The rapid increase in the two loopholes site traffic

sometimes want to get traffic from SEO technology does not have to really understand SEO technology, 2 examples such as the author here, a fully understand SEO technology, how from the search engine to obtain the highest tens of thousands of traffic

example 1: use your forum to do popular movie keywords.

remember the end of the year, one day I see traffic statistics, suddenly found from the "Harry, Potter, 4BT download" this keyword to a particularly large number of traffic. The original author has a member, very occasionally in the forum BT edition area, made a Harry, Potter 4 download the post. Just by Baidu included, and this keyword in the Baidu first.

I was wondering why, in a forum, a great amount of search keywords, can be ranked first in Baidu? Through the actual analysis I found that Harry Potter 4 this movie is actually not a global release, there is no online download source, so the regular BT download site no download address. As a result, there were few websites on the web that published content pages with the keyword "Harry Potter 4BT download.". The author of the forum members accidentally released this information in advance, because the same keyword competition sites rarely, so ranked first place in Baidu.

although the film was not released, but many Harry Potter fanatics have crazy try to search on the Internet to download the source. So the word was heavily searched at that time. I remember the highest flow of the day, the word brings more than 5000 IP. Created the author forum directly from the top source of search engine traffic.

with this experience, the author began to think: can you make this kind of search engine traffic artificially, so I began to pay attention to what hot movies will be released soon. Remember, the most successful was the "no BT download" word. At that time, "the film is limitless" will be released soon, the author in advance in the forum BT edition area, released this false download post, in fact, the main content is the introduction of Wuji movie, there is no BD seed can be downloaded. Sure enough, it was Baidu included, and ranked in the first page of Baidu’s first position, through the "non-polar BT download" this keyword to the author’s forum has brought a lot of traffic.

example 2: use third party website to do flow.

the third party website mentioned here, in fact, means Baidu knows and Baidu space. Because I was doing anime community, love anime friends all know, in recent years, the most fire is "Naruto", "One Piece", "death" and other 3 anime. These popular cartoons are produced every week. I was in the Baidu search "Naruto XX set" "One Piece XX" found in the first page of the first position often are Baidu space or Baidu know the post, then pointing to the source video website. Baidu knows and Baidu space content is the Internet users themselves

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