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By Baidu K station will be included again

a lot of webmaster are asking such questions, now I tell you, the answer is yes, Baidu K station, there is still hope not to be included, Baidu has repeatedly denied that, frankly, Baidu did not you say black, he also has his rule, not because he stood punished for you, you will think he is black, in the country, as long as you stand to do good, most of the traffic will be from Baidu, didn’t he, your standing flow will be greatly reduced, the words not to say

the following answer the question, why am I so sure of it, because I have experience, I have four station, city personals network campus secondary trading network Wudang free Internet cinema website ranking flow webmaster Club Forum read more

finally have a blog site of my own

has always wanted to have a website, but I was on the site, is a rookie, how can I build a website of their own,

?I want to

website, is actually quite simple, can have an independent domain name, a completely independent space, can be reproduced, published some of their favorite learning articles have experience of website construction and method, the exchange of learning, they would learn about the website construction skills, so think of blog.

learning some articles, online blog, the most easy, download a program, select your favorite skin, so the choice of PJBLOG, many people use the program, with more than 100 yuan to buy a domain name ( and 200M space, upload to the host, choose to download the template the site opened, low-key. read more

A four years of experiences do some Webmaster Station

website has is a turning point in life, because it makes me see hope, let me make a pot of gold of life, and the site also gave me a fatal blow, I am prepared to devote the time, Baidu gave gently my site from search to erase this means that, my website was sentenced to death around for help to no avail, I was desperate to fall, do not want to go to work, do not want to feel about the site was hollowed out, like what to me is not important.

I am

to download the station, a station of the most common, January 18, 2008 is an unforgettable day for me, in this black Friday I " to download station; " from the stable 40 thousand IP down to more than 10 thousand IP, in the days following the flow can be used almost too horrible to look at to describe, finally only Google day will come 56000 of the traffic, the gap is really indescribable, believe a lot like me to stick to a webmaster have the same feelings, do a website, need to pay too much effort, from the beginning of November 2006 to build my website for program buy, space, he spent several days to beautify their own ", then what all don’t understand, only know how to update the site every day, so stupidly insisted for 6 months, traffic From the beginning of a few hundred to 1000 to more than 3000 at the site traffic, the growth of every day, the heart can not tell the joy, then the flow rate reaches 10 thousand IP, the station GG advertising revenue is more obvious, every day there are more than 10 knives, then pointing at others, changed when income high Firefox (fire Gu) advertising, when web traffic has been relatively stable in 40 thousand IP, it should be said that many owners in all that time the use of FF made a fortune, but then the installation price 0.1$per user, monthly income is good, my FF collection can reach about $2000. I’m not ready in how to use the site to make money, the first gold came a bit too fast, I have more confidence to do, and decided to quit to concentrate on their own business website during the download station, also encountered many He did not think the problem more, the website was hacked, is horse, server is attacked, unable to access the site, these are far beyond the scope of an ordinary webmaster can assume, it also forced me to master some basic technology of network security, once the website was hacked, I stand on all the advertising code do join the Trojan link, and then soft kill no alarm, I found not finishing in the background file modification date, just know oneself website by black, then I can do is to put advertising code of the Trojan link to delete, the hacker friends, every day is after midnight online, he will the Trojan link to add, so every day I remove Trojan links every evening to morning, he added a Trojan link, the website is linked to the horse back and forth for half a month, Site traffic has also been seriously affected for more than a month after this read more

How far is the network marketing idea to go

this article point of view: network marketing, especially soft Wen marketing planning and writing, thinking how far can go

whether you do blog marketing, forum marketing, or event marketing, or other marketing methods, your program needs to be implemented through text planning. The author thinks that the text planning and writing is compulsory, network marketing practitioners in this regard, I in "method is the key to realize value marketing planning and writing" (due to the constraints of the problem, iResearch online article title words so Ereli article titled "marketing planning and writing the value is king") article and other articles are mentioned, will not be detailed here. read more

At the beginning of the legend play station experience

4 in December, my website officially installed successfully, psychological don’t mention how happy, on the two day of the background operation thought finally can set up their own website, the evening also drank some wine to celebrate, prepare formal advertising for second days, but on the second day they found no one knows my website, see your site click value and IP value of the halo is their own, pull, then depressed died, how to let people know that in my website, Baidu and Google are not search your own website. read more

Marketing recommendations use time urgency to increase network sales

for online transactions about fashion, household items, travel and food, consumers will be quick, regular or repeated, and they love it. For group buying or fast selling sites, they may prioritize urgency and act as a strategy for product sales. Even if you don’t belong to such sites, that’s OK, and you can also learn from some of these more successful websites.

market research firm eMarketer recently released a study, a detailed description of the relatively new electronic commerce mode of growth, which highlights the importance of promoting email site visits and purchases. Any member like these sites will tell you, if the website owner can release timely, targeted and well displayed reminder message, then click the information so that consumers almost does not have what problem, also from the final sales goal one step closer. The psychological factors behind this kind of behavior are wonderful, not just the reason for the urgency of making these products so attractive: read more

Examples of how to deal with server space dropped seriously

server space stability is very important, serious disconnection, directly affecting the site’s collection, ranking. Here’s an example of the importance of the problem.

A week before the December 22nd visit

website is not normal, often dropped, as shown in figure

diagram 1

during this period, Baidu was in December 21st after the update, the unfortunate thing happened, the second day website Baidu weight loss, home to heavy, site home page, the new content is always in front of the website, some keywords no ranking. At that time, the analysis of the reasons, first, the space is broken seriously, two is copy article proportion is too big. read more

Thinking of Google’s alleged trademark infringement case

read the news of Admin5 today; " Google suspected of trademark infringement; sentenced to a fine of 350 thousand euros; " suddenly, I understand that a lot of my key words in Baidu have disappeared in these days.

originally "XX official net" is ranked in the top two or three of Baidu, now can not find, I thought it was the content of the site itself, now finally understand, Baidu did not dare to assume the risk.

has proved that the network is constantly improving and constantly improving. Perhaps the future of the site will be registered trademarks, ha ha, in that case, there are advantages to me. The advantage is that it can effectively combat garbage stations and pornographic websites, and build a civilized Internet world. My side is that the gate is so high that some talented people have no room for growth. As you all know, 84% of the owners are poor, and it’s difficult to buy space, not to mention paying a registered trademark. It’s just my guess, and you don’t have to worry about that, ha ha, ~~~ read more

The classic case of SEO into the chain the chain also lost


webmaster has been 1 years, the period has been Taobao, because business is good so the website to sell, now, Taobao competition is too intense, the water is too deep, and business change radically, redo website, great changes have taken place in the first half of this year to Baidu, so do the site in preparation, has been concerned about a very arrogant station, the website Baidu weight reached 7 traffic to reach 16W, to see the domain name, but only a year’s time, Links was only 3.4, but it can get good rankings and flow, and caused great concern to me. But in my website just on the line, his the site was K, analyzed the reason, feel that it is a classic case, perhaps a little help to all the friends of. read more

The rapid increase in the two loopholes site traffic

sometimes want to get traffic from SEO technology does not have to really understand SEO technology, 2 examples such as the author here, a fully understand SEO technology, how from the search engine to obtain the highest tens of thousands of traffic

example 1: use your forum to do popular movie keywords.

remember the end of the year, one day I see traffic statistics, suddenly found from the "Harry, Potter, 4BT download" this keyword to a particularly large number of traffic. The original author has a member, very occasionally in the forum BT edition area, made a Harry, Potter 4 download the post. Just by Baidu included, and this keyword in the Baidu first. read more

Positioning theory of the core of website operation

site operations are part of the SEO, but not all SEO, website promotion is not just for traffic, more important is the brand.

‘s "positioning theory" and """ in marketing, dislocation theory, ", and the operation and promotion of the website still have many reference value. Believe that after you understand, will be "network operation and promotion" has a new understanding. Stationmaster. Stand

what is localization theory,


in the 2001 American Marketing Society conducted a rating, positioning theory is considered the greatest impact ever on the United States concept. read more

The potential of Fetion web sites

Fetion (English Name: Fetion) is China Mobile launched the "integrated communications services", namely the integration of voice (IVR), GPRS, SMS and other means of communication, covering three different forms (complete real-time and quasi real-time and non real-time) customer communication needs, realize seamless communication between the Internet and mobile network service.

Fetion can not only free from the PC to send text messages to mobile phone, but without any restrictions, can start chat with friends whenever and wherever possible, and enjoy the super whisper chat charges. read more