Examples of how to deal with server space dropped seriously

server space stability is very important, serious disconnection, directly affecting the site’s collection, ranking. Here’s an example of the importance of the problem.

A week before the December 22nd visit

website is not normal, often dropped, as shown in figure


diagram 1

during this period, Baidu was in December 21st after the update, the unfortunate thing happened, the second day website Baidu weight loss, home to heavy, site home page, the new content is always in front of the website, some keywords no ranking. At that time, the analysis of the reasons, first, the space is broken seriously, two is copy article proportion is too big.

then 2011-12-22 15:16:08 through the membership center to space providers to ask this question, space providers simply do a simple processing room. After three or four days of treatment or not, so no longer use member center, customer service phone call directly, 2 phone calls, customer service and technical personnel in IP is put forward, and I said to them: before the space access speed can be, do not want to change IP, hope you can have a good way. So the customer service and technical personnel according to the demand, put forward: Hello, trouble in the switch when using the tracert website do a routing tracking and then send me. Test results are shown in figure 2.


diagram 2

results quickly solved the problem, the site is not broken, as shown in figure 3. After communicating with users, I know the reason for the router configuration. 2011-12-31 14:17:54 system answer: Hello, now should not have lost it, the server Ping baidu.com test almost an hour, did not drop a package.


diagram 3

during this period, the website is also updated content, but copy articles less, most of the original, and then write the soft text, do the chain, more than a week rankings, weights are restored.

Through the example of

to remind you: one is to pay attention to the stability of the server space; the two is to properly communicate with customer service (to call directly will issue clear); three is to find out the reason (customers don’t say what is what).

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