Thinking of Google’s alleged trademark infringement case

read the news of Admin5 today; " Google suspected of trademark infringement; sentenced to a fine of 350 thousand euros; " suddenly, I understand that a lot of my key words in Baidu have disappeared in these days.

originally "XX official net" is ranked in the top two or three of Baidu, now can not find, I thought it was the content of the site itself, now finally understand, Baidu did not dare to assume the risk.

has proved that the network is constantly improving and constantly improving. Perhaps the future of the site will be registered trademarks, ha ha, in that case, there are advantages to me. The advantage is that it can effectively combat garbage stations and pornographic websites, and build a civilized Internet world. My side is that the gate is so high that some talented people have no room for growth. As you all know, 84% of the owners are poor, and it’s difficult to buy space, not to mention paying a registered trademark. It’s just my guess, and you don’t have to worry about that, ha ha, ~~~

, let’s go and do the work. Here, I also sum up my experience of the past two years.

, now there are many webmaster spend 90% of the time to find a friend link, this is SEO, I remember a person said "no SEO, really is" SEO ", this sentence is my understanding is, too deliberately to do SEO, but will be search engine K off. Intentions to do the content, and carefully optimize the structure of the site is good, and there is not just do the chain, forget the inside chain.

two, collection station will slowly OUT off. In the past two years, I have been watching the Baidu algorithm change, Baidu is just beginning to judge the title and content of the same, the same percentage and later the accurate analysis of the content, now has to analyze the same domain name server with a personal registration. In this way, one person can be effectively prevented from doing N garbage stations.

three, do keywords, do not have to do too hot. Keywords are best spoken, for example, if you want to play a game station, you can use the "hottest game", the latest game". Because a lot of network civilian, Baidu, Google are very colloquial.

four, do the content, must insist. If you don’t update it regularly, how can a spider come and go regularly? When you are a spider, it is your pet. You must feed it regularly and cultivate a habit.

five, and finally send you a word, "copy", "super", "super"". (copy someone else’s successful experience, then overtake him, and finally surpass his peers)

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