The classic case of SEO into the chain the chain also lost


webmaster has been 1 years, the period has been Taobao, because business is good so the website to sell, now, Taobao competition is too intense, the water is too deep, and business change radically, redo website, great changes have taken place in the first half of this year to Baidu, so do the site in preparation, has been concerned about a very arrogant station, the website Baidu weight reached 7 traffic to reach 16W, to see the domain name, but only a year’s time, Links was only 3.4, but it can get good rankings and flow, and caused great concern to me. But in my website just on the line, his the site was K, analyzed the reason, feel that it is a classic case, perhaps a little help to all the friends of.

for his web site, do not share, compared to the owners must be very sad, when the flow rate reaches 160 thousand according to conservative estimates of each of the 10 thousand IP 3000 monthly income of the owners also have a revenue of about 50 thousand, when his website information forgot to keep screenshots, so please forgive me, I remember his income reached around 200 thousand chain to achieve 80W flow is 160 thousand, then we look at the situation now, see figure



can see that Baidu has been completely k out, the chain currently has 120 thousand, we look at the next, his chain is the case, careful friends will find that his Links only 3.4, his chain mostly from classified information platform, and information are similar, but they are different. To be sure the webmaster is sending software to manufacturing some junk information, on the other hand, according to my guess is the webmaster industry acquisition of domain name, the domain name before there is a lot of chain. (because the website for the inspirational website, domain name pinyin is completely detached, looked down the chain, the acquisition of

) is estimatedThe chain

so powerful even by K, it seems that the recent Baidu anti spam and did not work, and a little more into the site, Baidu seems a little bit in the investigation of suspicious sites. So cattle site was K, really surprised, in the end of his single the chain, I’m not so surprised. Remember the number of his website in August when the chain was 10 tens of thousands, and in December, just 4 months time the chain was up 70W this seems unlikely, the inevitable question from Baidu.

The website

to summarize the reasons of success: the content of high quality (research, most of his website is the use of long tail keywords, and the optimization is also good, the original is also good) within the chain, the chain number is strong, strong.

The causes of the failure of

: it is because most of the number of the chain are meaningless, and the quality is not high, the chain grew too fast, although a short time can get good rankings, but one day be betrayed.<>

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