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How do the site is down right down the right solution

1. to see whether they have been cheating optimization, such as mass outside the chain, hanging black chain, brush flow, if any, to stop

3. check the website content is normal, whether the site has been hanging on some illegal information, there are a lot of gray industry regular web site they like optimization, they are directly through the black hat means directly or by hacking, such as hacking your website backstage server, invasion of your website hang on, links to your website, which lead to site is down right, some will start in the snapshot, you check the content of the site is a snapshot of your own content, some will be caused by the content of the website snapshot hijacking, is their own, but the contents of the snapshot he is completely modified, this is a secret that is not so easy to find, because there are few snapshots of people right turn to their website, which you can only protect your password, do Good safety protection server, repair their own website vulnerabilities read more

Discussion on several important factors lead to the chain website right down

, the chain construction speed


chain added too fast, will make the search engine that you are cheating, so that the site right down. Whether it is to buy link popularity two years ago and now the manual release, must take a incrementally add, especially for some of the new station, if the chain increased too fast, sensitive search engine will respond, do not fall down right by it said it. So webmaster friends for new sites outside the chain construction, should be a steady upward trend increase in the chain, so that the healthy development of the website. read more

Based on Chinese segmentation to create the best soft Wen Zhang Dong

1) maximum matching method (from left to right direction);

3, based on statistical word segmentation

(2) reverse maximum matching method to the left direction from right);

1, based on the string segmentation, also called mechanical word segmentation method, the Chinese characters love Shanghai sequence and contrast scan mode according to the lexicon of different word segmentation, according to the scanning direction of different

now there are many webmaster use soft Wen to do network marketing and site optimization, so how do we make the search engine more in favor of our article, and how to combine the soft love Shanghai Chinese segmentation technology to get more traffic today, Zhang Dong for share with Shanghai Chinese love segmentation technology to create the best soft skills. read more

Gift station home page content is too monotonous and how to make it rich

simple pictures without words modification, always looks less like what, for a picture based website related to the text description is very important, can text the product name and use, can even increase the price, however: "XX product 1, XX products 2, XX 3" this form of text is meaningless, and did not really reflect the name of the product and use; also remember to add ALT description tags, so that it can help search engines crawl.

Now most of the products

Q & a plate largely solve the user’s doubts, but also enhance the interaction of the website, in > read more

A5 marketing Shanghai dragon problem small and beautiful optimize the site to help owners more quic

on the website included quantity is less and less, may be caused by the following reasons: your site in the server is not stable, the search engine spiders crawl to check for updates in the web and is temporarily removed; your site does not meet the user’s search experience; suggestions according to these points do check.


site included tens to hundreds of thousands, the weight is only 1


first, we ignore the so-called weight, only the amount of included included secret, and not the more the better, but more effective included. Moreover, if included page is built into the lower level library is the light of day. In addition, the weight is not love Shanghai official, but the data suggest that reference third party webmaster tools. read more

Are still hesitant to use social media The webmaster can not look down upon it

, forum, blog, renren贵族宝贝, watercress, known, or popular micro-blog, WeChat and other media channels are known as the construction of the chain. Outside chain in Shanghai dragon’s role in the less important, but the chain now shouldering more is to introduce the role of flow. In small series, the diversity of the chain, only in order to improve the site’s exposure, then the introduction of traffic, which has brought the transformation. So it is important for the chain effect of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai is now the Phoenix practitioners can not give up part. read more

American drama tells the story of Silicon Valley Entrepreneur far from reality absurdUse single page

I’ve been studying online marketing for the last two years, and I’m eager to find the fastest and most effective way to do it. Fortunately, I’ve finally found it. This method was popular in foreign countries in the early years, because this method is simple, fast and effective, so people in China have begun to use it in the past two years. In the network industry, to do service is better than to make products, then how can use the network to sell products quickly and effectively, this is what I want to introduce to you the single page network marketing. read more

usually use some website evaluation methodsWebmaster how to use ECFA to make money

Cross Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement ECFA almost signed, will have what effect to the Chinese webmaster? There is no Wangzhuan owners may find the opportunity to make money in ECFA? What did the international view of maple leaf network, the economic issues and political knowledge is limited, let alone, but for ECFA is always think that can also be a chance of people to make money, how will have such "intuitive"

did you find many opportunities to make money, is at the boundary occurs during an important time or space, such as I see Taiwan television reported, Vietnam, Korea and the Russian border trade, while rich in fruits, transported to the other side, the price immediately turned a few times. Yes, "several times" is not "a few" Oh! This is amazing profits. The two sides are about to sign the ECFA, the owners have found that the changes among them, perhaps that is our great opportunity to make money read more

Ecological combing and evolutionary trend of China’s nternet AllianceWang Xing under ten years

is walking in the office area of the United States mission, with a LCD screen hanging above each department. You can see in real time in the mobile client Department registered a number of users per minute, the number and proportion of users from Android, iPhone and iPad, every minute of each terminal volume, and change at various times of the day trading volume trend; you can see today is in the proportion of the customer service telephone customer service, customer satisfaction, customer service idle the number of. read more

An entrepreneurial thinking through the nternet so that the past idle resources are no longer idle



– enter the associated point, the ad demo page,

– direct registration, placing related points, advertising,

Taobao secondary line in 2012, as of September last year, the platform for the sale of 6 million goods.

, an Advertising Association ‘Association point’ advertising features:
1, pop-up ads can not be any browser screen, but can be turned off, to ensure the flow and make full use of
2, pop-up ads and page theme content related, and Internet users the area, reduce the net people not related to disturb
3 click the pop-up pop-up ads, and separate billing currently only during the test period, increase the income of stationmaster pop-up billing read more

Xiamen a group of worldfairy entrepreneurs a the one and only wilderness City186AD advertising allia



in a club in Yundang lake, kung fu tea had three or four global share, also between investors and venture a few of the oldest continuing, which is natural, Cai Wensheng, once the domain name king, personal website godfather, famous person day today so that investors, chairman and tuxiu show.

has a pivotal

 :  : our tenet and objective: to pursue the enterprise tenet of "innovation, Internet service, experience business innovation", and continuously pursue the development goal of technology leading, service leading, mode leading and performance leading. read more

Do you remember all those popular entrepreneurial projectsRestore Juhuasuan Yan Limin nternet innov

one of his former subordinates in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology fashion don’t know Yan Limin jingfangxingju news, he even said that they believe in Limin Yan was dismissed after will come back, and bring you more surprises. After he was told that Yan Limin had been detained, he could hardly believe that he was saying """. Is that true? No, isn’t it? "?

Yan Limin’s flower name in Alibaba is ", Hui Fei ", but a direct subordinate to Yan Yan told Tencent technology, in the company, we all used to call him "Yan boss". read more

Line popular by MOE is expected to go public in July with a market capitalisation of 5 billion 42


, according to the SimilarWeb survey in 187 countries including only Android phones, instant messaging applications from the United States, WhatsApp ranks among the 109 countries, with more than half of the proportion. Including Russia, Brazil, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, South Central America and even across South America and Africa as a whole, WhatsApp is primarily used as a communications software for everyday use.

LINE is an Asia centric, instant messaging App, very popular in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. By March of this year, the number of monthly active users in LINE was 218 million. read more

Couplet horse About Spring Festival holiday notification and commission application timeWhat was YC

This reminds me of !

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


that article attacked the domestic venture capital circle chaos, feeling domestic lack of mentor type venture capital, and more is a professional investor origin venture capital. This has led to the assessment of entrepreneurial projects on the one hand, as in the evaluation of bank loans by investors; on the other hand, entrepreneurs have increasingly attached importance to the package and concept of the project, while neglecting the internal strength". read more

Share what we talked about in those yearsThe data about the project to spread the media network alli

more League information is available: top.admin5/u


if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

Facebook’s success saw the advent of the era of entrepreneurship, yes, in this particular business and efficient society, how to put a good idea into production force is our every entrepreneur needs to solve the problem. At this point, Zuckerberg did better than any of us. So from here, said when the webmaster friends, how should we understand this sentence, Kobayashi view is appropriate for the replication of some of the more promising projects, which reminds us of the 2009 Taobao customer business, when Taobao passenger business competition is not so intense now, some by copying at the same time, a number of business type of the website has now earned full of gold, so we see a good project for us to quickly copy, first come first served, but this does not mean that we should "Fen development projects, regardless of who, impatient forward. Witkey website fire or as a friend, group purchase a Witkey management system and website template on a web site, think now Witkey influence to make a fortune, but that is not the case, not only the release of any registered merchants scanty, the member is very rare, it reminds us of the development of Witkey hidden behind, because now lie release events emerge in an endless stream, Witkey is not so good at market reputation, many practitioners have the ability to begin to create their own unique brand, and in the development potential of this, too impatient to get involved in the Witkey website is an irrational behavior. read more

good news watch Changjiang 7 for lucky drawMillion user experience and one hundred thousand circ


hi week CP APP and WeChat room


first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

activity time: January 30, 2008 – February 14, 2008

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

CCTV once had a discovery program, a period that once told of human evolution and the demise of the apes. The commentator said in the end, "they did not die because they failed too much, but because they tried too little.". So with Alipay, with WeChat, a bike sharing. There is also a better understanding of what you think of " Know Yourself" and " the new world phase ". read more

Your advice and experienceThe inspiration of online games to network community

3., if you’re a student, it’s better to take schoolwork as your priority. Don’t join the team,.

1. registration of several foreign mail can be introduced, such as YAHOO MSn GMAIL ICQMAIL can

7. Wangzhuan won’t make you rich overnight, but if you are not careful to let you be careful investment as pour as a church mouse station

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

looked at more than 7, if you have decided to do Wangzhuan, so would you please do the following for read more

SMS ringtone advertising to increase revenue Share my Taobao shop 2 months Chong drilling experience

from 09 in June to now, in Taobao stumbled also quickly 2 drilling, from a lot of soft Wen said, Taobao venture into the lowest, also have their own views and opinions.

6. if you can in the menu bar and a ringtone channel best, open the page the user is most concerned about what menu column, do not put in the end, put the first best.

7. color collocation, color advertising ringtone maybe with the main color consistency is better, perhaps contrary to the main color is better, more try, may improve a lot of revenue, take a few minutes to change the code can improve the tens of dollars, the function of the code input box to the difference with the surrounding color should be bright, for example, all around is a dark gray box code input function to get a bright yellow, so more conspicuous. read more

Reid Hoffman and Shen Napeng networking is crucial to entrepreneursWAP website how profitable

contacts are the primary standard for investigating entrepreneurs.

as Forbes from 2012 to 2014 list of world’s best investors the highest ranked Chinese investors since 2010, four consecutive years of annual Forbes China best venture who experienced Shen Napeng admitted that in the study of entrepreneurs "

second, networking. Every business, every business, every project team, entrepreneurs need networking to set up a company, to establish a true partnership between occupation and peers, also need to take the initiative to help others, in order to get referrals, to extend the two degree and three degree connections. read more

NetEase unrest and Ding Lei’s calculationsWang Gongquan was unhappy to aguirre From investors to en

, however, the NetEase turmoil over the past few months has been a bit exaggerated. According to the NetEase or just leaving also brothers in said attendance punch card, business overhead, audit, almost become a NetEase "say good" all sorts of test methods, in the HR Department continued to put pressure on the emperor to abdicate, the NetEase responsible for the contents of the media director middle have almost gone.


I think

Harvard Business students once had a survey, that is, entrepreneurs to invest in is a matter of necessity, especially to the age of a little larger. According to statistics, almost accounted for more than 40%, nearly half of entrepreneurs, in fact, in varying degrees, have gone to the investment field. read more