The potential of Fetion web sites

Fetion (English Name: Fetion) is China Mobile launched the "integrated communications services", namely the integration of voice (IVR), GPRS, SMS and other means of communication, covering three different forms (complete real-time and quasi real-time and non real-time) customer communication needs, realize seamless communication between the Internet and mobile network service.

Fetion can not only free from the PC to send text messages to mobile phone, but without any restrictions, can start chat with friends whenever and wherever possible, and enjoy the super whisper chat charges.

Fetion seamless multi information receiving, MP3, pictures and common OFFICE files can be arbitrary let you whenever and wherever possible, whenever and wherever possible can maintain effective communication with friends and fun, high work efficiency, share happy


Fetion also has anti harassment function, only when the other party is authorized by you as a friend, can you call and text messages, safe and convenient.

by the way, for example, 3 Fetion types of websites, let us see how the Fetion master is able to grasp the potential of fetion. This Fetion has great potential. These three Fetion websites are pretty interesting:

one:, Fetion network, this station I think is a garbage station, he mainly made the title "Fetion network", I think the layout of advertising is very good. In addition to the content page, a GG ad, and the rest are ads for alimama. Analysis, he may be the source of traffic are keywords, so he put the content page of GG advertising click advertising. Others are based on traffic / week, such a way to earn money. I think this site is very good.

two:, Fetion, this he may not pay much attention to, because we are talking about his forum below. Maybe he’ll rank. Web design is also in line with the theme of Fetion, mainly in blue. Excellent。

three:, Fetion forum, this we must learn to pull, I think he found Fetion potential, a Fetion forum, now little competition, so he first start, he can think of "Fetion forum" keywords do first, this great master.

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