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Taobao guest stationmaster earns 2 thousand yuan successful experience every monthPut in a magazine

is now operating Taobao customers, mostly with some FTP are not very understanding of the network novice, so for how to build Taobao’s website is also mostly ignorant. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make money through Taobao customers. Just everything has to be a process, and so do Taobao customers. Today I will introduce some of my personal experience and experience in making money.

1 is installed without software or plug-ins and bundled magazine subscribers.
read more

Community content operators should not step on the 7 pit

community is a very hard thing to do, the community’s drive is nothing more than high-quality users and high-quality content. The user wants to do everyday, and all people of every hue contact; and do content, also is a very troublesome thing, do not do the community from the media, because the user has the right to speak. For operators, this degree is very difficult to grasp. In the early years, we have chosen a great loss in the selection of the forum, and tell you today, I hope you can step on the mine a little. read more

Jingdong Qingfeng PR revealed three imagine the future

do you know what is the most popular baozi brand? Yes, is Qingfeng baozi. After the visit by Xi Qingfeng baozi made headlines, how to dip political concept of light is more subtle, though the ocean deputy prime minister visited Beijing a relatively low-key thing; however, Wang Yang stressed in the study of the value analysis of the economic situation with big data, and the Jingdong’s future strategy agree without prior without previous consultation. />

and, because of self built logistics because of the Jingdong in the staff size of up to thirty thousand or forty thousand people. Single from > read more

Non mainstream female webmaster, but also non mainstream

has heard the mainstream before, but has never been in touch. Because I am a very quiet girl, I don’t like the non mainstream culture in my heart.

in recent years, around the friends are beginning to pursue non mainstream, and in their influence, I began to slowly accept a little non mainstream, but still stay in the light of that level.

until later, I met my present boyfriend. He said that I was a very lovely and quiet girl, but the dress is a bit conservative, a little old fashioned. And hinted that if I could dress up a little less mainstream, it would be more beautiful. So every time I went out with him to meet my friends, he made me dress up in the direction of non mainstream. Slowly, I also began to like the non mainstream, is really like it, because in fact, I really suited to non mainstream dress. read more

Internet business success (eight) analysis advertising Click to enhance website revenue

after the website obtains the flow through the promotion, the profit is next may consider the topic. The website has what profit mode, how to choose the profit method that suits one’s own site, it is the problem that this chapter needs to discuss thoroughly.

a, divergent thinking, so that the site profit maximization

two, advertising alliance to choose carefully,

three, large advertising alliance introduced

four, is the site good for an advertising alliance,


five, website advertising optimization method read more

Talk about the no bad money experience of the mainframe network

recently appeared many waves no trace server instability caused by Baidu K server IP, the replacement of a space to think quickly in the first time, due to the big brother talked about the benefits and convenience of hooligan host network, so that to a space above Amoy as a transitional space server is not stable for.

host network registration is still very fast and convenient, this I like very much, also very satisfied, but facing a lot of space shop, then more depressed. Here are the following questions: read more

My super bar, talk about my way to do the station

has been studying the site, after six months of toil, I actually learn a professional air conditioning construction site, full of thought can be like other people at home all day to count the money. As a result, I was really wrong, and began to contact the website is the so-called "all the people are earned" web site, because do not understand, coupled with the idea of making money more heavy, so I succeeded in being fooled.

once love something, quickly really, I contact in a chance to DZ a free forum, as we all know, PW has not met but at that time, now I think it is a pity! In the DZ free forum I built at least 5 forums, the kind of joy I think there is little excitement now. Every day hard post, and sometimes a day can send 500 posts, do not feel tired, desperately learning to beautify and the so-called SEO, now, I’m really naive. read more

Light year forum closed down, forum for the development of the road from here

in the domestic SEO sector, the recent occurrence of a lot of things, just Baidu algorithm updates, adjustment, the entire SEO industry chain in the Commissioner of the chain, the chain construction team into confusion. It has also led to the closure of many businesses that offer SEO businesses around the world, and it is well known that they provide SEO services for users, that is, by updating articles and sending out some of these chains. The over optimization of the hospital and the pharmaceutical industry has finally ushered in a wide range of K stations. Website construction of the site also did not escape the punishment of Baidu, overnight back to liberation, all the keywords ranking all by K. read more

Opportunity + method + courage + action + persistence = success

recently bored, always look at other people’s successful history of entrepreneurship, see more, summed up our webmaster’s success a little experience: opportunities + methods + courage + action + perseverance = success. That’s not good, you don’t mind.

the wave of knowledge economy has changed the mode of distribution of wealth, but for many Chinese people, the first thing to change now is still the idea. When you have a thick material job looking for an employer while running around, when you come up with wonderful idea but not the boss adopted, why not change an idea: rather than for others to do the employees, as well as their own to do poineering work! You should know that this time has to all the dreams provide a "10 speed" the possibility of success, otherwise, the era of knowledge economy will express wealth in front of you flashed. read more

Discussion on the development of vertical web site Tiger grows in time


] in the core tip or the specific needs of certain areas, vertical sites rely on its more professional services and more in-depth content fling, this kind of website also attracts people’s attention.

tiger’s past life, life,

tiger, where do you come from,


tiger, originated in Chicago in 2004 by several love sports enthusiasts founded, and its initial purpose, but is to provide an online home for at that time there was no professional basketball forum China basketball fans, the initial tiger website is very simple, the supply function is also very simple. The author think that year, ignorance, everywhere on the web information can be downloaded to the basketball video, not clear between way to HoopCHINA basketball nets, in the vast number of basketball video was also found all now known as vulgar video, such as "shy girl Huanyi", "energy-saving" video in the young heart sowed the seeds of yubabuneng. read more

How to effectively carry out network marketing in hospital websites

yesterday, a friend in the hospital asked me how to conduct Internet marketing on the website. Let’s talk about the problem today. The so-called network marketing, as its name suggests, is the Internet as the main means of marketing activities, that is, to allow users to buy our products and services. For hospitals, it is the greatest increase in patient visits, outpatient visits, and treatment. This includes the type of hospital web site traffic conversion rate and other knowledge. Now almost every hospital has its own network marketing department, the hospital every month to do promotion costs can not be underestimated, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of yuan. Why is the effect so great?. The author thinks that the hospital network marketing should also have the following points. read more

It is found in the prevention

yesterday, the customer’s site was linked to horse, I also have some responsibility, because usually too lazy to set the server security settings, some in a few minutes to set up, but is lazy, if the server is malicious damage results, you need to spend more time to recover the data, so the server security settings early to lay a good foundation, danger time will reduce a lot of unnecessary loss.

below, I will combine my experience and lessons to sum up some of the techniques and methods of server security settings. read more

Evaluation of the advantages of this year’s new cloud NetEase to keep abreast of the third party sys

first of all, I’m not technical, I’m a layman in software understanding and system usage. I like many netizens, usually learned what fun, after work, they write a post to share; every day to see good post in the big door, will be in the comment box with a post; see in the message at the resonance of the thread, went back to a post. However, the day before yesterday, one of my dear brother suddenly asked me "from the media NetEase NetEase launched cloud abreast, how do you see?" I was shocked, but not directly said do not know, after all, respect more than doubts, so I said, please give me two days, I look back. In my opinion. Finally, it is now, I feel a netizen, to evaluate the NetEase to keep abreast of the cloud. read more

By myth Taobao small sellers have exited Taobao platform

has such a group of people around me, every one of them every day to repeat the same things, open Taobao, watch data, adjust the price, for Taobao, goods delivery, I am also a Tmall seller, sometimes I will ask them, Taobao is more and more difficult to do, they all answered in order to survive, no way, can only go down prices, sales. Every day they are hollowed out their head and think of how to make up the volume, from dawn to dusk, actually pay far more than their return.

as of now, in my side do Tmall less, most from the beginning of this year has been out of Tmall this platform, I have also asked them why they would quit Tmall, said Tmall all day instead of being squeezed, rather than home to open a store in our small town, yes, Tmall at present more and more fees, take me, do Tmall when the flow comes naturally, and many a few years ago, but in the past 1 years, if I do not spend money to pay for the promotion, often did not have thousands of traffic, not to mention there are sales, but each time in direct costs the car made me stop, only to do database marketing, Tmall’s own tax and various promotion costs have more than our shop profits, so we choose other ways to maintain the old Customer, therefore, I will give some advice to the merchants who are pouring into the Tmall mall, hoping that you will recognize the big market of Tmall. read more

Moving on campus, I grew up with college students all over the country

in the morning when class open mailbox, see Ali mother held this event, feel good, long wanted to know more of the University master. Immediately Click to see, wow! So many webmaster, is really very busy! I have to go along for the ride, hoping to make a few stationmaster, long experience, by the way please predecessors zhijiao.

I’m a sophomore from the Department of computer science and technology at Yibin University in Sichuan, Yibin. I don’t have enough time to contact computers, maybe 4 or 5 years. Do not send the poor ah! A few years ago in my hometown, there is little computer, it is a baby, we are only a distance, not play ", a few computer school a week and it can only be a close contact. High school three years learned a "information technology", many of the computer is very magical, for those "mysterious" Adsense is more envy, so I want to have their own web site in the future. read more

Select an advertising alliance approach

now, there are so many ad associations, how can you quickly find out a good advertising alliance? Here are some points I can discuss to help you find a good advertising alliance,

1, if this alliance QQ group, but it is the best, can enter the group members observe response, or add customer service QQ chat, do not rush to conclusions, at one or two weeks, you can know the basic quality of the alliance. This is the most accurate. For example, today a friend complained too point × if you enter into this alliance, alliance group to speak, see every day is the webmaster appeal for payment of the money, then this is the union of fools know not to do, so the friends into the group in advance if investigation is good. For example, when ×, union, into the group, no one speak, very quiet, there is a problem directly with the customer service private chat solution, it is obvious that this alliance has done. Those who do not speak are quietly making money. Of course, you can directly find a recognized good advertising alliance, such as Adsense, advertising League,, Baidu, 9V, Google and other. read more

Some suggestions for personal websites to be bought

has recently been doing their "80 entrepreneurial base" to do a thorough upgrade, now has some technical advantages, such as online message, anonymous submission, daily filing technology, the network technology has been walking in the forefront of similar, since the built station, we all go too smoothly and some people fear, a week will be included in Baidu, PR value of less than a month to 3.

since receiving a letter from YAHOO China startup group, we are finally out of the curse of our personal website. The website will be regularized gradually and become the Thunder KanKan of Chinese entrepreneurs". read more

New Adsense do site do industry station

with the increase in the number of Internet users base, but also increased a lot of new adsense. Many new webmaster are very confused, in the end what kind of website construction, what kind of Web site popular, what kind of website can make money? Actually very simple, what kind of station will be popular, will make money. Focus on adhering to! According to my experience of more than one year webmaster, I suggest new webmaster do industry website.

there are many industries, how to choose? You can casually enter a web site (hao123 site home), their classification is very comprehensive, you choose your own more familiar with the industry. How to make money? Take my website to illustrate it, I choose the education and training, science education network website is wave:, website is to provide educational information, training information, tutoring services. At present, the main profit is in the tutor service. Tell me why I choose education and training. Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and education is the foundation of science and technology. The country attaches great importance to education, and parents also attach great importance to education, so the outlook for this industry is very good. Why do you choose to provide tutoring services? Because the new owners to a short time to obtain high traffic is not easy, especially the industry station, then we should consider more about the conversion rate, if there is a parents please tutor, you recommend succeed will be able to get small income, than not rely on advertising to make money low income owners. read more

The painful process of developing e-commerce websites

started in 2007 May. Left bank ready to start, then in order to catch up with progress, left comparison, right to inquire about, to finalize a company specializing in online shop. For our request, the company promised to be comfortable and fast, and the reaction quickly, the afternoon immediately sent someone to interview cooperation, and guarantee on-line within two months.

paid the advance and began to do it. We do some preparatory work before the operation. From time to time, ask for progress through an online or phone call, and that says it’s going well. read more

The indictment in the Internet Era

say cheap, no good goods, good goods are not cheap, although not all, but there is always some truth. I said, I have said to many people, but I still figure out cheap, bought the Internet Era ( http://JobHost.Cn) host. God knows whether this site is a person or a person, plus a dog in the operation, in addition to buying space when someone online, never find customer service.

of course, if there is no problem, customer service is not even, but this space is almost no normal. Years ago in order to record off my website, but I am in the space background information submitted by the host of the Shang Dynasty to record it, if you can tell me to record the record, why did not even say hello to shut. Later, he went to the record, wasted more than 20 days and opened. read more