner can release timely, targeted and well displayed reminder message, then click the information so that consumers almost does not have what problem, also from the final sales goal one step closer. The psychological factors behind this kind of behavior are wonderful, not just the reason for the urgency of making these products so attractive:

1, this is a personal matter. Users only need to operate on their desks and schedule them in their schedules, and it’s not a distraction.

2, this is a very comfortable time of the day. Users can fantasize about everything they want at this time.

3 can minimize the shopping scale. If you buy only a shirt, a coat or a pair of shoes, that’s not really a shopping binge.

4, so simple and convenient. With a click, you can continue your work, and then the items will be sent to your home or office. No need to drive to the mall or try on clothes. There is no need to go shopping any more because the user has adapted to this approach.


member exclusive right. The exclusive rights people have all kinds of benefits, including storage payment information.

6, risk-free return policy. This also makes it easier for users to make decisions.

7, predictability. Every day is full of expectations, especially when they announce that the next product has a user’s favorite designer work.

8, urgency. There is no time to think or compare with other products. When you see your favorite bag, just want to buy it quickly, in case she buys it.

before you decide to use this strategy, make sure that you have carefully considered all aspects of the strategy and are able to deliver on it. No one is willing to wait a few weeks for the product to buy, or can’t return it, and can’t get the clothes, size and color that you like. To be involved in this area, you have to be patient: willing to collect purchasing data over time, identify various segments of users; be willing to try different web pages

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