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Love Shanghai site records show that speculation site information

from the macro perspective, it is also represent the general trend falls in love with the sea. Recently, some poor countries are vigorously rectify the content on the Internet, this not only involves a large number of literature websites, and some video website site types in rectification column. Love Shanghai as Chinese search engine first entrance, not only cooperation website, advertising website, Shanghai Longfeng website more, both of these sites depend on the existence of love Shanghai in what form, if there is a problem, will have a certain impact on the love of Shanghai, such as before much raise a Babel of criticism of the fake events. read more

Love Shanghai from the tragic case suspect reform continued to see the effect of the user click

yesterday love Shanghai home also ranked 2 in the station page, I guess the user clicks through to the sea with the situation to decide which pages will be recommended to the user, because the love of Shanghai is generally not recommended a few pages of the same site, so there must be a decision, one is Shanghai Dragon arrangement page, a love of Shanghai according to the candidate page to determine some mysterious algorithm which, in this case, logically, the decision should be delivered to the user, which should include the user clicks and access depth and residence time. According to this conjecture, yesterday made a number of "unconventional" click, you know. With the word search volume is normal, and did not do more. read more

How to judge the quality of the chain


this is the method I often used in website optimization, I personally think that these methods >


This paper summarizes the


we all know, many websites, even just open the website once indexed by search engines will have very high weight. This is mainly manifested in the medical education industry, industry, industry and industry government website. Webmaster do chain in these industries on the site, although the correlation is not necessarily consistent with the content of the website, but once it is included, it is regarded as the high quality of the chain. The reason of this kind of website weight is relatively high, the reason is very simple, because the contents of these websites are original, the main reason is because the site is related to the country, of course we are not these personal webmaster or other webmasters can match. The website engine even manual weight in order to meet the national policy to improve. Like this kind of domain name can be registered only government agencies, individual stationmaster is in any case can not be registered, this is another note from the government website weight class must generally have relatively high. read more

Love Shanghai to update the site that why hair

three, love Shanghai share "cheating" caused

do is based on the pseudo original, relatively high readability, and keywords ranking may be the support of the chain of today, the role of the chain is quite obvious, when the chain stability of their hair, the range of keywords ranking fluctuation is generally not too big, so the competition is not the key words when we do it, we found that the ranking stability is quite good, personally think that the site was plucking may be with your web site on which. read more

Search ranking domain level link characteristics of the biggest influence search rankings

page keyword use and ranking is very low;

page link level characteristics, such as page permissions (0.37) and links to separate IP address number (0.31), showed the strongest correlation;

title (8.34);

The Expert Unique

Moz annual report surveyed 17600 keywords nobility baby of search results, and interviewed 150 experts search.

Some related All features of The

79% of respondents believe that the quantity and quality of the search results page immediately;


from the authority of the site (7.78). read more

Shanghai Longfeng children’s essential collection optimizing the operation flow of project introduct

includes 1, the operation is difficult to judge the degree of search volume keywords according to the industry, optimize the site to determine the number of keywords in hot degree. We identify the site main competitors from 10 sites of the home page, the key analysis (words difficult circumstances, will take into account the analysis of second pages, third pages of the site, 2) analysis: competitors website, the website optimization. The station and the station on the rival site analysis, the main analysis of the data: the domain name history, internal external included, included, the type of resources, resources and data statistics. The station includes the analysis of site title, description, keyword density, keywords layout, site structure, site level, combined with the analysis of competitors, the station adjustment. While standing outside analysis includes the chain resources type, link weight content. In this stage, the website and keywords are very important to the specific, can grasp what time the word line. It should be noted that the keyword analysis must be accurate, comprehensive. The analysis in addition to consider the degree of difficulty keywords on-line, but also consider how to bring customers more traffic, that is also to search for relatively large flow of words. If it is difficult to do, can optimize the site layout of some large flow of long tail keywords. read more

The actual analysis the importance of the chain web site

chain we all know this, but the importance of the site within the chain webmasters may ignore, we should not only consider the keywords ranking consider PV, IP, the Shanghai dragon bounce rate. A good inside chain arrangement can not only enhance the spider crawling rate, but also improve the user viscosity is very helpful for conversion.

The content of the website and the importance of the

as for the left and wonderful, but we can’t manage the blog application of sina’s own website we can reasonable, can be articles and advertisements and mixed together and not all ads, pictures and articles title to attract the user’s role is very big. Don’t think the station optimization can step, the user needs us to constantly. read more

Shanghai Longfeng to high standard low target

don’t get me wrong, I understand business owners want to put the site in a keyword or the long tail do eager idea from the search engine home page second. I also know that their product sales may be several times or more than 10 times as long.

in Shanghai dragon circles a few years friends all know that now is Shanghai dragon due to attention and competition has become fierce. The search engines "and compared to a few years ago it was turned over several times, or even millions of times. Especially for the row in the search engine home page of the website, their experience is certainly true. It can be said that it was "dangerous" in Shanghai Longfeng, day had a very careful feeling, for fear of their own good site was suddenly search engine K. A few years ago in Shanghai Longfeng gold period, almost all sites are not thought of as a search engine change. Only a handful of owners in order to adapt to the principle of search engines and their own site to add a few keywords to Meta tags, so a fool operation for them to peer in the network world is far away. read more

The geographic location of impact on the future of the Shanghai Dragon

more than three kinds of forms are relatively common, especially foreign websites, more attention to understand and search engine positioning effect. Many languages are universal, such as English, is the official language in many countries, but different people use the same search engine, search for the same keyword results may vary greatly. So webmaster first to give your site positioning, must be aware of their target customer base in the country, and through some of the details (such as domain name suffix, host IP, page language, local merchants landing) affect their sites in the target country (or region) ranking, and not see myself ranking. read more

And love Shanghai bidding advisory fee click dispute

3, Shanghai love is click charges, not by the access fee, as long as there is no access to your website, this is the fee, this is not displayed in the statistical tools in. For example, someone clicked immediately closed, don’t into your website, this is to chargeback, chargeback system only for billing, not synchronized with love Shanghai statistical tools. (what ah, this I do not understand, you say you love Shanghai is a tool of this loophole, but you can not allow consumers to pay for this? Suanlaisuanqu, equal love Shanghai buckle fee is reasonable, finally we do the bidding of the user, or do not know their costs there. read more

Analysis of Shanghai Dragon website ranking is keep out

website optimization in order to achieve a good ranking, most owners worry that. No ranking site like the face of a bottomless pit into no return. In fact, most of the webmaster is facing such a situation, the Internet development roads, but the crisis is also heavy. How to get the weight of high ranking website, the station has been in search of answers, after all the traffic to survival and development, otherwise the end is empty. Today the binary analysis here Shanghai Longfeng, argues that "keep out of the rankings, if your site has no ranking is maintained in a" half-dead ", hope the computer you can stay for two minutes. read more

Google punish retail website Overstock hold down their search rankings

Google did not disclose the details of the event, said the company’s policy does not allow discussion of a particular website. A Google spokesman said, Google’s goal is to "provide the most relevant information as possible". He also said: "24 hours every day trying to deceive Google search results ranking event."

Overstock CEO Patrick · Byrne (Patrick Byrne) said: "Google clearly pointed out, they think that these links should not affect the search algorithm. We understand that Google’s position, and make the appropriate adjustments according to the Google code." read more

How overcome the fatigue state of Shanghai dragon be sleepy straws novice optimization

involved in Shanghai Longfeng industry, the first item is mostly by the network myth of wealth has been successfully a shot with blood, emotional excitement in the field. Indeed, a super profitable website can really make us feel passionate, as long as do outside the chain, as long as there is a good ranking in the search engine, the user will access the site Everfount, with the site conversion rate increasing, the kind of money to sleep feeling, let a lot of people to look forward to but! Really took the road to the site optimization, but in a few days it’s falling from the sky, Shanghai Dragon said simply is actually very simple, is to do the external links and content updates, especially the hair of the chain, in the network to find no marginal diffuse, registered accounts, and then a little bit from irrigation. Passion become a boring life, even be sleepy straws. read more

Create a website Qingming let Shanghai do majestic and Grand Dragon

third, in technique, big and fine hand combined, good at choosing who has both the vivid and rich and the essential characteristics of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, things, scene and plot to show.


nonsense not say, get on the floor. In the encyclopedia I learned riverside art characteristics are three:

in addition, links are to be rich, here is the quality and quantity of the chain. I think the high quality of the chain requirements:

Hello, I am the rose. Tomb-sweeping Day holiday has begun, I am very tragic not to rest, because after the cousin married to go home, just off a bit. To tell the truth, I just like the wind machine, tirelessly trying to struggle to make money, can not stop feeling. Gossip not say, Tomb-sweeping Day to tidy up, but also to write an article on the Tomb-sweeping Day article, am still not what good writing, go inside and see some encyclopedia introduce the Qingming Festival on the river, suddenly found some inspiration. So sometimes you can find no inspiration when an article, or you think you can write out the topic just a look, maybe you will find. read more

Wang Kejiang explain how to optimize the user experience and consider the standard design of website

3), the late effect of site planning prediction

products determines the product design mode of navigation, to early in the operation of the website competition analysis, analysis of the degree of monopoly competition and product keywords ranking position; statistics according to each keyword statistics, specific keywords page in the chain and the chain layout, even the statistics page keywords writing style; observation layout the way the competition website navigation and location of the site navigation, that can improve the navigation competition advantage, make reading and meet the user search site navigation requirements. read more

The website ranking only need to do 4

we know that search engines do not love, not capricious, often play fast and loose qualitative website. For those sites often revision, the search engine will give the corresponding punishment. But for users, the same website, also can make them feel fresh, not boring. Between the user and the search engine, it will make our webmaster tangled, but we are all living in the search engine under the eaves, had to bow. So, we have no special needs in the revision of the case, try not to be revised, of course, if the latter is developed, the old customers have enough for you to use, or well-known play out, you do not need to search engine rankings, then you can focus on the user experience. But remember, if you > read more

The search engine website quality rating

love Shanghai weight for the site quality rating is a very important factor, is an important site level and user needs a direct experience, but also the overall situation of the website is a concentrated, so the general weight high website represents high credibility and authority, which is the key site for rating.

included speed

first, the search engine with a number of excellent quality of the artificial mining site, as the basic set of database system, reduce the cost of anti anti cheat system, improve the stability and authority of the retrieval results, reduce the adverse reaction of the user, selected collection of user experience, feature extraction of these pages. For example: read more

What are the benefits of long tail keywords

long tail keywords bring customers into the site products than the target keywords much higher probability. From the numerous customer data analysis, input the user search keywords increasingly long tail. A large number of long tail keywords and target keywords extended out can bring the following benefits:

target refers to the main keywords through the analysis to determine the. Generally speaking, the target keyword refers to your product or service target customers may be used to search keywords, short and hot, but the customer’s purchase intention is not clear. read more

The present site optimization as Shanghai dragon Er we should highlight their value through those as

The first

as everyone knows, the website optimization process many times, whether we as a webmaster at the job or whether to get the boss’s identity, some basic things that we should try to improve the ER as Shanghai dragon and show, as a webmaster website is a reflection of our friends and our value, the author through some details and we detailed analysis, as a webmaster we should highlight their value through those aspects.

case, their optimization is to prove their best weight. This is especially reflected in when applying for the job is the most obvious, many interviewers will ask for their understanding and view of the industry, for the website optimization process had been optimized case, because they do not understand themselves, only through some have done keywords website optimization analysis of your ability through the analysis of the key words, the heat can determine their current position in optimization technology. So, as a Shanghai dragon before applying our employees must pay attention to the interpretation and analysis carefully about their former case. Selected some typical representative cases, as long as you can reflect the level of the. Many webmaster is my site optimization this is undoubtedly the best way to display the image. read more

ndustry Shanghai Longfeng Er face love Shanghai suck what to do 2

well, here today, I hope this example can give you a thought, in the case of Shanghai out of love, we can live and live better.

maybe you say that I this is not to say that Shanghai dragon, but I hope you don’t forget the purpose of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is not only for the purpose of ranking but to create higher profits. I want to explain my feeling "Shanghai dragon is not technology, but a way of thinking". For example, so many sites, the same is Shanghai dragon, but the results are different, so we said that right now: read more