Driver accused in Oregon road rampage pleads not guilty

first_imgPORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Court documents say a motorist accused of hitting pedestrians, bicyclists and killing a 77-year-old woman Monday in Portland, Oregon has pleaded not guilty to murder and has given detectives bizarre explanations about the incident. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports Paul Rivas initially claimed his Honda Element was having brake problems and that he was searching for an auto repair shop. He also suggested people injured could have been inflicted by “another, similar looking” Honda car that was not his. Rivas pleaded not guilty Wednesday to murder, seven counts of failure to perform the duties of a driver and six counts of assault.last_img read more

Chicago teachers end strike

first_img A voice that matters The strike did make headlines around the country as the nation’s third largest public school system fought through negotiations over the past two weeks. Dr. Maria McKenna, primary advisor for students in the Program for Education, Schooling and Society (ESS), said the national attention to the strike could bring more education issues to the table for discussion. “I think that this strike and the complexity of the issues that both sides were dealing with require people from all sorts of different disciplines to come together and really think in new ways about education, about children and learning and about teaching,” she said. McKenna participated in a forum discussion hosted by the EduClub on Wednesday evening about the strike, along with labor historian and history professor Dr. Dan Graff. During the forum, Graff said both the city and the CTU made sacrifices in the negotiations. The school board promised the teachers to hire 600 new teachers in art, music and other non-core classes, as well as more school counselors. In a city where many schools began class without any textbooks, the board also guaranteed textbooks would arrive before the first day of class. However, Graff said the teachers union conceded on the issue of teacher evaluation, which will continue to utilize standardized testing results at least in part. “My sense as an outsider and an observer is that at least internally, the union came away stronger by this fight, by the activity itself of banding together and striking, showing strength in the face of some real strong attempts to take away some of the CTU’s bargaining power,” Graff said. The strike was the first major strike in an American metropolitan area in more than two dozen years, Graff said. “We’re not used to seeing big public strikes,” he said. “The goal is not quitting. It’s withdrawing our labor as leverage to get you to negotiate. … This is what a strike is supposed to do. You get to a settlement and then you move on.” ‘You know who lost?’ Sophomore Shaaya Ellis disagreed with Graff, however. For him, teachers belong in the classroom, not on picket lines. “I’ve been following it every step of the way,” he said. “What I got for it was greedy union thugs wanting to be paid more money for incompetence.” Ellis, who attended public schools in the Bronx and Harlem in New York, said he has followed the strike closely in the media throughout the past few weeks. The rhetoric on the strike has focused on who won and lost between the city and the teachers, Ellis said, but that debate has taken away from students’ education. “We can go back and forth and decide who won, who won,” he said. “You know who lost? The children. They lost seven days of instruction, and to them, that’s an extended summer break. … The students, they won’t see the disaster that the union has wrought on them.” Senior and EduClub president Rebecca Kibler said Notre Dame students have a responsibility to promote educational opportunities for younger students. “In general, Notre Dame students are where we are because we received a stellar K-12 education or have had a lot of opportunities and are continuing to get that education,” she said. “Many of the [CPS students] don’t have arts teachers, they don’t have music teachers, they don’t have basic things like that that are part of a well-rounded education, like Notre Dame students kind of take for granted.” Future teachers should especially pay attention to the issues debated in light of this strike, Kibler said. ‘”I think this is a really great opportunity for students to really look at both sides of an issue and sort of evaluate personally where they’re going to fall on it, so if they going into the teaching profession they’ll have a well-reasoned opinion on these things that teachers should have an opinion about,” she said.   Back to school For Sammon, the strike was perhaps more draining than a day teaching math at the front of her classroom. “It was quite exhausting,” she said. “We had to be at school earlier than normal even. Plus it’s not exactly a fun time just standing with a sign up and waiting for cars to honk.” Sammon, like all other CPS teachers, is a member of the union. While she worried about her students, as they weren’t in school, she said she felt it was important to show solidarity for her coworkers. “I knew I needed to be there to show my support for my coworkers who were very interested in the strike,” she said. “To me, it was more important to establish a good relationship with them.”   Even as the strike ends, McMannon said a return to the classrooms will not end some of the critical questions for her school district. “To be honest, I am worried about what is going to happen system-wide going forward,” she said. “Schools are going to be shut down, which means schools that are already overcrowded will become more crowded. There already aren’t enough resources, and given that Illinois’ economy is one of the worst in the nation, I just don’t see where those are going to come from.” McMannon said she also worries teachers will leave the area to find jobs elsewhere. “These are tough issues that are likely impossible to solve, but they are not impossible to improve,” she said. “I am not hoping that suddenly all the problems are gone and CPS is the top public school district in the country. That is completely unrealistic. I am hopeful, however, that this process will allow the teachers, the board and the city to come together to word toward improvement, because it really is needed.” Contact Megan Doyle at Notre Dame graduate Molly Sammon stood in front of her high school students at Chicago Vocational Career Academy in the south side of Chicago on Sept. 4 for the first day of the school year. It was her first day as a teacher. Six days later, Sammon stood across the street from her empty classroom, hoisting a sign in the air on behalf of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU). Sammon, a Teach for America corps member, joined forces with teachers from her school and public schools across the city in the eight-day strike that kept kids from their classrooms and brought teachers to the picket lines. “It became apparent that there was a lot of community and parent support,” Sammon said. “Parents know what the school is like. They know we’re missing a lot of really basic needs. … We’re missing adequate textbooks, we’re missing air conditioning, athletic equipment and computers. So they know our struggle.” City officials and union delegates reached an agreement and suspended the strike Wednesday, and the union members will vote to ratify the new contract in coming weeks. Chicago Public Schools (CPS) teachers returned to their classrooms Thursday after lengthy debates on teacher evaluations, school resources and other education issues. The Chicago Vocational Career Academy where Sammon teaches is in a low-income neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. With the strike, Sammon said she worried about her students on the streets instead of inside the classroom. “A lot of students here get breakfast, lunch and dinner supplied for them by the state. … I think daycare becomes a problem when you are working paycheck to paycheck, and you depend on the school for daycare,” she said. “I spent all of the strike thinking about, ‘What are they doing right now, are they safe, are they fed? I know they aren’t thinking about math, but are they getting their basic needs met?’” But on Thursday, Sammon finally returned to her classroom. “Today really felt like the first day of school,” she said Thursday. “Kids were excited and hugging their friends in the hallway. I took today to go over all the rules. A few of my students said that they were ready to start learning math again, so naturally that got me excited to continue the rest of the year strike-free and with a solid working contract.” As the storm brewed during Sammon’s first days at school, she said she warned her students about the possibility of the strike before they left class Friday, not knowing if they would be back in their desks Monday.   Sammon, a former sports writer for The Observer, said she turned the strike into a lesson about how her students could engage their community by following the local media. “This was so fun for me to tell my students, ‘Watch the news. Go home and watch the news on Sunday night,’” she said. “For the first time, these kids were involved … and their lives were directly involved in politics.”last_img read more

Odds & Ends: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Broadway Bod & More

first_imgBenedict Cumberbatch(Photo: Angela Weiss/Getty Images) Here’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today.Aaron Lazar’s B’way Bod to Star Alongside Benedict CumberbatchThe face of Benedict Cumberbatch and the body of Aaron Lazar. Nope, it’s not a recipe for our dream man (not that we’re opposed), but rather a reality Disney hopes to create in its forthcoming film Avengers: Infinity War. According to Page Six, Lazar (and his pretty face) are currently in Georgia filming the next installment of the Avengers films while Cumberbatch plays inventor Thomas Edison in The Current War. Cumberbatch will then re-shoot Lazar’s Avengers scenes; fans will indeed see Cumberbatch’s bod from the front during his scenes in the film. But from the back…you’re looking at Lazar. Sooo…can Fiyero’s white pants make an appearance in the next Marvel movie?James Corden Added to Starry Ocean’s Eight CastTony winner (and 2016 host), late night king and soon-to-be Grammy Awards host James Corden just got even busier. Deadline announced that Corden is slated to appear in the star-studded Ocean’s Eight film in a featured role as a skeptical insurance investigator. The Gary Ross-helmed picture includes The Present’s Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter. Imagine the future Carpool Karaoke possibilities!Deborah Cox to Record Whitney Houston’s HitsWe’re saving all our love for Queen of the Night Deborah Cox after this news! After receiving many requests from fans, The Bodyguard national tour headliner will record all of her songs from the musical (including Whitney Houston hits like “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” “So Emotional and of course, “I Will Always Love You”) this month, reports Showbiz 411. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on when those are scheduled to hit earbuds. In the meantime, watch Grammy nominee Cox belt her face off below. The Comedy about a Bank Robbery Gets New Felons Some mischief makers are on the move! Hannah Boyce, Mark Hammersley, Sean Kearns, Steffan Lloyd-Evans, Tania Mathurin, Christopher Pizzey, Gareth Tempest and Miles Yekinni are set to start in the West End hit The Comedy about a Bank Robbery beginning on February 8. The former cast members in the Mischief Theatre Company production are headed to the Great White Way in Mischief’s Olivier-winning The Play That Goes Wrong, which is set to begin performances at the Lyceum Theatre on March 9.2016 Tony Awards Grab Directors Guild NominationAnd the nominees are! We thought the 2016 Tony Awards were revolutionary and highly GIF-able (although Neil Patrick Harris had some choice words for James Corden’s hosting stint). Glenn Weiss and the broadcast’s directing team are up for a Directors Guild Nomination for Outstanding Directorial Achievement; the DGA ceremony is scheduled for February 3. As recently reported, Broadway’s biggest night returns to Radio City Music Hall on June 11. Nominations will be announced on May 2, so only 109 days until Tony season officially begins!Hillary Clinton’s Speeches to Be Set to MusicFresh off of witnessing the joyful noise at The Color Purple’s final Broadway performance, Hillary Clinton is getting a musical treatment of her own. Composer and conductor Glenn Roven has set her candidacy announcement and presidential concession speeches to music, which will be performed in a concert film at National Sawdust on January 20 (which just so happens to be inauguration day). The vocalists set to perform include Beautiful’s Chilina Kennedy, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Donna Lynne Champlin, opera stars Isabel Leonard, Nathan Gunn, Patricia Racette, Lawrence Brownlee and Matthew Polenzani.P.S. It’s a great day for TV lovers! TV Line reported that Ryan Murphy’s previously announced series Feud, starring Tony winner Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon, will premiere on FX on March 5. In addition, Netflix released the theme opener for Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, which is available on January 13. Despite star Neil Patrick Harris’ advice, we can’t look away. Check it out below, and binge-watch the series all weekend!center_img View Commentslast_img read more

Strava Stressing

first_imgStrava seems to be the most popular way to break bones these days. EVERY ride is a race with this free service that tracks the ride via GPS device and then posts the results online, complete with a map showing where the ride occurred.Just when you think you’re the fastest person to descend Caney Bottom your buddy sees your time, rides that night, and bumps you to second place. All Strava members have the capacity to see whose been riding, how fast, and how often. It even breaks it down to how many miles have been ridden this year, cumulative time and elevation-gain. It has a category for all-time biggest ride, biggest climb and maximum effort as well as averages.It’s fun to link in with the pro riders in the area to see their favorite loops. I also stare in wonder at the numbers reflecting how many hours per week they are in the saddle – 16 hours? I’m lucky to get that much sleep in the average week. Elevation gain for the year: 139,000 feet?!Secret training will begin as people try to beat each other’s times, flipping the GPS on only when feeling strong and fast. Perfect riding conditions will inspire the competition into dashing out of the office with the “mystery flu.” People will keep their bikes on the roof at all times in case there’s an opportunity to ride. As an aside, there may be more drive-thru and parking deck accidents as people get used to having their bikes on the roof racks every day.Is all of this competition good or bad?  We are seeing a new generation of adults who were raised thinking everybody is a winner. Something like Strava helps them understand just how untrue that can be. Nobody is handing out participation ribbons in this arena. You own your time, and everyone can see how often you’ve been hitting the trails. Unless of course the stress isn’t worth it and you leave the GPS in the car.Those with the competitive itch can’t get enough. Take Tom, who decided to be the winner by nightfall and busted out a quick loop after work. I’m not sure if he won, but he certainly was in the ER that night with a separated shoulder.One wife tells me that her husband is so obsessed with Strava that she now worries every time he goes out on a ride. She used to worry about him on race days. Now she can stress multiple times per week about being the only one to take responsibility for the kids. Of course then she broke her back in a zipline incident. Maybe he’s turned Strava off for a few weeks while she heals?If you like cycling, how about cycling to good food? Read more about Cycle to Farm here!last_img read more

Long Legs, Long Miles

first_imgLong Legs, Long Miles. from Blue Ridge Outdoors on Vimeo.Bill “Skywalker” Walker is an author and long-distance hiker from Georgia. At 6’11”, Skywalker’s larger than life size might explain why he’s taken an unusually large leap in lifestyles, from working as a commodity futures trader for 14 years to ditching it all and hitting the trail without having ever slept outside…ever. From the A.T. to the P.C.T., Annapurna Circuit, and Camino de Santiago, Skywalker’s gone from amateur to seasoned pro. Check out the article on him in our August issue.last_img read more

Long Island Teen Charged With Filming Students in Shower

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York An East Williston teenager has been accused of secretly filming fellow Carnegie Mellon University students showering in their Pittsburgh dorms, according to reports and court records.Daniel Edilio Jorge was arrested Thursday on three counts of invasion of privacy and two counts of attempted invasion of privacy, Pennsylvania court records show.WTAE reported that investigators found the 19-year-old man had up to 30 iPhone videos of men showering, but many were unidentifiable. The station reported that some students alerted authorities when they allegedly caught him in the act, which led to his expulsion.James J. Hanley Jr. released Jorge without bail. Jorge is due back in court on March 4.last_img read more

The market in minutes

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Governor Wolf Announces IPEG Relocation and Expansion, New Jobs in Butler and Venango Counties

first_imgGovernor Wolf Announces IPEG Relocation and Expansion, New Jobs in Butler and Venango Counties Jobs That Pay,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf announced today that IPEG, Inc., an equipment manufacturer serving the global plastics-processing, waste recycling, and industrial heat-transfer markets, will move operations to Pennsylvania and expand at existing facilities in Butler and Venango counties. The expansion will result in 35 new, good-paying jobs, and the retention of 234 existing positions.“Supporting the private sector in its creation of jobs is a major priority in of my administration,” Governor Wolf said. “Our partnership with IPEG will result in the creation of new, good-paying jobs, and a renewed commitment to Pennsylvania by another manufacturer.”IPEG is moving its Republic Machine Inc. manufacturing operations to its existing IPEG facility in Franklin, Venango County. The company will invest more than $1.4 million in the relocation and expansion project which will support building improvements and the purchase of new equipment. IPEG has also committed to creating at least 35 new, full-time jobs in Venango and Butler Counties, and retaining 234 existing positions throughout Pennsylvania over the next three years.IPEG received a funding proposal from the Department of Community and Economic Development that includes a $100,000 Pennsylvania First program grant, $70,000 in Job Creation Tax Credits to be distributed upon creation of the new job, and $15,750 in WEDnetPA funding for employee training.“We have ambitious growth plans for IPEG over the next 10-15 years and are presently investing significant capital to support these plans,” said Chris Keller, president and CEO, IPEG, Inc. “While a global business, we are proud of our Western Pennsylvania roots. We are excited to be making this commitment to retain and grow our Pennsylvania-based workforce, and deeply appreciative of the State’s support of our efforts.”The project was coordinated by the Governor’s Action Team, an experienced group of economic development professionals who report directly to the governor and work with businesses that are considering locating or expanding in Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the Oil Region Alliance.IPEG, Inc. and its subsidiaries — Conair, Republic Machine, and Thermal Care — serve the global plastics-processing, waste recycling, and industrial heat-transfer markets. Headquartered in Cranberry, Pennsylvania, IPEG, Inc. employs more than 500 people worldwide.For more information on IPEG, visit more information about the Governor’s Action Team or DCED visit # # #Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: SHARE Email Facebook Twittercenter_img February 29, 2016last_img read more

El Gobernador Wolf anuncia que se dispone de $10 millones para contribuir con el sistema alimentario de Pennsylvania

first_imgEl Gobernador Wolf anuncia que se dispone de $10 millones para contribuir con el sistema alimentario de Pennsylvania July 09, 2020 SHARE Email Facebook Twittercenter_img Economy,  Español,  Press Release $10 millones asignados en fondos de la Ley CARES a disposición de empresas elegibles en áreas de ingresos bajos a moderadosEn el día de la fecha, el Gobernador Tom Wolf anunció hoy que ya se encuentran disponibles $10 millones para las empresas de Pennsylvania que han trabajado para mantener el acceso a alimentos frescos y saludables durante la pandemia de COVID-19.“Los minoristas de alimentos de Pennsylvania se unieron para proteger a quienes ponen los alimentos en las estanterías, pensar de una manera no estructurada para proteger a los más vulnerables y hacer inversiones que apoyen a aquellos que utilizan programas de asistencia como SNAP y WIC para apoyar a sus familias”, dijo el Gobernador Wolf. “Estaré por siempre agradecido a aquellos que han trabajado duro para garantizar que nunca falte el acceso a los alimentos durante esta pandemia: nuestros trabajadores de primera línea en los supermercados y mercados de productores agrícolas se encuentran entre los héroes de Pennsylvania”.El Fondo de ayuda COVID-19 de la Iniciativa de financiamiento de alimentos frescos —financiado a través de la Ley CARES— está a disposición de entidades con fines de lucro, sin fines de lucro o cooperativas afectadas por la COVID-19. Entre estas, se encuentran supermercados, tiendas de la esquina, tiendas de conveniencia, mercados de vecindarios, bodegas, centros de alimentos, mercados móviles, mercados de productores agrícolas, mercados dentro de granjas, granjas urbanas y centros de integración de alimentos con una conexión directa a puntos de venta directa al consumidor.Para poder ser admitido, el minorista debe prestar servicios a clientes que viven en un área de ingresos bajos a moderados, y más del 50% de las ventas deben corresponder a alimentos básicos y perecederos. Asimismo, los solicitantes deben brindar acceso a productos frescos, carne y productos lácteos de alta calidad y económicos, así como a otros productos alimenticios saludables para compradores de ingresos bajos a moderados, y deben aceptar los programas SNAP y WIC en la mayor medida posible.A manera de reconocimiento de los efectos desproporcionados tanto de la COVID-19 como de la segregación alimentaria en las comunidades compuestas por negros, indígenas y personas de color (BIPOC, por sus siglas en inglés), y especialmente en las comunidades negras y afroamericanas, se dará prioridad a los negocios que sean de propiedad de personas pertenecientes a minorías y que prestan servicios a comunidades BIPOC de bajos ingresos. Los criterios de priorización adicionales incluyen empresas ubicadas en/que presten servicios a un desierto de alimentos, según lo designado por el USDA; empresas que obtienen y venden productos cultivados o procesados de Pennsylvania, en la medida de lo posible; y solicitantes con diversidad de proveedores y que ofrecen mayores oportunidades de negocios para empresas comerciales de minorías, empresas comerciales de mujeres, empresas comerciales de veteranos discapacitados en servicios, empresas comerciales de veteranos, empresas comerciales de lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transgénero; y empresas comerciales propiedad de discapacitados.“Esta pandemia ha revelado muchas cosas. Una de las más frecuentes ha sido el origen de nuestros alimentos: cómo llegan desde el establecimiento agrícola a quienes los necesitan. La finalidad de este fondo de ayuda es fortalecer el sistema alimentario local y mejorar la seguridad alimentaria y la nutrición”, dijo el Sec. Redding. “Necesitamos estimular las economías locales, aumentar las oportunidades de mercado para los productores agrícolas de Pennsylvania, crear empleos y contribuir a una mejor salud al mejorar el acceso a los alimentos locales frescos. Necesitamos alimentar a Pennsylvania, ahora y en los próximos años. Y todo eso es parte de esta iniciativa”.El programa es administrado por el Departamento de Agricultura en colaboración con el Departamento de Desarrollo Comunitario y Económico. Las solicitudes se aceptarán hasta el 14 de agosto de 2020. Los fondos de la subvención se distribuirán a los solicitantes admitidos debido a los efectos relacionados con la COVID-19 que se hayan producido entre el 1 de marzo de 2020 y el 30 de noviembre de 2020, tales como:Mayores costos operativos relacionados con los requisitos de limpieza y de distanciamiento social, incluidos los costos relacionados con la contratación externa asociada con el manejo del distanciamiento social, la ocupación limitada y la limpieza;Mejoras de la infraestructura, que incluyen la renovación, la nueva construcción o la reutilización adaptativa directamente relacionada con la COVID-19;Compras de equipos que mejoran la disponibilidad de alimentos frescos de calidad, como refrigeración adicional para administrar el volumen, o equipos de protección personal como divisores de plexiglás;Inventario (mayores costos de los bienes, mayores costos de transporte o entrega, o de la adquisición de carne, productos lácteos y productos cultivados en Pennsylvania, o la pérdida de productos);Tecnología innovadora de acceso a alimentos, como mercados móviles o ferias, o tecnología móvil con lectura de EBT;Costos para ampliar el acceso a los productos lácteos, carnes y productos cultivados o procesados en Pennsylvania o proporcionar un acceso estable al mercado para los agricultores de Pennsylvania que han perdido o limitado sus mercados; yOtros gastos únicos o mayores incurridos en relación con la COVID-19.“La pandemia de COVID-19 ha destacado a las personas y a las empresas que dieron un paso adelante para proteger y sustentar a sus comunidades en los últimos meses, mediante el suministro de bienes y servicios cruciales”, dijo el Secretario Davin. “Son pocas las cosas tan vitales como brindar acceso a alimentos frescos y saludables, especialmente en áreas con inseguridad alimentaria. Esta financiación ayudará a aliviar las cargas financieras que se han impuesto al sistema alimentario de Pennsylvania durante la pandemia y tiene el fin de garantizar el acceso constante a alimentos nutritivos a medida que trabajamos orientados hacia una mayor recuperación”.“Poder mantenerse saludable depende en gran medida de tener acceso a alimentos saludables. Los efectos de esta pandemia están desafiando a las comunidades de todo el estado con acceso limitado a los alimentos frescos, particularmente en las comunidades urbanas”, dijo el Representante Estatal Austin Davis (Demócrata por Allegheny). “Este programa innovador ayudará a los minoristas de alimentos a mantener el acceso a los alimentos frescos y saludables para las personas que dependen de ellos”.“Durante estos tiempos sin precedentes, es crucial que brindemos apoyo a las comunidades y a las entidades que más lo necesitan. La pandemia de COVID-19 ha expuesto la vulnerabilidad de tantas personas que luchan contra la inseguridad alimentaria, especialmente la manera en que los desiertos alimentarios afectan desproporcionadamente a las comunidades de color”, dijo el Senador Estatal Tim Kearney (Demócrata por Chester, Delaware). “La Iniciativa de financiamiento de alimentos frescos es un paso necesario para llevar alimentos a las mesas de las personas solas y las familias necesitadas. Ahora más que nunca, esta iniciativa es esencial para combatir el hambre y garantizar el acceso a los alimentos saludables para las personas más afectadas por esta crisis”.“Como tantas otras cosas, la inseguridad alimentaria en todo el estado, especialmente en nuestras áreas urbanas, se ha exacerbado debido a la pandemia actual”, dijo el Representante Estatal Stephen Kinsey (Demócrata por Philadelphia). “Nunca ha sido tan necesario asegurar que las comunidades de color tengan acceso a alimentos frescos, perecederos y económicos para alimentar a sus familias y este programa invierte en las tiendas de alimentos y proveedores de alimentos que han luchado para garantizar el acceso a través de esta crisis”.“Al igual que muchas empresas en nuestro estado, los supermercados que han utilizado la Iniciativa de financiamiento de alimentos frescos para ubicarse en desiertos alimentarios están incurriendo en gastos adicionales debido a la pandemia de COVID-19. Estas tiendas de comestibles necesitan asistencia para permanecer abiertas de manera segura y continuar proporcionando alimentos frescos y saludables a estas comunidades desatendidas, que con demasiada frecuencia son comunidades de color”, dijo la Senadora Estatal Pam Iovino (Demócrata por Allegheny, Washington). “A medida que Pennsylvania busca una respuesta global a la pandemia, esta financiación servirá para apoyar las economías locales y la salud de la comunidad, en especial para algunos de los más afectados”.Para obtener la información completa sobre la elegibilidad, los montos de las asignaciones, las priorizaciones adicionales y los criterios del Fondo de ayuda COVID-19 de la Iniciativa de financiamiento de alimentos frescos visite obtener información relacionada con la agricultura durante la mitigación de la pandemia de COVID-19 en Pennsylvania, visite Para obtener la información más precisa y actualizada relacionada con la salud en Pennsylvania, visite this information in English.last_img read more

Kay, Marriott collect LaSalle Thaw Brawl IMCA Modified checkers

first_imgJustin Kay started his 2018 IMCA Modified campaign with the $1,000 feature win Friday at LaSalle Speedway’s Thaw Brawl. (Photo by Nick Jensen)LaSALLE, Ill. (March 30-31) – Justin Kay continued his LaSalle Speedway success on opening night while Hunter Marriott raced to yet another IMCA Modified special event win on night two of the Thaw Brawl.Kay had swept One Night Stand Late Model and Modified mains at LaSalle two years ago, then topped the Late Model feature there last August. He turned back the clock to an old setup and pocketed $1,000 for taking the Friday night Modified checkers.Marriott made his first-ever visit to LaSalle and followed his opening night third-place run with the $1,200 Saturday victory, his 10th – in four different states – so far in 2018.Both drivers were already on the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot.After drawing the pole, Kay led all 20 circuits in a contest punctuated by numerous yellows. Allen Weisser and Marriott did their best to stay close and finished second and third, respectively.“It seemed like I could always hear somebody,” the two-division star and defending national Late Model champion said. “It was my first race of the year and it was nice to get that first win right away.”Matt Werner and John McClure rounded out the top five.Marriott started fifth and was in front midway through Saturday’s 25-lapper. He pulled away in lapped traffic to win the caution-free feature ahead of Werner, Kay, Jaden Fryer and Tim Hamburg.Hunter Marriott’s 10th IMCA Modified feature win of the season came on night two of the LaSalle Speedway Thaw Brawl and was accompanied by a $1,200 check. (Photo by Nick Jensen)“We went out for our heat the first day and were way off. We pinpointed some things and got the car more stable,” Marriott said. “It was a good weekend for us.”Dustin Schram was the $600 Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMod winner on Friday, ahead of Austin Becerra and Austin Howes.2017 national champion Tyler Soppe led the way to the $650 checkers on Saturday. Second was Hunter Longnecker and Justin Green took third.March 30 Feature ResultsModifieds – 1. Justin Kay; 2. Allen Weisser; 3. Hunter Marriott; 4. Matt Werner; 5. John McClure; 6. Gary VanderMark; 7. Daniel Roedl; 8. Chad Holladay; 9. Austin Blume; 10. Randy Foote; 11. Jason Buss; 12. Eric Barnes; 13. Mark VerVynk; 14. John Ahlers; 15. Travis Denning; 16. Tyler Madigan; 17. Chase Parker; 18. T.J. Smith; 19. Ray Bollinger; 20. Rob Toland.Northern SportMods – 1. Dustin Schram; 2. Austin Becerra; 3. Austin Howes; 4. Ben Chapman; 5. Shane Paris; 6. Bill Edler; 7. Austin Heacock; 8. Brandon Setser; 9. Brandon Tharp; 10. Travis Hansen; 11. Kevin Goben; 12. Sawyer Haese; 13. Chance Huston; 14. Ryan Reed; 15. Tyler Soppe; 16. Hunter Longnecker; 17. Scott Busch; 18. Justin Green; 19. Brandt Cole; 20. Tim Sheppard.March 31 Feature ResultsModifieds – 1. Marriot; 2. Werner; 3. Kay; 4. Jaden Fryer; 5. Tim Hamburg; 6. Toland; 7. Foote; 8. McClure; 9. Andrew Hamburg; 10. Madigan; 11. Blume; 12. Gary VanderMark; 13. Mike VanderMark; 14. Buss; 15. Mike Knurr; 16. Joel Crowbridge; 17. Al Atkinson; 18. Cody Johnson; 19. Chad May.Northern SportMods – 1. Soppe; 2. Longnecker; 3. Green; 4. Schram; 5. Setser; 6. Paris; 7. Chapman; 8. Johnathon Logue; 9. Levi Laymon; 10. Reed; 11. Huston; 12. Richard Nelson; 13. Andrew Swailes; 14. Edler; 15. Cody Leyman; 16. Dustin Forbes; 17. Skylar Woods; 18. Cole; 19. James Roose; 20. Heacock; 21. Goben; 22. Jacob Copley.last_img read more