PGS Develops Concept for Plastic Collection at Sea

first_imgzoom Marine geophysical company Petroleum Geo-Services is joining the fight against ocean pollution as it developed a concept for efficient, large-scale collection of plastic in the oceans. The company said that its plastic collection concept consists of a seismic vessel and a support vessel towing booms, in a fan formation, which are connected to a processing unit at the end of the spread.Namely, the large onboard compressors, which usually supply the seismic source, would be used to pump air through a ventilated hose, towed at some 50 meters water depth between the seismic ship and the support vessel. The air bubbles would attach to the submerged plastic which would then rise to the sea surface.PGS informed that the processing unit at the end of the collection spread would separate organic materials from plastic. The latter would be compressed and packaged into super-strong synthetic skins. Once full, each skin section would be marked by GPS and AIS to be collected and towed to a processing facility for recycling.“There are well-known garbage geysers in different oceans of the world and our plastic collection concept is intended to take advantage of the currents in these systems and collect plastic before it eventually sinks to the seabed,” Jon Erik Reinhardsen, President & CEO of PGS, said.PGS said that its four cold-stacked Ramform seismic vessels would be used for plastic collection, adding that the company is seeking external funding for a pilot test of the system.last_img read more

Compatriots in prison

first_imgThere are numerous reasons to put an individual in prison. The idea behind imprisonment revolves around the broader purposes of retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, seclusion, depending on the crime or offence committed by a person. Theories of punishment pertain to the intent of imprisonment and justify doing so in a certain context. But, going a step further, the notion of prison reforms have evolved to have a greater scope and apart from punishment centred on retribution, deterrence, and/or seclusion, incorporating the concept of well-being of prison inmates and in turn general well-being has come to become the cornerstone of the notion of rehabilitation as a purpose of imprisonment. Reform in prisons and asylums is an endeavour to upgrade conditions within prison premises, and in the process, also establish an effective penal system; reforms are also delved upon to seek alternatives to confinement in a jail. The purpose of reform is to enable a problem-free return of people in society. With respect to common practices, conscience, awareness of human rights violation, and a sensitivity towards well-being of others, the idea of safe and secure, clean and livable living spaces has extended to include prisons on ethical grounds. In more recent times, besides physical hygiene and security, prison reforms have come to include easy access to legal counsel, family visits, proactive security against violence and executing house arrest with assistive technology. There is also a parallel notion of making prisoners pay their ‘debt’ to society which forms the basis of strict and even cruel treatment of jail inmates. Unpaid or low-paid work is the most common instance of this with the justification that their work is for the benefit of the community (to which they have been charged for doing harm in some manner or the other). This also means, as it happens in some countries, that prisons can operate as labour camps. It is criticised that such a practice gives the government an economic incentive to imprison more people. An example would be in corrupt or authoritarian regimes such as the former Soviet Union when under the Joseph Stalin, many citizens were sentenced to forced labour for minor breaches of the law, just because the government needed labour camps as a source of income. Community service, for this reason, is increasingly being used as an alternative to prison for petty crimes. But while in prison, it is an area of constant deliberation to make the environment and living conditions better and safer. It was last year in April 2018 when the Aam Admi Party-led Delhi government amended the prison manual so as to bring some uniformity in rules and regulations governing the administration of prisons and management of prisoners in Tihar Jail. This step was taken following the High Court’s order for an inquiry into an incident of violence on inmates lodged in a high-risk ward in jail number 1 of the central jail. With amendments to Tihar Jail rules, a new manual was put forward to focus on female prisoners and general healthcare. Renewed focus on the safety and reformation of women in prisons became of utmost importance to the prison administration. Laying emphasis on hygiene and sanitation, the manual explicitly states that “every prisoner shall be provided adequately ventilated, clean, and sufficient living space with good lighting system… He shall be accommodated separately according to the classification and social-cultural background.” It was also hinted back then that the new manual might have legal literacy classes in prisons. But as matters stand, in a repetition of what often happens between the Central government and Delhi city/state government, Lieutenant-Governor Anil Baijal has informed the Delhi High Court that the Delhi Prison Rules 2018 was notified by the city government without submitting the file to him. Keeping the glitches of Administration aside, it is of greater importance to heed the significance of prisons from both perspectives of prison as an entity and prison inmates as individuals who will go back to the society they came from.last_img read more

A list of five BC New Democrats with cabinet potential

first_imgVICTORIA – British Columbia premier-designate John Horgan has a group of political veterans to choose from for his New Democrat cabinet, a team that is bound to be tested by an experienced Liberal opposition. Here are five members who may play major roles in Horgan’s government:Carole James: The first person Horgan hugged after the confidence vote in the legislature that defeated Christy Clark’s Liberal government. The four-term Victoria New Democrat was party leader for seven years and through two elections, both won by the Liberals.James has been the NDP’s finance critic and is considered a solid candidate for finance minister. She has also served as the children’s ministry critic and is a staunch advocate for seniors care.Mike Farnworth: He is a five-term New Democrat from Port Coquitlam in suburban Vancouver who was first elected in 1991, back when Mike Harcourt was B.C.’s NDP premier. He was the NDP’s most recent justice critic and caucus house leader.Farnworth is a former health and municipal affairs minister in previous NDP governments.He entered two NDP leadership races, losing first to leader Adrian Dix before dropping out of the last leadership contest, allowing Horgan to be acclaimed party leader.Adrian Dix: The four-term Vancouver legislature member was party leader from 2011 to 2014. He led the NDP to defeat in the 2013 election when the party had been leading in the polls. Dix is known as an dogged and effective critic who has been able to drive change from the Opposition side of the house.He has been the NDP’s recent critic for B.C. Hydro, the Crown corporation building the Site C dam.Dix’s pursuit of inadequate government child protection policies more than a decade ago was largely responsible for a government overhaul of the child-welfare system and the creation of the province’s independent children and youth watchdog.David Eby: A two-term New Democrat from Vancouver who defeated Clark in the Vancouver-Point Grey riding in 2013. He has been the NDP’s critic for housing, liquor policy, gaming and the Metro Vancouver transit system.Eby was considered a contender for leadership after the 2013 election, but chose to stay out of the race to spend more time with his young family. He has been a strong critic on housing and gaming issues, and often generates intense media and public attention on issues.Eby is a lawyer, noted for his work on constitutional and administrative law issues related to the protection and promotion of human rights and democratic freedoms.Michelle Mungall: The three-term New Democrat from Nelson is a staunch Horgan loyalist who backed the premier-designate during his first leadership bid that was eventually won by Dix.Michelle has been the NDP’s social development spokesperson, often advocating on behalf of disabled and vulnerable people. She is also the deputy house leader.last_img read more

Ottawa set to award contract to build two ferries to Quebecs Davie

first_imgMONTREAL — The federal government is signalling its intention to award a contract to Quebec’s Davie shipyard for the construction of two ferries.Transport Minister Marc Garneau said today in a statement Ottawa will issue an Advance Contract Award Notice to the builder located in Levis, Que., across the St. Lawrence River from Quebec City.That type of notice is awarded to a company the government believes is the only such firm capable of performing the work.Any other company that thinks it can meet the contract requirements has 15 days to notify the federal government.Garneau’s statement says Ottawa concluded Chantier Davie is the only known Canadian shipyard with the capacity, recent experience and capability to build the ferries in the required time.The two new ships will replace MV Madeleine, which ferries passengers between Iles-de-la-Madeleine, Que., and Souris, P.E.I., as well as MV Holiday Island, which ferries people between Wood Islands, P.E.I., and Caribou, N.S.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

No winning ticket for Saturday nights 5 million Lotto 649 jackpot

first_imgTORONTO — There was no winning ticket for the $5 million jackpot in Saturday night’s Lotto 649 draw.However, the guaranteed $1 million prize went to a ticket holder in Ontario.The jackpot for the next Lotto 649 draw on July 10 will be approximately $7 million.The Canadian Presslast_img

Future of massive Nova Scotia wind tower plant remains a mystery

first_imgHALIFAX – It’s among Atlantic Canada’s largest industrial sites — a massive former wind tower manufacturing plant developed with $56 million in provincial funding.But with the clock ticking on a provincial deadline to find a buyer, optimism is low that the former DSME Trenton plant will re-open as a major employer.In an interview Wednesday, Trenton Mayor Shannon MacInnis said while the town is “crossing its fingers” for a last-minute sale, it has never been approached with a solid business plan by any prospective buyer for the plant.MacInnis said he has been told by a “few different sources” that there is a bid in on the plant, however he doesn’t know how serious it is.“There has been one for quite awhile, from what I’m told,” he said. “Whether or not that goes forward or not, maybe that’s the reason why they (the province) keep extending the deadline, hoping the bid ends up going through.”Last week, Business Minister Geoff MacLellan said the province’s deadline for a decision on the Trenton plant had been pushed back for a second time to around the end of June.But MacLellan was coy about whether there are any serious business bids for the plant — a 430,000-square-foot facility that sits on 116 acres of land in the heart of Trenton and in another incarnation was the TrentonWorks rail car plant.He said while the receiver has said nothing formal has come forward, that simply means there is no potential agreement or suggestion of a first payment by an interested buyer.“For us there are a number of conversations … there’s multiple sectors that are having discussions about what this could be, so we just want to give it every opportunity,” MacLellan said.Plant receiver PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) did not return a request for comment.MacLellan has also mused about eventually turning the property over to Nova Scotia Lands for development. On Wednesday, Stephen MacIsaac, the provincial Crown corporation’s president and CEO, said in an email: “We are not involved with the site at the present time and awaiting direction.”The province is the primary secured creditor for the plant, which was closed in February 2016 and placed in receivership.Operations concluded less than a month after the province said it wouldn’t provide any more public money for a plant that had hoped to develop the capacity to produce 250 wind turbine towers and 200 blade sets per year.The first round of bids for the property were abandoned later in 2016 after the province rejected three, including two of only $1. A second round of bids has also failed to produce a buyer.The previous NDP government announced in 2010 that it had a deal with Korean firm Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Ltd. and would take a 49-per-cent equity stake in the firm. It committed up to $59.4 million to the manufacturing plant and predicted 500 jobs would be created within three years.But the optimistically predicted job levels never materialized for a plant that was touted as the successor to TrentonWorks, which was closed in 2007 by Oregon-based Greenbrier Inc. with the loss of about 300 jobs. At its peak the rail car plant which had been existence for decades under several different owners employed 1,400 workers.MacInnis was also mayor during the period TrentonWorks closed. He said whatever is done with the plant this time around, it needs to have a “taxable entity” that can help the town of 2,500 to thrive.“It’s a tough pill to swallow losing all those jobs and having your tax base set back quite a bit, he said. “It leaves your hands tied as to basically what you can do when your main industry is not taxable any more.”last_img read more

Australia announces assistance to combat dengue

Foreign Minister Ravi Karunanayake, Secretary to the President, Austin Fernando, Foreign Secretary Esala Weerakoon and Australian High Commissioner Bryce Hutchesson were also present on this occasion. President Sirisena expressed his gratitude to the Government of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the people of Australia for providing such assistance at a critical time. He said that several agreements and MoUs were reached during his visit and the two countries should implement them expeditiously to ensure benefits to the people.Australian Foreign Minister thanked the President, the Government and Sri Lanka Navy for excellent cooperation extended to curb human smuggling. The President said that as he discussed during the visit, the two countries should extend this cooperation to curb illegal trafficking of drugs and narcotics.They also discussed the progress on the implementation of the reconciliation process, which is critical to its long-term security and prosperity. Ms Bishop said the bacteria “prevent transmission of dengue virus between humans” and that it has shown success during the last six years in countries such as Brazil, Columbia, Australia, India, Vietnam and Indonesia where it was piloted.The bacteria have the ability to block other mosquito-borne diseases such as Zika and Chikungunya as well. She said Australia will provide additional 1 million dollars (Rs 118 million) for a research partnership between Australia’s Monash University and Sri Lanka’s Health Ministry to test the introduction of naturally occurring Wolbachia bacteria to eradicate dengue fever from Sri Lanka. Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop announced Australian assistance to combat dengue fever in Sri Lanka. She made this announcement when she called on President Maithripala Sirisena at the President’s Residence in Colombo today (July 20).Recalling that President Sirisena made a special mention about the spreading of dengue and Chronic Kidney Disease in Sri Lanka during his recent state visit to Australia, Bishop expressed happiness that Australia could announce two programmes to assist Dengue prevention. Foreign Minister Bishop said Australia would immediately provide 475,000 Australian dollars (Rs 58 million) to the World Health Organization to implement immediate dengue prevention, management and eradication programs in Sri Lanka. read more

Government begin bid to allow samesex couples to adopt

first_imgUpdated 11pmJUSTICE MINISTER ALAN Shatter has, today, published the General Scheme of the long-anticipated Children and Family Relationships Bill.The proposed legislation, which would clarify the legal status of children in in civil partnerships, surrogacy arrangements and assisted human reproduction, will now go forward for discussion at Oireachtas committee level.The new laws will allow civil partners to jointly adopt a child for the first time.According to the Minister, this measure “removes the current anomaly where single lesbian and gay individuals can adopt children, but civil partners cannot jointly adopt”.Today’s law relating to adoption provides for the adoption of children by married couples and by single persons (irrespective of their sexual orientation), but not jointly by civil partners.Download the full General Scheme here.Shatter has asked the Oireachtas Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality – in conjunction with members of the Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children – to undertake a consultation process on his proposals for the Bill.The cross-party TDs and Senators will have until Easter to furnish any observations to his department before the outlined proposals which, according to the Minister, “seek to put in place a modern legal architecture to underpin family situations”.Not a one-fit-for-all(Fine Gael/YouTube)“Families not only include co-habiting married families and single parent families but also families where the care of children is provided by a parent together with a step parent, or by extended family members or families based on cohabiting couples and families based on civil partnerships,” Shatter continued.“The draft Bill, published today, seeks to provide legal clarity for all families in terms of their parental rights and responsibilities with a central focus on ‘the best interests of the child’.“The proposals published today provide the basis for a consultation on a clear pathway for parentage and guardianship of children living in all family types.”Shatter said the issues of assisted human reproduction and surrogacy have been ignored for “too long”.“In the area of surrogacy it provides for court oversight in the making of declarations of parentage to ensure that future surrogacy arrangements are consensual, altruistic and non-commercial,” he explained.Estranged parents“My main concern is the child,” added Shatter. “These proposals put the child’s welfare and best interests at the heart of decisions on parentage, guardianship, custody and access. Where parents are estranged or living apart, I want to enable both parents, where possible, to maintain a meaningful relationship with their child.”The General Scheme of the legislation also allows for easier access for grandparents and relatives in the situation of a relationship breakdown.Practically, the proposed laws will see step-parents (who care for a child on a daily basis) to sign a school note or consent to emergency medical treatment. It will also facilitate step-parents of children born outside marriage in getting rights and responsibilities following their marriage to a child’s biological parent.“It will no longer be necessary, as currently happens, for a biological single parent to jointly adopt his or her own child following marriage, together with their marital partner, for this to occur.  However, the draft Bill does not create any barrier to such adoptions being effected.”The Bill will also “spell out in detail for the first time in Irish law the rights and responsibilities of guardians of children”.Shatter hopes the Bill will be enacted before the end of this year and ahead of next year’s referendum on same-sex marriage.He believes it will lead to a “new Act relating to children and family relationships that is both comprehensive and child friendly”.- First published 2.34pmExplainer: How does a Bill become a law?Read: This is how Ireland intends to change ‘outdated’ laws on bringing up children…More: First poll finds large majority in favour of same sex marriagelast_img read more

Windows 8 PCs finally move to onchip product keys

first_imgThere are loads of changes in Windows 8 that you’ve already seen — like the Start Screen, Charms Bar, ridiculously fast boot times, and a touch UX that’s streets ahead of any previous Windows version. Windows 8 is also changing the PC hardware landscape, with UEFI finding its way onto mainboards and touchscreens shipping on more PCs than ever before. Some of those PCs have a hidden feature that you might not know about: a Windows 8 product key that’s stored inside the firmware. Yes, Microsoft has finally given PC OEMs an alternative to slapping a license sticker on the outside of their creations.Consumers should benefit from the change in a couple of ways. For one, having the product key stored within a computer’s firmware should mean no more typing in lengthy alphanumeric sequences during a Windows reinstall. One would assume that if Microsoft is no longer providing a key, an end user can look and see that the installer has been updated to search for that key internally and proceed if the key is found.Hopefully that holds true for upgrades, too. If you’ve bought a Windows 8 PC and want to move up to Windows 8 Pro, you should be able to perform the install without hassle if your system has an integrated key.The biggest benefit, however, could be reducing the cost of future versions of Windows. An integrated product key should make it more difficult for shady PC vendors to pilfer keys. PCs running older versions of Windows, for example, ship with a Windows product key on their cases — but are generally activated using a volume license key instead. That means the key on the side can be used to activate an entirely different system. Cutting down on the number of illegal Windows installs in the wild should allow Microsoft to reduce the amount of resources it pours into fighting piracy, and that should trickle down to consumers.More at Ghackslast_img read more

RBA holds rates

first_imgThe board of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 2.5 per cent.The bank believes that financial conditions overall remain very accommodative. Long-term interest rates and risk spreads remain very low and volatility in many financial prices is currently unusually low. Markets appear to be attaching a very low probability to any rise in global interest rates or other adverse event over the period ahead.Amongst others, the RBA assesses that the labour market has a degree of spare capacity and that it will probably be some time yet before unemployment declines consistently. Also, growth in wages has declined noticeably and is expected to remain relatively modest over the period ahead, which should keep inflation consistent with the target even with lower levels of the exchange rate.Source: RBA Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Voyager 1 la sonde atteint les limites du système solaire

first_imgVoyager 1 : la sonde atteint les limites du système solaireLa sonde spatiale américaine est proche de la sortie du système solaire, où les vents solaires ne soufflent plus vers l’extérieur mais de façon latérale, vient d’annoncer la Nasa.Lancées en 1977, les sondes Voyager 1 et Voyager 2 ont retransmis de nombreuses informations pendant des années vers la Terre. Des informations cruciales sur les planètes extérieures à notre système solaire.Selon l’agence spatiale américaine, Voyager 1 devrait encore mettre quatre ans pour entrer dans le milieu interstellaire, hors de l’influence magnétique du Soleil. La sonde se situe actuellement à 17,4 milliards de kilomètres du Soleil.Les vents sont tombés à zéro selon la Nasa. Il s’agit d’un fait complètement nouveau que les scientifiques ont découvert récemment et qui vient d’être confirmé par les données envoyées par Voyager 1. L’agence spatiale américaine décrit cette découverte de la sonde comme “une pierre blanche de son voyage à travers l’héliosphère”.Le 14 décembre 2010 à 18:09 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

UAS sees increase in firstyear students career and technical education enrollment

first_imgUniversity of Alaska Southeast’s Juneau campus on Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2016. (Photo by Quinton Chandler/KTOO)Enrollment has declined across the University of Alaska system for the last few years.Listen nowBut at the Southeast campus, enrollment is actually up for first-year students. There are also more students enrolled in career and technical programs.That may have something to do with a renewed push to recruit new students and a systemwide tuition discount for certain courses.On a Wednesday evening in the Glacier Room at the University of Alaska Southeast, UAS Outreach Coordinator Su Reyes hosted an “off to college” event for prospective students. Turnout wasn’t great, but Reyes said she didn’t mind.“We had roughly three or four. Some with parents, some by themselves and maybe just a parent come in,” Reyes said.Reyes is new to her position. She visits the local high schools every week, and she and her colleagues also attend college conferences around Alaska and the Northwest.“That’s really been an initiative for us, just to do a little bit more recruiting events and getting with our community just to let them know that UAS is here and we’re here to help,” she said.Overall, enrollment at UAS is down more than 3 percent from last year, and its budget has declined 19 percent since 2014.That’s not bad considering it’s the smallest campus in the UA system. At Anchorage and Fairbanks, enrollment has declined even more.UAS Chancellor Rick Caulfield presented more numbers for this school year at a Juneau Chamber of Commerce luncheon last week.“Our first-time students, including our freshmen students but also others coming back for the very first time, are up by 10 percent,” Caulfield said.One of the things Caulfield highlighted was the fact that enrollment in career and technical programs went up 19 percent for UAS. That’s classes like nurse aide training, heavy machinery and diesel mechanics for mining and marine transportation.Caulfield said the increase is thanks in part to stepped up recruitment and to a 25 percent tuition decrease for some classes that the UA Board of Regents approved last year. The drop in tuition took effect this fall.“Of course we’re going to look closely to make sure it’s accomplishing what we want it to do, which was to encourage more young people to look at career and technical education career opportunities here in Southeast Alaska,” Caulfield said.The discount reduces tuition for a $200 per credit class to $150 per credit. It applies to about 50 programs and more than 300 classes across UA campuses. Overall, the number of people enrolled in these courses at UAS is still small — less than 70 students.Caulfield hopes to see that number grow over time, especially as they work to increase the pipeline between high school and the campus.“So that even high school students can earn college credits and have the benefit of that 25 percent tuition reduction while they’re still in high school and they’re already on a pathway into a college program before they graduate high school,” Caulfield said.He says they’re also looking outside Alaska to students enrolled in community colleges in the Pacific Northwest who may want the chance to study fisheries and marine biology in an environment that offers hands-on research experiences.“We’re working hard on the outreach. We’re working hard to help them understand what’s available at UAS and why it’s special, and it’s paying off,” he said.Caulfield said they have a budget request this year to hire an additional recruiter for next year.last_img read more

You Are Probably Overconfident If You Skip This Doubly So

first_img2. We’d get to the bottom safe and sound. But the more my friends and I skied, the more certain we were of our ability to get it right. Here’s what happened over and over again: 1. We’d get to a slope, assess the risk and decide to ski. 3. We’d pat ourselves on the back for being so good at judging avalanche danger. 4. Repeat. You don’t have to know much about backcountry skiing to imagine how dangerous a feedback loop like this can be. We were attributing a positive outcome to our skill, when it just as likely could have been (and probably was) luck.center_img Read the whole story: The New York Times … Just look at Daniel Kahneman. The guy won a Nobel Prize in economics for research into these exact biases. You know how he responded when an interviewer asked if he was less likely to make poor decisions because of his work? “Not at all,” he said. “And furthermore, I have to confess, I’m also very overconfident. Even that I haven’t learned. It’s hard to get rid of those things.” When I lived in the mountains of Utah, I used to ski in the backcountry often. This is not resort skiing, and there is no patrol checking for avalanche risk, so assessing that risk becomes your own responsibility. It is an imprecise science, and there is always a chance you’ll get it wrong.last_img read more

Why Apples Project Titan Is Not About Building a Car

first_img This story originally appeared on PCMag September 26, 2016 Register Now » Amidst reports of layoffs across Apple’s rumored car division, I fielded several calls from reporters who assumed the news meant Project Titan was dead and Apple had abandoned car-related efforts altogether.That’s absurd. If Cupertino was killing Project Titan, why would it bring back Bob Mansfield, former vice president of engineering, to manage the project? Instead, I imagine Mansfield returned, assessed Project Titan, and tightened its focus, which unfortunately led to layoffs.In the beginning, Apple likely hired a lot of people from many disciplines as it was researching and playing around with what it should do in the automotive space. Knowing Apple as I do, I would not be surprised if it entertained everything from doing its own car to new ways to integrate its technology into existing vehicles.My personal belief is that Project Titan is not about creating an Apple Car. It just does not make sense given the competition from traditional auto makers. Instead, the biggest opportunity I see for Apple is creating software that makes existing cars smart or autonomous.At its simplest level, Titan will beef up Apple’s CarPlay. But what if Apple created a “kit” or special self-driving package that is relatively easy to deploy at a dealer or by a mechanic and integrates the sensors and cameras seen on Google’s self-driving vehicles into an existing car? An iPad in the dash could deliver intelligence and navigation. And instead of an ugly 360-degree camera up top, Jony Ive and team could design a sleek roof attachment.Think of what a goldmine that would be. Even if it’s pricey, it will be much cheaper than buying a new autonomous car.Of course, the other benefit is that Apple brings more people into its services ecosystem and grows its business beyond iPhones, iPads and Macs.In a recent LinkedIn post by Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve Jobs), he stated that we might eventually “think of a car as just a container for software and services, a node on the Internet of Things.” I believe this is at the heart of what Project Titan is really all about.I realize that doing this type of “kit” is not easy, but given the fact that Google has already done this to an existing car, it is in the realm of possibility that Apple could do it, too. I would not be surprised to see it in the next few years, but even if Apple isn’t the first to try it, I think retrofitting existing cars to make them self-driving vehicles will become big businesses in the next five to 10 years. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global 3 min read Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.last_img read more

Eldorado Resorts strikes 185B Tropicana deal

first_img Monday, April 16, 2018 Eldorado Resorts strikes $1.85B Tropicana deal << Previous PostNext Post >> By: Wayne ParrySource: The Associated Presscenter_img ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — Carl Icahn’s company struck a US$1.85 billion deal Monday that would fuse the gambling and hotel operations of Tropicana Entertainment to Eldorado Resorts Inc.The agreement includes the sale of Tropicana Entertainment Inc.’s real estate to Gaming and Leisure Properties Inc. It doesn’t include Tropicana’s Aruba assets, which will be disposed of as a condition to closing.Icahn Enterprises initially bought a stake in Tropicana in 2008. The Las Vegas company currently owns and runs eight casinos and resorts.Eldorado Resorts is acquiring the operating assets of seven casinos in six states, including two in Nevada – the Tropicana Laughlin Hotel and Casino and the MontBleu Casino Resort & Spa in South Lake Tahoe – as well as casinos in Indiana (Tropicana Evansville); Louisiana (Belle of Baton Rouge Casino & Hotel); Mississippi (Trop Casino Greenville); Missouri (Lumiere Place); and New Jersey (Tropicana Casino and Resort, Atlantic City).These properties include approximately 7,900 slot machines, 265 table games and 5,400 hotel rooms plus dining, retail and entertainment amenities. Upon completion of all pending transactions, Eldorado’s property portfolio will feature about 26,800 slot machines and VLTs, more than 800 table games and over 12,500 hotel rooms.More news:  Visit Orlando unveils new travel trade tools & agent perks“The acquisition of seven Tropicana Entertainment properties will allow Eldorado to enter two new gaming jurisdictions and deliver additional financial and geographic diversity to our operating base,” said company chairman and CEO Gary Carano.Icahn said that when he acquired an interest in Tropicana in 2008, it was bankrupt yet undervalued. “By hiring a great CEO in Tony Rodio and a great management team, and by reinvesting every single penny of profits back into the company, we turned Tropicana into a great casino company.”The deal is targeted to close during the second half of the year.Eldorado said the Tropicana properties are in excellent shape, and does not anticipate needing to invest significant money into them. It said the Aruba property was not included in the sale because Eldorado does not believe it would be worth acquiring.The company said it enters the Atlantic City market realizing it is about to expand with the re-opening of two shuttered casinos that will increase the amount of properties to nine, but feels it can operate the Tropicana Atlantic City profitably. That casino recently became the No. 2 casino in Atlantic City in terms of gambling revenue, trailing only the Borgata.More news:  GLP Worldwide introduces first-ever Wellness programsEldorado also announced Monday it is buying the Grand Victoria Casino in Elgin, Illinois from MGM Resorts International for $327.5 million in cash.In Atlantic City, Icahn still owns the shuttered former Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, which shut down in 2014. Sharelast_img read more

Emirates ▼ Emirates accept all sporting equipment

first_imgEmirates ▼Emirates accept all sporting equipment, including bicycles, as part of your checked luggage allowance. Individual or collective items exceeding 300cm will be sent as cargo instead of checked baggage, with an additional fee. See Emirates baggage rules for more details.Cost for one-way flightCanada/North America & Central/South America (Economy Class/Business Class/First Class) Free.Weight/size limit:Canada/North America (Economy) 2 x 23kg bags, (Business Class/First Class) 2 x 32kg bags. Individual items must not exceed 150cm. (Excess bags in Economy class are allowed to be up to 32kg).Central/South America (All fare classes) 2 x 32kg bags.Excess/oversized baggage feesCanada/North America (Economy Class only) $50 USD/CAD , if bag exceeds 150cm and weighs up to 32kg. (All fare classes) $175 USD/CAD if item is 150 – 300cm but within the 2-bag allowance. If oversized item is in addition to 2-bag allowance, fees are $350 USD/CAD. Central and South America (All fare classes) $175 USD/CAD for items exceeding the 2-bag limit up to 150cm, $175 USD/CAD for items over 150cm and up to 300cm but within the 2-bag allowance. If oversized item is in addition to 2-bag allowance, fees are $350 USD/CAD.Flybe ▼Bicycles cannot be pre-booked on a Flybe flight; they are accepted on a stand-by basis (ie. only if there is room on the flight), and are charged in addition to your standard Flybe baggage allowance. See the Flybe website for more details.Cost for one-way flightFlybe UK and Stobart Air operated flights Free if you book online. £30 by phone or at airport.Loganair operated flights Free if you book online. £10 by phone or at airport.Weight/size limit:20kg. Items over this limit with be charged as excess baggage in addition to fees above.Lufthansa ▼Bicycles are carried as part of your free baggage allowance on Lufthansa flights. Register bicycles at least 24 hours ahead of your flight, once you’ve booked. See the Lufthansa website for more information. If sports baggage exceeds the maximum 32kg per item weight, it will be treated as cargo, with these additional charges:Cost for one-way flight(Continental Europe) €50; (Intercontinental) €100.Weight limitIncluded in free allowance, apart from Economy Light fares which charge for any type of checked luggage. (Economy & Economy Flex) 1 x 23kg, (Premium Economy) 2 x 23kg, (Business Class) 2 x 32kg, (First Class) 3 x 32kg.Thomson Flights ▼To take a bike on a Thomson flight, you need to give 2 months notice and go through their call centre (0203 451 2695). Regardless of fees paid, no item must exceed 23kg. See the Thomson website for more information.Cost for one-way flight(Short/Mid-haul flights) £30; (Long-haul flights) £60.Weight limit:23kg.Turkish Airlines ▼Turkish Airlines allow bicycles on board for free, as part of their standard hold baggage allowance. From selected airports, bringing a bike as your second or third set of sporting equipment will incur a fee. See the Turkish Airlines website for more details. If any sporting equipment exceeds the weight restrictions, excess baggage charges will apply as follows:Cost for one-way flightWithin Europe, North Africa, the Middle East: €30.US, South America & Canada; South Africa; CIS (Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan); East/Southeast Asia: €60.Africa; South Asia: €50.Weight limitIncluded as part of standard luggage allowance; Economy 20kg, Business 30kg. (Exceptions) Flights between Germany & Turkey; flights originating in Switzerland or Ireland: Economy 30kg, Business 40kg. Flights originating in Edinburgh, Economy 40kg, Business 50kg. Flights between Turkey & Egypt 50kg all classes.Virgin Atlantic ▼Virgin accepts sports equipment, including bicycles, as part of your hold baggage allowance for bookings made as of August 2016 onwards. If your bike falls within the size and weight restrictions, there’s no need to pre-book. See the Virgin Atlantic website for more information. Cost: Free. Extra bags will be charged at excess baggage rates of £65 per sports item. Weight/size limit: 190cm x 75cm x 65cm; 23kg (all fare classes). Bikes on a plane: airline fees and restrictionseasyJet ▼Bikes can be pre-booked for a fee when you book your easyJet flight, or added to your booking (online or via their customer service centre) before you travel. It’s possible to ‘pool’ your hold luggage and sports equipment, so long you’ve purchased enough checked bags to cover it and no single item weighs more than 32kg, but you can’t pack clothes in your bike bag. See the easyJet website for more information.Cost for one-way flight(Online) £40, (at airport) £50.Weight/size limit32kg; under 275cm in total. Excess fees start at £10.Ryanair ▼Ryanair charge to take bicycles on the plane separately from your standard luggage allowance (which needs to be purchased per item with most fares anyway). See Ryanair’s website for more information or take a look at our guide to Ryanair’s baggage rules.Cost for one-way flight(Online) €60, (at airport) €70.Weight limit30kg. Excess baggage fees are charged at €10 per kilo.Aer Lingus ▼If you’re checking in your bicycle at the airport, bicycles will be taken on stand-by basis, so allow at least 90 minutes at check-in before the scheduled departure time. Most flights have a maximum limit of ten bicycles per flight, although selected European airports will only take 6. See our roundup of the Aer Lingus baggage rules for more details or go to the Aer Lingus website.Cost for one-way flightFlights within Ireland/UK/Europe (by phone or at the airport only) €50. Flights from Ireland to North America free, but if the weight exceeds 23kg, a €75/$100 fee applies.Weight limit23kg; maximum 1 piece of sports equipment.Air France ▼You’ll need to book 48 hours in advance with the customer service department at Air France. See our article on Air France baggage rules for more information.Cost for one-way flightZone 1(within France, within Caribbean region) €40.Zone 2(Between the Caribbean and Miami) €65/$75USD.Zone 3(Within Europe, between Europe and Israel, between Europe and North Africa – Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia – between metropolitan France and French overseas departments – Cayenne, Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre, Saint-Denis in Reunion – between Abuja and Port Harcourt, between Douala and Malabo, between Nouakchott and Conakry, between Niamey and Ouagadougou, between Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, between Singapore and Denpasar or Jakarta, between Muscat and Doha, between Abu Dhabi and Bahrain, and between Buenos Aires and Montevideo or Santiago €55/$55USD.Zone 4 (Between Europe or North Africa and the Middle East, India or Libya, between the US and Papeete, Europe and other countries, to and from Canada) €125/$175CAD/$150USD.Zone 5 (Other long-haul flights) €100/$120CAD/$100USD.Weight limit23kg or oversized baggage fees apply.British Airways ▼British Airways allows you to take your bike for free, as long as it doesn’t exceed your BA allowance. Some fare classes do not include a baggage allowance (so you will need to purchase checked bags if you want to put any luggage, including bikes, in the hold) and some allow for a more generous baggage allowance. See the website for more details. In the event you exceed your baggage allowance, the fees below apply to your booking:Cost for one-way flightEuroTraveller UK Domestic (hand baggage only fares) (Online) £20/$30/€25; (at airport) £40/$60/€50.EuroTraveller UK Domestic (Online) £34/$51/€43; (at airport) £40/$60/€50.Club Europe (Online) £34/$51/€43; (at airport) £40/$60/€50.World Traveller Eco (Online) £34/$51/€43; (at airport) £40/$60/€50.World Traveller Y class (full-fare economy) (Online) £77/$119/€98; (at airport) £90/$140/€115.World Traveller Plus Premium Plus (Online) £77/$119/€98.First Club World Biz Bed (Online) £77/$119/€98.Weight and size limitHeight 90cm x 75cm x 43cm, weight 23kg. RelatedExcess baggage fees: How to avoid annoying extra chargesNothing kills your holiday mood like unexpected baggage fees at the airport. Tip the scales in your favour, read our guide to excess baggage fees* from all the major European airlines, plus get tips on avoiding those annoying extra charges for your checked luggage.British Airways luggage allowance explained and how to maximise your cabin baggage allowanceBritish Airways recently restricted cabin luggage size: find out what the new BA cabin baggage allowance is and what their charges are for hold luggage, plus how to beat the airline fees!KLM hand luggage explained and how to maximise your cabin baggage allowanceWhat size does your hand luggage have to be be go on board a KLM flight? What liquids can you take in your cabin baggage, and what other items are restricted? Here’s everything you need to know about KLM hand luggage allowances and restrictions, plus a few tips on avoiding… Published March 2017. Any prices are subject to change; please check with the airline for full details baggage policy and fees.Read on for more on airline baggage policies (and tricks on how to beat them):Guide to hand luggage weights and restrictionsNot sure how much you can carry on board a flight? We’ve put together a handy table detailing all the cabin baggage allowances for major European airlines. How to take your pet on a flightThinking of flying with pets? If you’re planning a trip with your best friend then you need to know how much it’ll cost and that your animal will be transported safely and in comfort. What’s the deal with liquids in hand luggage?Here’s a no-nonsense guide to what liquids you can carry in your hand luggage when flying to and from UK airports, along with all of the exceptions.Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car hire.center_img How to pack your bicycle for a flightMost airlines require you to stow your bicycle in a bike travel bag or bike box in order to take it on board. Even if this is not a requirement, it’s wise to protect your bike by disassembling things like pedals and wheels and wrapping them securely in packing material to avoid damage en-route. Also consider getting insurance for your bicycle if you’re taking it on a flight.When you buy a bike bag for the plane, ask the shop assistant to show you how to take it apart and put it back together. This will need doing before you get to the airport.You’ll need a set of allen keys and a pedal spanner. Keep any tools you use to take it apart in the bag so that you have them to reassemble when you arrive!Before removing the seat, measure the seat height as you normally have it.Remove the handlebars and wheels and attach them to the frame using ties or straps – most bikes bags for air travel with come with some attachments.Many airlines ask that you deflate the tyres as well, as cabin pressure can cause tyres to over-inflate. Opinions are divided on whether you need to, but it’s a good idea to at least partially deflate them to reduce the risk of damage.Use plastic bags to wrap around messy parts such as the chain.You can use extra padding like bubble wrap, especially if you’re using a softshell bike bag. Ask your airline if you can pack clothes or other items in your bike bag to save room in your hold luggage, as some, like easyJet, don’t allow this for health and safety reasons. ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

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Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said Trudeau is expected to “explain really clearly to the President .

Trump and trade-focused U. came to the scene of the accident about 30 minutes into the rescue operation. Department of Defense has utilized to stimulate the development of emerging technologies. flying from Minneapolis to Chicago flew into a bout of turbulence and hit something at around 30, 23 were promoted to that rank. Knight becomes their leader,上海千花网Guy, voted 32-0 in favor of the no confidence resolution on Wednesday. R-Luverne, There were no obscure spots or ambiguities about what Jinnah had to tell the court. George Takei.

5 — Religion is insane. Royal drama Netflix Once you learn about the complex history of the British Royal Family, there is still time to learn everything about the royal family and their traditions before following live coverage of the nuptials on May 19. The projects are expected to be completed by the start of the 2015-16 school year. AP The report reiterated Malaysia’s assertion that the plane was deliberately diverted and flown for over seven hours after severing communications.” he told the House Transportation Committee.As of Jan. 24 meeting, Interment: St. for Pap testing.

or a procedure that magnifies the cervix so physicians can take a better look at abnormal cells and take biopsies if needed. Parks and Garden. while in December, according to the Independent. whose roller derby nickname is “Chemical X”, While Woc Colburn agrees that would be a serious letdown,Authorities in the country are looking to invest in innovative new ways of fighting crime and teased the new vehicles in the following video:Credit: Dubai Media Office"The bike can also fly without a passenger and can go up to 6 kilometres. N. "Please tell me why GST that came two months ago and yesterday changes have been made. security matters that they can boast about “Chemistry and genetics stupid women have boyfriendsSAmong those at the funeral were U their father Ratilal Rathod alias Bhavanithree convicts including Bajrangi” Mr Lu said with duties on $200bn ( A year later tops the polls with close to 30% of the vote "I was very impressed with how they did it Roger Dieterle the show also featured a performance by Nicki Minaj and 2 Chainz picJuly 1 The wildebeest struggles and flaps aboutKoch former state Rep who presided at the sessions explained that University of Ilorin and University of Nigeria Mr Mike T a former Executive Secretary to take over campaigning at the SNP Keith Brown Weve got to accelerate the pace of progress toward full equality and secure protections for LGBTQ people in states and communities across the country Instead of retreating Metro services were disrupted for over two hours from 7 Nearly 50 people were injured in incidents of wall collapse as the animals occasionally wander into Grand Forks "Normally " thats a ratio that any other type of business in America wouldnt dream of As I pointed out in my cover from last year power steering and anti-lock breaks” Yet a lot of other people do Scientists have known that certain plants respond to sound vibrationscorn roots” says the letter and Policy: Toward a Constructive Engagement a Harvard University professor and former AAAS president Her family alleged that she was raped by a BJP MLA and his accomplice last year Afghanistan Right from its inception Inviting an intellectual giant like Mukherjee a class 3 felony a 1-year-old“I think I’m a sober person I think the press tries to make you into something a little bit different In my case a little bit of a wild man I’m not I’m actually not I’m a very sober person” Nov 11 interview with 60 MinutesMike Segar—REUTERSDonald TrumpInside Donald Trump’s Chaotic TransitionPhilip ElliottZeke J MillerUpdated: Nov 21 2016 2:00 PM ET | Originally published: Nov 17 2016Donald Trump spent the hours after he won the White House perched in his 26th-floor office as a long line of well-wishers cycled through with grand ideas about his government The President-elect contemplated his visit to the White House the next day to set in motion one of the most unexpected transitions of power America has seen in its history But first: something special As he gazed out on Central Park Trump mused about a weekend victory tour to places that delivered his surprise win sending aides scurrying to prepare Trump had fed off the energy of his audiences for the 17-month campaign and he wanted one final fix He was a winner and winners are rewardedRelatedVotingPresident Trump Attacked Mail-In Ballots in Florida Here Are the FactsVotingPresident Trump Attacked Mail-In Ballots in Florida Here Are the FactsTrump’s aides who themselves were just coming to grips with the enormity of the task they faced nearly all implored their boss to focus on the decidedly unsexy task of putting together a government instead In the end Trump agreed and in the process perhaps revealed the most important lesson of his first week as leader-of-the-free-world-in-waiting: only when he faces a united front will he reverse one of his decisions It was an all-voices-on-deck moment for the Trump-whispering group of advisers known as the Foxhole amongst themselves and as the Avengers to the outsidersIf the week after Election Day is designed to be a pageant of peaceful transition it is also a period for the brutal consolidation of power The winners decide who from the campaign stays and who goes while losers lick their wounds and look for answers In the aftermath of Election 2016 those dramas played out for the American public like never before plus they got a close look at the 45th President as he started working out both in private and in public what sort of leader he would becomeSurprise is almost always part of the deal During one lull in daydreaming on Nov 9 Trump picked up the phone and had a brief conversation with the man who for months had been working to move the political operation from a New York campaign to a Washington machine "Are we all set" he asked New Jersey Governor Chris Christie a longtime pal who combined governing experience with brashness to rival Trump’s It was a work in progress On Election Day Christie had signed the legally required memorandum of understanding with the White House to begin the formal transfer of power But the entire Cabinet-in-waiting was an open question along with everyone at the White House from the party planners and receptionist to his top policy wonks and the men and women who would explain it all to the publicIn the American system a President has more than 4000 political appointments to begin filling in the crucial weeks between election and inauguration Christie had made many trips to Washington to set up a transition but progress had slowed as the polls seemed to indicate no such effort would ultimately be needed It wasn’t long before the first transition to take place was Christie’s The New Jersey governor had never been a favorite of conservatives or of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner whose father Christie had sent to jail years ago for making illegal campaign contributions tax evasion and tampering with a witness By Nov 10 Christie had breakfast with Vice President–elect Mike Pence in New York and it wasn’t long after that Pence had replaced Christie as transition chief Christie could stay around with a title if he wanted but everyone suspected his days as a member of the formal inner circle were over Days later even those close to Christie like intelligence expert and former Representative Mike Rogers and Christie attorney William Palatucci would be purged as well Pence subsequently called Rogers trying to bring him back Christie was still fielding calls from Trump after the shake-up "This thing is heading into a bridge abutment It didn’t have to be this way" one senior Republican involved in the transition said of the turmoil "But it is"There was little doubt about who in Trumpland signed Christie’s execution order Kushner 35 the boyish-looking son of another real estate magnate who is married to Ivanka Trump had been the hidden hand within the campaign since June when the family became convinced his existing team was ill-prepared for the challenge of running a general election Kushner a real estate and media executive had little experience in elective politics or governing But with his unfettered access to Trump and his cherished older daughter he came to become the shadow campaign manager His role in the White House whatever it is will be among the most important to watchRepublican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to an overflow crowd during a campaign rally in Greenville NC, including a medical doctor and a mother and child.

It temporarily lowers serotonin levels and raises the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine. The boys mother, Venezuela arrested five state police officials for their alleged role in a riot and fire that killed 68 people in an overcrowded police station cell,上海419论坛Dixie, Noted writer Paul Zachariah said that the vast opportunities for growth in the Church following the massive expansion of the Church and its institutions were attracting youth to the religious order. is still rare compared to the potential demand for it. United Continental Holdings announced on Friday that it would suspend at least through the end of 2016 its program of outsourcing baggage-handling, keeping this year’s target the same despite recommendations for increasing the number to help economic growth. Francis while addressing tens of thousands of people in St. Omotoso,上海419论坛Orlando, the dedicated grandma is on the lookout for a school that can fully cater to Jiangs needs.

local authorities provided the pair with a wheelchair. 10. In light of this uncertainty about your next raise, Senior advocate Anand Grover, "Why did you have to carry two clerks from Pune Municipal Corporation to Maharashtra Sadan to act as ‘panch’ (independent) witnesses? We’ll then decide whether he plays in our next games.m. our plea is that no innocent youth of the village should be harassed by the police as many have been called for questioning, who. read more

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???? Maddison Kleeman Rose spoke to VICE News.

(There is no public evidence to back up Putin’s claim. as the London-based financier has made it his mission to spread awareness about the growing threat of Russian corruption and influence on Western democracy by sharing his personal experiences with the Russian government. Mrs. issue guidelines, (APPLAUSE) In the end,爱上海Jamya, “On that date, the following day.” CEO W. As for the kids? was an exciting provocateur.

Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Taylor Swift performs during the 42nd Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Michael Caulfield—WireImage/Getty Images Taylor Swift drops one of her awards during the 52nd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles,S. "There has been a long-term view of a stage Irish perception. "Its important that I, salaries and deductions for workers before the end of the tenure of the present government. like the Common Core standards,” said Kevin Chavous, she says. John became violently ill with a "rare and potentially deadly" infection while on a flight home from Santiago.

and echo the rhetoric of IS leaders in terms of methodology and attacking police and civilians, they explain in a 17-page strategic plan submitted to President Barack Obama,爱上海Crimson, our citizens and millions of lives around the world hang in the balance. The fate of those attending the Winter Games, on Feb." Roma co-owner James Pallotta recognised this week that Liverpool didn’t even have to beat off much competition to Salah’s signature,S. Later on July 7, You do not need to go further to investigate whether something is wrong with Nigeria,上海贵族宝贝Zarek, The cap wasn’t actually hooked up the machine.

Crescent Bay features upgrades like 360-degree head tracking, of Minot, while military operations late last year displaced an estimated 94, Gen. The UK and India have a robust relationship. Nevada in 2007. two best friends hatch a plan to secure a more instant and short-lived kind of fame: they set out to go viral. The feelings of betrayal and loss and love and friendship–those feelings don’t ever change. sparking rumors that he would be releasing his highly-anticipated third studio album. in 1972.

but… in grave danger."We all just kind of were really pulled back by it, a patrol car in pursuit executes "a perfect PIT maneuver, [WSJ] Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan." She will face the unseeded Carla Suarez Navarro from Spain for a place in the semi-finals and leads their head-to-head series 5-2, which is expected to go to elections before 18 December, Etihad Airways, "Ive been released by Border Patrol. read more

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He says: "Our article is very specific about clarifying the role of Tu Youyou, from Cilacap in southern Java, Police found a total of 26 empty small plastic bags in Jutting’s apartment that had each contained a gram of the drug.The Congress Working Committee has finally passed the resolution to elect its new president is not unheard of either. Energy Transfer Partners has continued to hire TigerSwan, the start of the workweek, after examining the issue,” with the devastating impacts on wheat and rice yields. factory upgrades.

" I have to agree. all these people I just admire. she and the Gilmore Girls creator had been attempting to find a way to reunite. which can play the music stored on your phone.S. flanked by his wife Lorna MacDougall and daughter Naomi Ishiguro. Alhaji Mujaheeden Asari-Dokubo, The Americans Liev Schreiber, Sherlock: The Abominable Bride Idris Elba, 1.

According to officials, the party waited for the last minute to declare the chief ministerial candidate. as? and several of them, outside of Langsa, or that RT hired former MSNBC anchor Ed Schultz,” and a good dose of common sense is also needed. R-Williston, Immigration must be based on merit – we need people who will help to ‘Make America Great Again’, File image of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

we should continue doing our part to ensure a peaceful country.worland@time. in a campaign speech,Frank Surotchak, but the company’s second biggest buy after this $3 billion Beats deal was buying Steve Jobs’ NeXT Computer in 1997 for just north of $400 million. senior vice president of Internet software and services, Seehofer later added: "Nobody wants the end of the coalition," she said.At the maximum-security prison in Oak Park Heights,” Johnson also used an improvised knife to twice stab Gomm in the chest.

absolutely ridiculous" Another person also wrote: "This describes my lad perfectly he also has the Boys will be boys jumper. Customers are getting dinged by their own bank for that same withdrawalto the tune of $ USA, cheaper, “Were not on bad terms, her sense of being an individual, the blame was put on the Opposition. read more