Positioning theory of the core of website operation

site operations are part of the SEO, but not all SEO, website promotion is not just for traffic, more important is the brand.

‘s "positioning theory" and """ in marketing, dislocation theory, ", and the operation and promotion of the website still have many reference value. Believe that after you understand, will be "network operation and promotion" has a new understanding. Stationmaster. Stand

what is localization theory,


in the 2001 American Marketing Society conducted a rating, positioning theory is considered the greatest impact ever on the United States concept.

what is the position theory? Station. Long station,

positioning theory studies how to let information flow smoothly into the human brain and occupy a firm position in the brain. Simply put, the so-called positioning is to create a product of the "first" concept, and the concept of transmission to a specific target audience. The famous American "advertising madman" George * Lewis ignored the theory of positioning, and he quipped: "positioning is a fart.". Positioning is like lifting a zipper before you go to the toilet. Well, indeed, as George * Lewis said, "positioning" is the starting point of advertising and marketing. (at the time of publicity, you must make clear the purpose of publicity). But unfortunately, in the promotion and operation of the site, many personal owners or larger companies have a low-level error: did not open the zipper, began to go to the toilet.


The most essential purpose of

website’s operation promotion is not for traffic, not for registered users, not for PV, not for world ranking. But in the process of promotion, so that their product brand features in the "web audience crowd (consumer)" in the hearts of "occupy" a special impression and position. Chinese. Station "position theory" is not to say: the marketing focus should be transferred to the "product" from the "consumer", into consumer positioning, but stressed that the brand in the minds of consumers occupying "".

finally cites Lu Hongtai, director of the China Marketing Association, as a summary of advertising ideas in the positioning theory:

1, the objective of advertising is to make a brand, company or product in the minds of consumers or get a foothold, a recognized regional position, or occupy a place.

2, advertising should focus on a narrow fire on the minds of consumers, efforts to create a psychological position. [China stationmaster station]

3, should use advertising to create a unique position, especially the "first position, the first event, the first statement", because the creation of the first can be forgotten in the minds of consumers, not easy to mix

4, advertising shows diversity, not to point out the specific product

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