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Daytona 500 Watch Party at XFINITY Live! Philadelphia

first_imgTHE SPRINT UNLIMITED   Sprint Cup Series kickoffFans decide: Vote on formatMobile experienceNew innovations for 2013 DOVER, DE– LONG POND, PA (February 7, 2013) – Dover International Speedway and Pocono Raceway are bringing race fans together to kick-off the 2013 NASCAR season during the broadcast of the “Daytona 500” NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race which will be shown on the 32-foot Sony High Definition screen at XFINITY Live! in Philadelphia on Sunday, February 24 beginning at 1 p.m. In addition to the on-track action that opens the race season, fans in attendance will have the opportunity to compete against each other in the all-new “NASCAR The Game: Inside Line,” as well as win a number of great prizes by entering for drawings to win tickets to the June 2 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at the Monster Mile or the June 9 “Pocono 400” NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at The Tricky Triangle. The day’s grand prize winner will receive an incredible VIP package that includes suite tickets to the spring NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races at both Dover and Pocono, as well as other upgrades for those trips to make the weekends a once-in-a-lifetime experience.Representatives from both tracks will also conduct trivia and other games during commercials and cautions with prizes such as copies of “NASCAR The Game: Inside Line” for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, various autographed NASCAR items, track merchandise and more.The first 60 fans to arrive will get a pair of tickets to either the Friday, May 31 “Lucas Oil 200” NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race or the Saturday, June 8 “Pocono 200” ARCA Racing Series presented by Menards.This fun-filled event is set to kick off at noon at XFINITY Live!, which is a dining and entertainment district centered in the heart of the South Philadelphia Sports Complex. The one-of-a-kind venue features over a dozen restaurant and entertainment choices, including six main venues: Broad Street Bullies Pub, PBR Bar & Grill (Professional Bull Riders), Philly MarketPlace, Spectrum Grill, Victory Beer Hall and the first-ever NBC Sports Arena. XFINITY Live! is a joint partnership between Philadelphia-based Comcast-Spectacor and Baltimore-based The Cordish Companies.XFINITY Live! is located at 1100 Pattison Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19148.NASCAR returns to Dover International Speedway May 31-June 2, 2013 for the June 2 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race, the June 1 “5-hour ENERGY 200” NASCAR Nationwide Series race and the May 31 “Lucas Oil 200” NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race. For tickets or more information, call 800-441-RACE or visit A week later, NASCAR’s premier circuit visits Pocono Raceway for the June 7-9, 2013 “Pocono 400” race weekend, including the June 8 “Pocono 200” ARCA Racing Series Presented by Menards race and the June 9 “Pocono 400” NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. For tickets or more information, call 800-722-3929 or visit Dover International Speedway, Pocono Raceway team up for Feb. 24 event to include ticket give-a-ways, video game challenges and morelast_img read more

Follow Camping World Truck practice, 9 a.m. ET

first_imgREAD: Junior grieves uncle’s death READ: Gordon among top 10 in standings READ: Full coverage from Indianapolis WATCH: Newman in Victory Lanecenter_img Follow Camping World Truck practice from Pocono Raceway, Friday, Aug. 2 READ MORE:last_img

Peter Shapiro Discusses Phish at LOCKN’, Fare Thee Well, And Building A Music Empire

first_imgL4LM: Pivoting to this summer, LOCKN just announced a killer lineup, on a new weekend with a lineup that seems to appeal to a slightly different demographic than previous years with bands like Phish, Ween, My Morning Jacket replacing past headliners that included many members of the Dead and Dead-related projects. Was this a conscientious decision?PS: Me personally, after everything with Trey and Fare Thee Well, when I went to some of the Phish shows last summer I was really happy to see so many people there with Grateful Dead shirts. Every day already has a Dead thing already. We’re doing two nights of Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. I think a lot of the older Heads maybe haven’t seen Joe Russo’s Almost Dead yet, but that band is playing their music as good as anybody in the world right now. But the other guys have Dead and Company now which is doing a tour and playing around the East Coast at venues near us. The way the concert business works, if they’re already playing a pavilion in Virginia at the end of June, its hard to make sense of them headlining LOCKN’. And I love those guys, and who knows where things go. But you’re talking to a guy who’s about to do three nights of Phil this weekend in Vegas, and three nights with Phil in two weeks with Warren at the Cap. And we had all four members there last year. But we can’t just be one thing, any festival can’t.With the music this year, do I think it’s going to feel like LOCKN’ always does? Yes. We have a lot of returning bands like Chris Robinson, Derek Trucks, Umphrey’s McGee, and Lettuce. I happen to be a huge fan of Phish, My Morning Jacket, and Ween. I’m excited for LOCKN’ old schoolers to see that Jacket set. I would encourage people to see them live before commenting on them. And I think it’s a lot like what happened with Fare Thee Well, with a lot of people commenting about Trey’s selection. But overall it’s my dream lineup. And it’s very much in the spirit of the Grateful Dead, and there will be a lot of Grateful Dead aspects there. Joe Russo’s Almost Dead is one of my favorite bands, they started at Brooklyn Bowl. Anyone who loves the music of the Grateful Dead is gonna be talking about JRAD after, that I’m sure of.Just imagine if it was Ween>Phish>JRAD… Actually, that could be an L4LM exclusive. L4LM: So what is it like booking a band like Phish who usually plays only their own festivals, drew up to 100,000 people in their heyday, and is really selective about their festival plays? Is it a different process booking a band like that?PS: Yeah, definitely. It’s not normal. They very rarely play festivals with other bands, and I don’t think they’ve ever played multiple days doing multiple sets. To get them to do that is a process. Again, you have to prove cream rises. I think LOCKN’s reputation helps, me doing Fare Thee Well helps, obviously there’s other things that help, but it’s not any one of those things. Just the money doesn’t do it, just the reputation and friendship doesn’t do it, it has to be a totality of things. Phish doesn’t do things just for money. Phish doesn’t do things just because it’s a friend. They think through things carefully, deliberately, they’ve managed their career very well, and I think the timing was right. I feel very fortunate. And doing Fare Thee Well was different for Trey. And hopefully the way that went, being received well universally, put me and LOCKN’ in a position to be able to even have that conversation.L4LM: Last year you had a lot of tributes and specialty sets. What can we expect in terms of lineup additions, unique sets, and collaborations?PS: There will be additional announcements, but you’re looking at the core, we’re not gonna fully telegraph everything, and we don’t even know some of the stuff that’s gonna happen yet! That’s the magic of it. Like a good jam, LOCKN’ moves around a little. I don’t think it will be the same thing every year. I think it will have the same spirit, the same feel, the same vibe, but be a little different each time. But do I think some collaborative stuff will happen? Yes. Do I think we’ll announce it all? No. Do I know what it will all be? No. But do I think some cool shit is gonna happen? Yes.L4LM: What really sets LOCKN’ apart from other festivals in your opinion?PS: I’m proud that we’re only in our fourth year, and it’s got a distinct vibe, core, and feel, more than any other festival. If you look at the other major festivals – and they’re great festivals, I’ve been to all of them and I love them – but if you took the name off the major festivals, and just looked at the lineups, it would be difficult to tell which one was which. I don’t think you’d be able to name which one was Outside Lands, which one was Lollapalooza, which one was ACL, which one was Bonnaroo, but you could identify LOCKN’.L4LM: One last question… if you had to choose, what would your favorite Grateful Dead song be?PS: Sugar Magnolia. L4LM: Great choice. Thanks for your time Pete! Perhaps one of the most talked about figures in the music industry today, Peter Shapiro’s business ventures know no bounds. From reuniting Grateful Dead members for the legendary Fare Thee Well concerts this past summer, to consistently running some of the most beloved and successful venues including Brooklyn Bowl and the Capitol Theatre, to booking Phish for a rare festival appearance at this year’s LOCKN’ Festival, it’s hard to believe this guy still has time to go out and still be a live music fan.Live For Live Music’s Kunj Shah was fortunate enough to chat with the man himself, and what an inspiring conversation it was for anyone interested in the live music scene!Live for Live Music: So, the original Brooklyn Bowl is coming off one of its most successful years. What do you personally attribute your success to as an independent venue owner, in an age of mostly corporate-owned concert venues?Pete Shapiro: You know, cream rises. And if something is good, over time, people notice that, and they’ll gravitate towards it. And if something’s really good, it doesn’t get old. And I think with music venues, just like Red Rocks, SPAC, The Gorge, certain great venues, they never fade. They institutionalize, and if people love their favorite venue, they’ll keep going back. But the experience has to be really good on every level – the sound, the lighting, the experience, the security – and it can never be perfect, you always want to improve, and when it’s a big operation there’s always little things you can’t fully control that you wish you could. But overall you try to create an environment that people want to come back to, and bands want to come back to.2015 was our sixth year for Brooklyn Bowl and it was our best year. So it’s cool to see the vibe evolve. At this point I think people know it, and then word of mouth, it expands from there. And in this day and age with the importance of social media and your platforms and email lists, as you grow those grow. Brooklyn Bowl doesn’t do much traditional advertising, we have this big community of people who are on all our socials and email lists so when we get a cool show we have the ability to let them know. In the old days, at Wetlands, when we would have a big show, we’d have to run to the Xerox place and make cards and print them and stand outside shows and hand out flyers. And a lot of the good ones still do that stuff, but now you can just press a button to let people know last minute about things. So technology in many ways really augments the ability for bands and venues to get people out, much easier than I could when I started in 1996 at Wetlands. There was no Bandsintown, or Facebook.And because I’m independent, there’s controls that I can have to do our best to create an environment. People always come up to me and say “Oh, the Capitol Theatre, I love the vibe there.” And they don’t say it, and they might not even realize it, but a reason is because it’s not like the “MetroPCS Mezzanine Bar.” It’s just a bar. And when you go to a lot of venues now it is the “MetroPCS Mezzanine Bar,” so when you go to a bar and it’s not like that, you may not even overtly notice it, but subconsciously it feels different.Via Wetlands ArchiveL4LM: Did your experience managing and running a room like The Wetlands affect your current business model with your venues, and how so?PS: Running the Wetlands affects everything. It impacts a lot of what I do, because I was raised there basically. This was 20 years ago, I was 23. For 5-6 years I spent a lot of time there. The room itself wasn’t what you would define as a classic, awesome live music room. When it got packed it got hot as shit, and not everyone could see the stage. But I meet so many people who are like, “I met my wife there, I met my best friends there, we had the best times.” I think if you went to a traditional music venue like Bowery Ballroom, which is a great room, or Irving Plaza, you don’t have as many people saying that. Because the rooms were so good you’d just go in and watch the show. But because you couldn’t always see the show at Wetlands you had to go back to the bar, or to the basement, and you hung out with your friends. And you could hear the music but you couldn’t see it. So that forced you to go spend time hanging out by default, whereas with Bowery Ballroom you’d just kind of see the show and leave. So when we created Brooklyn Bowl, we decided you had to have both. If you want to watch the show we have a great GA floor with great sightlines and great air quality, and it’s still built to be a bit of a village where there’s different areas to go and hang out, like the restaurant and such. So that’s one way the Wetlands formed what Brooklyn Bowl became.L4LM: So after Brooklyn Bowl’s instantaneous success and helping to build up Williamsburg, you reopened the legendary Capitol Theatre, expanded Brooklyn Bowl to London and Las Vegas, and there’s even rumors of a Chicago Bowl. How do you decide on these locations and additional venues?PS: We don’t really have a grand strategy. It’s more looking at opportunities that come across the transom. Like Vegas, we had this crazy opportunity to build this venue not in a casino, in the center of the strip. It was just a great opportunity, and same with the Capitol. It was just like, holy cow, this is a great opportunity, let’s go for it. It’s kind of like music, where you have to be able to pivot and move with it, and that’s kind of what we’ve done, just going with what feels like the right direction. And it’s hard when you open new things in new markets, you start at zero. Just like you with Live for Live Music. But as you do it, as people experience it, again it has to be good. If it’s not good it ain’t gonna work, you’re dead. And if it’s good and you can get enough runway and put your head down. It sounds so obvious but you really have to work hard at first. When it’s easy it’s easy, when it’s hard it’s really hard. You’ve been there, when you have a show that’s just not doing well for example. It’s like, if you don’t know Jorma, you don’t know Jack. It’s kind of knowing when it’s there, and when it’s just not there. And adjusting, and believing. Especially with these new venues coming in, you gotta come out with a whole bunch of big shows, whether those bands are routing through or you make it happen. You get people in to experience the room, and then they come back.L4LM: So each new venue you started basically from the ground up.PS: We did. As you know I’m not a part of Live Nation or AEG or a big thing where I have the email lists in each market. So it’s hard! But we’re doing it. And I’ve heard the rumors of Chicago too and…I don’t want to get into the formality of confirming, but usually when there’s smoke, there’s fire.L4LM: So you guys made headlines around the world last year with the Grateful Dead Fare Thee Well concerts, grossing over $50 million. How far in advance for something like that does a conversation with the band and management start?PS: That one started probably a year before the event. It took six months to get everything in place and everyone to agree and come up with the plan, and then six months to make it all happen.L4LM: Who was the first one to throw Trey Anastasio’s name into the hat as lead guitarist, or was that something that was decided on from the getgo?PS: It was a communal thing, but it was from early on. I’m proud to have played a role in it too. It just felt like he was uniquely the right person for this moment. And I think in the end, when you look back, that was true. We made the right call, he was the right guy. So I’m glad it was Trey. It would have been awesome with other people too, but I’ve been seeing Phish for 25 years, and I saw the Phil and Friends with Trey and Page at The Warfield in ’99, which was kind of the first big collaboration between Trey and members of the Dead. And I just knew it needed to happen. When it was first announced I know there were a lot of people who doubted it. So I’m thankful that I was able to just focus on the execution of the event and not get caught up in all the “Why Trey?” “Why Chicago?” and all that. It’s hard with all that stuff going on, because there was a lot to do to make those shows happen, and we did it. But I just had to remind myself that in the end, what would be remembered was the shows. In the end, I think Chicago also ended up being uniquely special. I don’t think any other city could have done it and really embraced it like that.When you’re in the middle of it, one of the things I’ve learned to do is not think about stuff too much. Not sit there and be like I’m putting on this or that. Cause then you’ll just be fucked. It can all go wrong really quickly. Part of the game is to never let people see the problems. So I try not to think about things too much and just do it, because if you think too much you’ll just get caught up in your brain, and either come up with reasons why things won’t work or over think something. You don’t think about the meaning of things too much – at least not till after.L4LM: Those shows were basically a life highlight for hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people around the world. What was your favorite part or takeaway from the whole experience?PS: Just taking over the entire city. From all the afterparty shows, I think there were like 40 a night, to every hotel and restaurant. That was one of the best parts of Fare Thee Well – obviously the shows and the music, but a really big part was the vibe and the city, and walking around everywhere and seeing people in tie-dye. Every bar was hanging flags, playing music. That was a big part of it. I spent time with the Mayor of Chicago, just to make sure everyone was kind of seeing the world the same way. And that helped the vibe at the stadium, with the police and all that, which is really important. I remember right before it all started just saying a prayer, because it was so big you can’t control it. And just hoping that it would all go well. And then everything pretty much broke the right way.One of the best parts, though, has been afterward. When I meet someone in an airport or on the street, and someone comes up to me and says “Hey, are you Peter? I just want to say thank you for the best weekend of my life. Can I hug you?” That’s a pretty rewarding experience.last_img read more

The Hip Abduction Announce 2016 Summer Tour Dates

first_imgRockers The Hip Abduction have announced a string of summer tour dates that kick-off in June and take the band through the Mid-West this July, before returning back to the Big Apple this August. The dates come on the heels of their latest album release, Gold Under the Glow, and will include two shows supporting ALO.The Hip Abduction’s unique emphasis of African stringed instruments (kora, ngoni), blended with tropical, dub-reggae bass lines and funky afro-beat percussion is catching the attention of critics and festivals nationwide. With appearances at Shaky Knees, Purple Hatter’s Ball, Deep Roots Mountain Revival, FloydFest and more, there’s no excuse to miss them!You can check out the tour schedule below, and head to their website for details.The Hip Abduction Tour Dates05/06/16 – Calico Room – Wilmington, NC05/07/16 – NC Brewers & Music Festival – Huntersville, NC05/11/16 – WNRN Presents at The Broadberry – Richmond, VA05/12/16 – Lincoln Theatre – Raleigh, NC05/13/16 – Gottrocks – Greenville, SC05/14/16 – Shaky Knees Music Festival – Atlanta, GA05/27/16 – The Pourhouse – Charleston, SC ^05/28/16 – Mountain Sports Fest – Asheville, NC06/02/16 – WRLT Thunderground Session – Nashville, TN06/04/16 – Barrel House South – Savannah, GA06/17/16 – Summer Sounds Concert Series – Cedarburg, WI06/18/16 – Purple Hatters Ball – Live Oak, FL06/23/16 – Panama City Beach Concert Series – Panama City Beach, FL07/09/16 – Rock N Bowl – New Orleans, LA07/13/16 – Crested Butte Mountain Resort – Crested Butte, CO07/14/16 – Ridgeway Concert Series – Ridgeway, CO07/15/16 – Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO07/16/16 – The Denver Deluxe – Denver, CO07/20/16 – Bottleneck – Lawrence, KS07/22/16 – Levitt Shell – Memphis, TN07/29-30/16 – FloydFest – Floyd, VA08/05/16 – Funky Biscuit – Boca Raton, FL08/06/16 – RTEAM Summer Concert Series – Jacksonville, FL08/18/16 – Brooklyn Bowl – Brooklyn, NY*08/19/16 – Hamilton – Washington, DC*08/20/16 – Snowshoe Summer Concert Series – Snowshoe, WV08/25/16 – Anchor’s Bend Beach Stage – Asbury Park, NJ09/01/16 – US National Whitewater Center – Charlotte, NC09/03/16 – Front Porch Fest – Stuart, VA09/15/16 – Rhythm & Brews Series – Hendersonville, NC09/17/16 – Deep Roots Mountain Revival – Masontown, WV* with ALO^ with Passafirelast_img read more

Jimmy Carter Bestows Gregg Allman With Honorary Doctorate At Macon Commencement Ceremony [Watch]

first_imgYesterday, former president Jimmy Carter presented Gregg Allman with an honorary Doctorate of Humanities during Mercer University‘s Spring 2016 commencement ceremony in Macon, Georgia. Carter and Allman share quite a bit of history in the southern town, as the Allman Brothers Band publicly supported the former president there during his campaign in the 1970s.Carter explained to the audience that he might not have won the election had the Allman Brothers not “adopted” him, according to ABC News. The Macon attendees had a laugh, knowing the history of the relationship, as Carter continued to explain that the band’s endorsement let people know he “must be qualified to be president of the United States.”Before the ceremony, Allman played a heartfelt “Sweet Melissa” to the graduating class and explained the origin of the song. He wrote the lyrics about a woman he imagined while living life on the road, and named her Melissa after a woman he saw in the grocery store. He also performed “Midnight Rider.” Watch both performances below!Sweet MelissaMidnight Rider Watch Jimmy Carter present Gregg Allman with an honorary doctorate of humanities:[Videos via The Telegraph]last_img read more

Trampled By Turtles Reveal Lineup For Their Festival Palomino

first_imgMinnesota bluegrass/folk band Trampled By Turtles has announced the lineup for their annual Festival Palomino, set to take place on September 17th at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN. In addition to a headlining set by hosts Trampled by Turtles, the event will include performances by Black Keys guitarist Dan Auerbach‘s side project The Arcs, indie-pop artist Andrew Bird, UK folk-rock phenom Jake Bugg, Scottish indie-rock favorites Frightened Rabbit, Houndmouth, Elephant Revival, Margaret Glaspy, Aubrie Sellers, and The Brothers Comatose, as well as Minnesota-based acts The Murder of Crows, The Cactus Blossom, The Devil’s Flying Machine (featuring Charlie Parr), John Mark Nelson, Frankie Lee, and Trampled by Turtles offshoot Erik Berry Duo. For more information, and to purchase tickets, visit the Festival Palomino website.last_img read more

Kat Wright Discusses Musical Inspirations, Living In Burlington, And Her Indomitable Souls

first_imgWe recently caught up with up and coming, VT-based soul singing phenom Kat Wright. She is playing New York City’s American Beauty on Thursday, February 23rd with her group The Indomitable Souls, along with local acts Joanna Teters and LoveDeep (purchase tickets here). Kat opened up about her musical inspirations, her favorite artists, the incredible music and art scene of Burlington, VT, and much more.Live For Live Music: Tell us where your early musical inspirations came from.Kat Wright: I grew up in a home that woke up to Irish music blasting, listened to folk by lunch, jazz by dinner & the blues & rock n roll & everything in between all night long.The earlier things that I gravitated towards personally were The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Crosby Stills, Nash & Young, Stevie Wonder, Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, Janis Joplin, Fiona Apple, Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, The Jackson 5, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Destiny’s Child, Odetta…(I’m intentionally skipping over the Spice Girls/Backstreet Boys/Britney Spears years but those were so deep! Don’t tell anyone…)L4LM: Tell us your Top 5 favorite singers.KW: Impossible question, but…Nina Simone, Bonnie Raitt, Joni Mitchell, Al Green, Lianne Lahavas.L4LM: Are you a theater kid? What is your musical background? How did you get started singing?KW: I performed sporadically as a kid in middle school/high school but didn’t find my feet or my voice until college. I went to art school at Alfred University in a tiny; a beautiful town on the NY/PA border. There I started to seek out friends who could accompany me at open mics, parties & the like.After undergrad, back in my hometown, I connected with one of my dear early childhood friends Maggie & we formed the folk duo Loveful Heights. For a couple years we wrote, recorded and toured some small rooms and small festivals on the east coast – places like NYC, Ithaca, Rochester, Blacksburg VA, New Orleans, Burlington, etc.Loveful Heights was the first time I really realized people liked my singing & that making sincere music could lead me to the most wonderful people and towns. It became my lifestyle in those years: 2009 – 20011. Which is how I found and fell in love with my current community and home in Burlington, VT.L4LM: What are you currently listening to?KW: Everyone who died in 2016 and…Emily King, Lianne Lahavas, Big Thief, Margaret Glaspy, William Onyeabor, Hiatus Kaiyote.L4LM: What are you looking forward to this year?KW: Surviving Donald Trump and his insane/terrifying administration. And seeing and being part of our country as it organizes and stands up to the planet abusers, the climate change deniers, the big corporations, big pharma, the racists, the sexists, the violent. I look forward to getting more involved in my own community and finding ways to make music that reflects & uplifts us all.L4LM: The Burlington, VT scene has a lot of strong local acts.KW: Totally It’s a big music town. It’s an incubator for art. It’s got so much soul. So many talented people, so many good listeners, great spaces to gather, perform/experience music and art, fresh air, liberal politics, slow food culture, a stunning lake, big mountains in the distance… it’s a recipe for magic.L4LM: Tell us about the members of your band. I really dig the horn section, especially.KW: Right?! The band is the best. They’re so wonderful, I am so blessed to make music with them and know them and get to adventure with them. They’re all super deep musicians and humans who are so good at what they do. They’ve all got a ‘sparkle in their eye,’ big hearts and a love story with Vermont!On our new record we’ve got Josh Weinstein on bass, Bob Wagner on guitar, Shane Hardiman on keys, Ezra Oklan on drums, Jake Whitesell on tenor sax, Luke Laplant on bari sax, and Dave Purcell on trumpet. Everyone except Ezra has been with the band for years – and most of them since the very beginning – circa 2010. Touring band is a little different as it’s mostly Johnny Kimock on drums (rest of rhythm section is the same) and a rotating cast of amazing horn players (almost always including Jake) depending on where we are.L4LM: What is a festival that you want to be on the lineup in the next year or two?KW: I grew up going to Gathering of the Vibes and Mountain Jam, so it’s of course a dream to perform at any of those East coast jams. But also dreaming of someday playing Bonnaroo, NOLA Jazz Fest & Outside Lands. (Five year plan!)L4LM: Who is an artist that you look up to that you would like to share the stage with?KW: Bonnie Raitt!!! Susan Tedeschi!!! Emily King!!! Mavis Staples!!! Dr John!!! Stevie Wonder!!!!L4LM: And conversely, who is an artist that you look up to that you have shared the stage with?KW: Grace Potter, The Original Wailers, Rubblebucket, Marco Benevento, Antibalas, Leon Russell (RIP!), Jen Hartswick, Oteil Burbridge.L4LM: Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions, Kat! We appreciate it, and good luck on your upcoming New York City gig.Be sure to check out Kat Wright and The Indomitable Souls at New York City’s American Beauty on Thursday, February 23rd with Joanna Teters and LoveDeep. Purchase tickets here! For more information and updates, check out the Facebook Event page.last_img read more

Umphrey’s McGee Plays Tenacious D’s “Kielbasa” For The First Time Since 2002

first_imgThere was plenty to love about the second set as well, including the opener “Wappy Sprayberry” that jammed into “Ringo.” The set featured “Out Of Order” next, followed by a “Bridgeless” sandwich with “Bad Friday” and Derek and The Dominoes‘ “Layla” played in there. The band ultimately closed out the show with “Booth Love” and the end of “All In Time,” bringing the show full circle for a grand finale.See the All Things Umphrey’s setlist, below. UM resumes their tour on March 9th in Salt Lake City, UT, and they’ll link up with Spafford for a number of dates along the next leg of their West Coast run. See the band’s tour schedule here.Setlist: Umphrey’s McGee | The Wilma | Missoula, MT | 3/4/17Set 1: All In Time > Anchor Drops > 2×2, Uncle Wally[1], Kielbasa[2], Draconian > Partyin’ PeepsSet 2: Wappy Sprayberry > Ringo, Out Of Order > Bridgeless > Bad Friday, Layla > BridgelessEncore: Booth Love[3] > All In Time[1] with Brendan and Jake on acoutics[2] with Brendan on acoustic[3] with Den teasesNotes:last Kielbasa 04.26.2002 (1,783 shows)[Image via Phierce Photo from Asheville] Umphrey’s McGee returned to The Wilma last night, performing the second consecutive night at the Missoula, MT venue. The band has been firing on all cylinders since kick starting their spring tour last week, and they gave fans a little something special during last night’s performance.The band hit the ground running with a trio of consecutive songs, “All In Time > Anchor Drops > 2×2,” before guitarists Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger donned acoustics for a performance of “Uncle Wally.” Bayliss kept his acoustic out for the next song, a cover of Tenacious D‘s “Kielbasa” that hadn’t been played by UM since 4/26/2002 (1,783 shows). What a bust out! “Draconian” and “Partyin’ Peeps” closed out the first set.Check out an Instagram clip of “Kielbasa” below.last_img read more

Anders Osborne, The Motet, Members Of The Stringdusters, And More Play Hurricane Relief Benefit [Photos]

first_imgHurricane Harvey Relief Benefit | Boulder Theatre | Boulder, CO | 9/12/2017 | Photo: Bill McAlaine On Tuesday night, a number of all-star musicians took to the Boulder Theatre in Boulder, Colorado, for a special Hurricane Harvey relief concert. Presented by Live For Live Music and CAN’d Aid Foundation, the charity organization associated with Colorado’s Oskar Blues Brewery, the concert tapped Anders Osborne; The Motet; Kim Dawson of Pimps of Joytime; Andy Hall, Chris Pandolfi, and Jeremy Garrett of The Infamous Stringdusters; Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds; Chuck Jones of Dopapod; Congo Sanchez of Thievery Corporation; and SunSquabi for the special charity event.The concert was a smashing success, with all the proceeds going toward CAN’D Aid’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which provides canned drinking water and on-the-ground rebuilding efforts following the destruction that Hurricane Harvey left in its wake. You can check out photos from Tuesday night’s Hurricane Harvey relief benefit at the Boulder Theatre below, courtesy of Bill McAlaine. To donate to CAN’D Aid’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, head over to the non-profit’s website here. Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Eminence Ensemble Releases Pro-Shot “Whipping Post” From NYE

first_imgBoulder, CO-based rock-fusion outfit Eminence Ensemble is coming off a breakthrough year in 2017, and is looking to keep the ball rolling in a positive direction moving forward. The group finished off the year with a support gig for Umphrey’s McGee at The Fillmore Auditorium to a packed house during the Chicago prog-rockers three-night New Year’s run. The sextet teamed up with Tour Gigs to release multi-cam, pro-shot video of their performance, and just dropped a meticulous version of the Allman Brothers Band‘s “Whipping Post” from that night.Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom Owner Scott Morrill Talks About The Music Scene In ColoradoIn addition to the video, the group also announced a major headlining play at Denver’s Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on Saturday, February 3rd with support from Evanoff, Kessel Run, and Gaia’s Groove (purchase tickets here). It marks the first time the group will headline the Denver venue, which just celebrated its 15th anniversary this past weekend.The group discusses the support gig for Umphrey’s McGee and the decision to play the Allman’s classic from the southern rock legends 1969 debut album, which heavily influenced Eminence Ensembles sound:“For us, having the opportunity to share the stage with our musical idols, Umphrey’s McGee, was a dream come true! Each member of Eminence Ensemble has been seeing them perform for well over 10 years and to share the bill with them during their 2017-2018 NYE run was nothing short of amazing for us!”The band continues, “We had discussed playing a cover leading up to the show, but we knew it would have to be a tune that showcased the talents of each member of the band.  After landing on ‘Whipping Post’ by the Allman Brothers, it became clear during rehearsals that this was song would be the perfect fit. The passionate tune allowed Nick Baum (vocals, percussion) to showcase his booming and unforgettable vocals. The opening bass-riff gives bassist, Zac Flynn, the perfect chance to release his thunderous bass lines to the masses. As the song progresses, Justin Neely (guitar/vocals) and Taylor Frederick (guitar/vocals) are able to each take a moment in the spotlight to attack a sections of shredding solos.” Check out video of the performance below:“Whipping Post” – Fillmore Auditorium 12/30/17[via Eminence Ensemble]Tickets for Eminence Ensembles headlining show at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on Saturday, February 3rd with Evanoff, Kessel Run, and Gaia’s Groove are currently on-sale and can be purchased here. For event updates and additional information, join the Facebook Event page.[Video Credits: Directed by – C.J. Strehlow / Filmed by – Rahm Carrington & Jake Sam —— Cover Photo via Phil Clarkin Photography]last_img read more