Major bureaucratic reshuffle in M.P.

first_imgIn a major reshuffle, 48 IAS officers, including 24 District Collectors were transferred, allegedly where the Congress failed to perform in the just-concluded Assembly elections.On Thursday, Mandsaur Collector O.P. Shrivastava was transferred to Rewa. Mr. Shrivastav allegedly paid the price as the Congress was unable to win the three Assembly seats from the BJP in Mandsaur district.Ganesh Shankar Mishra, Collector Alirajpur, was shifted to Sehore district, allegedly after a complaint by newly elected Congress MLA Kalawati Bhuriya.In a video that went viral on social media, Ms. Bhuriya, representing Alirajpur district’s Jobat Assembly constituency, is seen saying that the days of Alirajpur Collector in the district are now over. A day ago, Manoj Shrivastav, a 1987 batch IAS officer, was appointed Vice-Chancellor of Sanchi University. He has now been shifted to the animal husbandry department, with additional charge of Vyapam. Mr. Shrivastav is known for his closeness to some senior Sangh Parivar leaders.last_img read more

India’s Demographic Dividend

first_imgHalf a century ago, there was only one answer to the question of India’s growing population. In a 1967 book titled Famine 1975!: America’s Decision: Who Will Survive?, U.S. economists William and Paul Paddock even advocated that the population of India should be allowed to starve as the country was a hopeless case. America should allocate its aid dollars to other countries with greater chances of being able to feed their hungry, the authors argued.Ten years ago, the India’s growing masses — the population officially crossed one billion in 2000 with the birth of Aastha Arora on May 10 of that year — were still considered a liability by many. Providing basic needs for all seemed to be a near-impossible task.Somewhere along the line, however, economists discovered a silver lining: The world was aging, but India was growing younger. There was a “demographic dividend” that the country could hope for, and ultimately exploit. An April 2012 International Monetary Fund (IMF) paper titled, “Asia and the Pacific: Managing Spillovers and Advancing Economic Rebalancing,” noted that “in many Asian countries, aging populations are now causing, or are about to cause, a decline in the working-age ratio. The Japanese workforce has been shrinking since 1995, and the Korean workforce will start to decline beginning 2015. China’s working-age ratio will peak in 2013 and then decline by a substantial amount in the next few decades…. The second most populous country in the region (and the world) affords grounds for cautious optimism. India’s demographic transition is presently well underway, and the age structure of the population there is likely to evolve favorably over the next two to three decades.” The democratic dividend could add 2 percentage points to per capita GDP growth per annum, according to the IMF.There are some challenges related to those seemingly favorable demographics, however. The first is in finding jobs for all these people. Second, and more importantly, India’s young people will need to develop the right skills for the modern job market.Different Views on Job GrowthOpinions on future job growth diverged at the recent 20th Anniversary Symposium of the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for the Advanced Study of India. During a panel discussion titled, “Building an Inclusive India,” one speaker envisioned the country exporting armies of skilled labor to the world. Another worried about a generation of unskilled Indian workers left behind. “Only 5% of India’s labor force is estimated to have had any formal training,” said panelist S. Ramadorai, vice-chairman of Tata Consultancy Services and an advisor to the Prime Minister for the National Council of Skill Development.Developing India’s human capital is essential in the coming decade, Ramadorai noted. To make manufacturing a genuine engine of growth, the government has announced new policies as part of the 12th five-year plan (2012-2017) that aim to create 100 million work opportunities by 2022 — many in labor-intensive manufacturing sectors such as textiles, gems and footwear.The government is also working to expand access to education and vocational training for workers in the countryside, including new rural broadband networks that will connect remote areas with educational opportunities. “Technology is going to play a very critical role in connecting the haves and the have-nots,” Ramadorai said.With the right skills and training, Ramadorai sees workers from India prospering not only at home but also abroad. According to the United Nations, the working-age population will increase by about 600 million globally in the next decade. While there will be a decline in the developing countries by almost 17 million, the global economy as a whole is expected to experience a skilled manpower shortage of 56 million by 2020, he added.India will be one of the few countries in the world with a working age population that exceeds its number of retirees. “By 2020, the average Indian will be only 29 years of age, compared with 37 in China and the U.S., 45 in Western Europe, and 48 in Japan,” Ramadorai pointed out.That means India will experience an age advantage for at least three decades, through 2040. “So this is where I see an unprecedented opportunity,” he added. The future is bright “if Indians skill themselves to suit the future demand for jobs both domestic and abroad.”If India can make employment and skill level a priority, it might be able to fill the gaps in the world’s manpower shortage and “become the resource pool of the world,” Ramadorai said. “We need to see this as an opportunity,” he added. Getting India’s labor pool ready for export will be “the largest and most complex human resources exercise in the world.”Arvind Subramanian, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and senior fellow and director of the India Initiative at the Center for Global Development, was more skeptical about India’s ability to train its unskilled workforce. “I hope Mr. Ramadorai will succeed in his mission, because India needs that, but I’m a little more pessimistic,” he said. India suffers from a “precocious model of development,” Subramanian noted. “We have developed based on skilled services rather than using our abundant pool of unskilled labor. All of East Asia, even China, in the early phases developed using low-skilled, abundant labor. We have completely neglected that.”Anomalous FDI FlowsIndia’s “precocious” development is seen most clearly in “the uphill flow of foreign direct investment (FDI),” Subramanian said. In theory, economists believe that rich countries should produce the technology, know-how and capital and then shift those resources to poorer countries in the form of FDI. But today, emerging countries like Brazil, China and especially India are showing comparative advantages in certain skilled areas such as management and finance — and are exporting FDI as a result.China’s FDI goes mostly to emerging African countries, which is consistent with the traditional economic models, Subramanian noted. “But India is completely anomalous, completely precocious. We export FDI to the richest countries in the world. That shouldn’t be happening at all.”It will be difficult at this point for India to build a manufacturing sector for unskilled labor, Subramanian suggested. “That is not going to happen.” Much of manufacturing today is already shifting toward robots and machines. “Within manufacturing, it’s become much more skill intensive. Within our exports, it’s become more skill intensive. It is not becoming unskilled-labor intensive,” Subramanian said.India’s only other option is to upgrade workers’ skills so that as the economy demands more skilled labor, there will be a supply of people to fill those positions. Subramanian expressed doubt that India could train workers fast enough. “While there will be very good private sector initiatives to respond to this, I think the public sector will just not be able to supply the kind of skills in the quantities that we need going forward,” Subramanian noted. “What that means is that one or two cohorts of unskilled labor will get left behind.”Subramanian called the scenario “an unavoidable and inevitable consequence” of India’s precocious model of development. “I think we have a problem on our hands,” he added.The Debate in IndiaThe employability issue is the focus of a heated debate in India, with strong arguments from both sides. The National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) has published a study saying that only 25% of information technology (IT) graduates are employable. This has drawn a strong reaction from the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), the government’s accreditation agency. According to the AICTE, every year, one million engineering graduates and diploma holders are added to the workforce. If the number of unemployed engineers was anywhere near what Nasscom claims, “there would be civil war,” AICTE chairman S.S. Mantha told the media recently.The IT sector has been the biggest recruiter in recent years and has attracted many studies. A report by Aspiring Minds, a Gurgaon-based employability assessment firm, highlighted the skills gap, particularly in the product space. According the report, titled “The National Employability Report, Engineering Graduates, Annual Report-2012,” although India produces more than 500,000 engineers annually, only 2.68% meet the skill requirements of the IT products sector. The report estimated that nearly 92% of engineering graduates in India lack computer programming and algorithms skills and around 56% lack soft skills and cognitive skills.The report further noted that only a very small percentage of engineers have the competence to apply engineering mathematics to solve problems. “There is a clear and measurable distinction between the talent required to develop IT products vis-à-vis typical IT services talent. While we observe employable talent is spread across all kinds of colleges, building India’s prowess in IT products would require significant focus and investment in training and evaluating students in core technology,” Himanshu Aggarwal, CEO of Aspiring Minds said in the report.Sanjay Modi, managing director of online recruitment firm for India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia, suggests that there is a lack of adequate communication and collaboration between the government, academia and industry in India. “For instance, while business has changed drastically in the past 10 years, the curriculum in educational institutions is the same as it was a couple of decades ago. And the sheer process of bringing in any change in the curriculum is so tedious that it simply gets bogged down,” says Modi. “What is needed is a strategy of three Es — education, employability and employment. What we have to focus on first is education. This will lead to higher employability.”Manish Sabharwal, chairman of TeamLease Services, a leading human resource services provider, recently pointed out that skill development is only one part of the solution. Sabharwal noted: “There are three problems in the current Indian system: matching supply and demand, repairing supply for demand and preparing supply for demand. What we are all focusing on right now in terms of employability … is only the repair part. This is a low-hanging fruit. But this repair pipeline will run dry if the prepare pipeline, by way of education reforms, is not fixed. And that is something that the government and academia need to work on.”A Global ProblemThis is, of course, not a problem for India alone; it is more important in the country, however, because of the numbers involved. According to a recent McKinsey report titled, “Education to Employment: Designing a System that Works,” there is a huge gap in almost all countries between what the educational system feels it provides and what employers think they get. In the U.S., 87% of the education providers answered the question, “Are graduates adequately prepared?” in the affirmative, while only 49% of the employers agreed. India actually scored better, with figures of 83% and 51%. The gap was the widest in Germany followed by the U.S. “Seventy-five million young people — 12.6% of global youth — are unemployed yet only 43% of employers report there are enough qualified entry-level candidates,” according the McKinsey study.S. Krishnaswamy, senior professor and head of the department of genetic engineering at Madurai Kamaraj University, says that all of these reports are doing a good job of raising awareness. “There is certainly a problem, but it’s not insurmountable,” he notes. “Indians are extremely adaptable. They learn very fast, too.” Related Itemslast_img read more

Pride in Nova Scotia Workers on Labour Day

first_imgThe hard work, dedication and commitment of Nova Scotia workers will be recognized on Monday, Sept. 4, as Labour Day is celebrated across the province. Since 1894, Canadians have used the first Monday in September to recognize the valuable contributions to society made by the working people in Canada. “Labour Day is a way to acknowledge the hard work we do everyday,” said Mark Parent, Minister of Environment and Labour. “In Nova Scotia, we have one of the most educated, motivated and strongest workforces in Canada.” Labour Day is also a day for government to reiterate its commitment to fairness for working people. Safe and healthy workplaces and fair, up-to-date labour laws are all priorities of the government of Nova Scotia. Mr. Parent encouraged all workers to celebrate this day by continuing to take pride in the work they do and the contributions they make to the modern workplace. Labour Day festivities will be taking place throughout Nova Scotia.last_img read more

Markets Right Now Stocks open lower on Wall Street

NEW YORK — The latest on developments in financial markets (all times local):9:35 a.m.Stocks are opening lower on Wall Street as a mixed bag of earnings reports didn’t inspire investors to get back to buying stocks.Technology companies, banks and retailers posted some of the biggest losses in early trading Friday. Chipmaker Nvidia fell 1.1 per cent and Amazon gave up 1.9 per cent.Goodyear slumped 5.1 per cent after the company turned in results that fell short of what analysts were looking for.The S&P 500 fell 10 points, or 0.4 per cent, to 2,695.The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 115 points, or 0.5 per cent, at 25,054. The Nasdaq dropped 37 points, or 0.5 per cent, to 7,250.Bond prices rose. The yield on the 10-year Treasury fell to 2.64 per cent.The Associated Press read more

Eleven including six monks granted bail over court incident

They were however granted bail today by the Homagama Magistrate. Eleven people including six monks were released on bail today over the Homagama court incident.The monks and five civilians had been remanded for behaving in an unruly manner at the Homagama Magistrate’s court premises recently.

Quality care at birth could save nearly 3 million children – UNbacked

“Focusing on the crucial period between labour and the first hours of life can exponentially increase the chances of survival for both mother and child,” said Mickey Chopra, head of UNICEF’s global health programmes. While there has been “tremendous progress” in saving children under five, he said the world has stumbled in its progress to save the “very youngest, most vulnerable children.”In its “Every Newborn Series” released today, The Lancet identified the most effective interventions in saving newborns including breastfeeding and new-born resuscitation. The series, co-authored by experts from UNICEF, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the Agha Khan University in Pakistan, among others, also commend ‘kangaroo care’ for premature babies, which consists of prolonged skin-to-skin contact with the mother.According to UNICEF, 2.9 million babies die each year within their first 28 days. An additional 2.6 million babies are still-born, and 1.2 million of those deaths occur when the baby’s heart stops during labour. “The first 24 hours after birth are the most dangerous for both child and mother – almost half of maternal and new-born deaths occur then,” the UN agency has reported. Countries that have made the most progress in saving newborn lives have paid specific attention to this group as part of the overall care extended to mothers and under-fives. For example, Rwanda halved the number of new-born deaths since 2000. The highest numbers of newborn deaths per year are in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, with 779,000 in India, 267,000 in Nigeria and 202,400 in Pakistan. Among these countries, every $1 invested in a mother’s or baby’s health gives a nine-fold return on investment in social and economic benefit, according to UNICEF.A survey of 51 countries with the highest burden of new-born deaths found that if the quality of care received by the richest were to become universal, there would be 600,000 fewer deaths per year – an almost 20 per cent reduction. read more

Girl Guides leader to sue bosses who expelled her for objecting to

Concern has been raised over biological males sharing accommodation, showers and toilets with girls on trips away since the policy change.Ms Alcock’s dispute with the organisation started in June 2018 when her objections to the transgender policy were secretly reported to the Girlguiding leadership.A four-month investigation concluded she had breached the organisation’s social media rules by airing her concerns online.It also ruled she had broken the ‘code of conduct’ by refusing to adhere to the Guides’ equality and diversity policy on transgender inclusion.She was then expelled when her membership of Girlguiding was revoked after she refused to agree to follow the new transgender rules.She appealed against her expulsion, but the original decision against her was upheld.In April she lodged a civil case against Girlguiding in London County Court. Her solicitor Peter Daly, of Slater And Gordon lawyers, said: “If Katie is successful, it may establish legal protections on which other people who share her beliefs can rely.”A Girlguiding spokesman said: “We are unable to comment on an ongoing legal case.” A Girl Guides leader is set to sue bosses who expelled her for objecting to a controversial policy which admits boys who identify as female to join the organisation. Katie Alcock will launch a landmark case against Girlguiding claiming that she has been discriminated against because of her feminist beliefs. The mother-of-two from Lancaster, who has been a leader at the charity for ten years, claims that the 2017 change in admission rules could impact child safety. She told The Mail on Sunday: “I wouldn’t discriminate against someone who said they wanted to change gender in the sense I wouldn’t treat them differently to any other child. “But I believe gender is something created by society and it is about telling people how we think they should behave if they are a boy or a girl.”“That is a very different thing to people’s biological sex, which I don’t believe people can change.“I am taking Girlguiding to court because they are discriminating against me by excluding me on grounds of these beliefs.‘You can’t say the Guides is a single-sex movement and yet take in boys and men as members.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Kennecott Utah Copper expands with new molybdenum autoclave facility

first_imgRio Tinto, Kennecott Utah Copper’s (KUC) parent company, will invest $340 million in the construction of a new molybdenum autoclave process (MAP) facility at KUC in Magna, Utah. This will ensure lower-grade molybdenum concentrate is processed more efficiently than through conventional roasters, allow improved metal recovery and operating flexibility, and enable production of metallurgical and higher chemical grade products. MAP will also make it possible for KUC to recover additional by-products from its concentrate.Kelly Sanders, President and CEO of KUC: “The outlook for molybdenum demand is very strong, driven by the rapid urbanisation and industrialisation of China and India. The production of molybdenum and gold make KUC one of the world’s lowest cost producers of copper.”Investment in the MAP facility is part of an overall plan to extend the life of the Bingham Canyon mine beyond 2020, where a significant molybdenum deposit remains. Each year, KUC produces around 30 MIb of molybdenum. The MAP facility will process all of the molybdenum produced from the Bingham Canyon mine.Brendan Ryan, Vice President, Projects and Expansion, KUC: “This capital investment will prove to be a tremendous future benefit to Rio Tinto. MAP is a robust project that will act as an enabler for future extensions to the mine life.”The MAP design includes a number of energy efficiency features and environmentally responsible techniques for producing molybdenum products. When completed, MAP is anticipated to produce molybdenum with fewer greenhouse gases than traditional roasting plants. The facility includes a heat recovery system that captures excess heat from the autoclave for use in downstream processes. A combined heat and power system, similar to the one being installed at KUC’s refinery, will also be used to produce steam to power the majority of the facility’s electrical requirements. This system will be capable of producing 6.2 MW of clean energy, which is equivalent to the electrical needs of about 6,000 average-sized homes.The MAP facility will be constructed in two phases. Construction of phase one has already begun between KUC’s smelter and refinery in Magna. First production is anticipated for the fourth quarter of 2012 with full production of 30 MIb scheduled for fourth quarter 2013. Construction of phase two, which adds additional production capacity totalling 60 MIb, is anticipated for completion in the first quarter of 2015.last_img read more

8 people who should apply for the Healthy Ireland Council job

first_imgTHE MINISTER FOR Health James Reilly wants to set up a Healthy Ireland Council and has invited expressions of interest from people who think they could do good work in promoting healthy living to the nation.While there are no specific qualifications for someone to become a member of the council, he wants people to have a “national profile and a track record of leading change”.Members of Council “Members of the Council will be champions for the vision and goals of Healthy Ireland. They should be capable of persuading their stakeholders that change is necessary, and instilling confidence that together we can make Ireland a healthier place to live, work, play and age,” said Reilly.Somewhat like the RTE’s Operation Transformation leaders, the Healthy Ireland Council members “will connect and mobilise communities, families and individuals into a national movement with one aim: to support everyone to enjoy the best possible health and well-being,” he added.Here are a few people we think could make the cut:Bressie(Photocall Ireland)The singer has been vocal about his own mental health and is eager to get young people, especially men, speaking out about their issues. He has a national profile and he is a mentor on RTE’s The Voice, so we know he can lead.Katie Taylor(Niall Carson/PA Images)She most definitely ticks the box as having a national profile – at this stage she is at national hero status. She also managed to lead us to monumental change with a gold medal in the London Olympics.Other things that make her a good candidate for the Healthy Ireland Council is she trains everyday, eats well and does’t drink. She should be chairperson with that CV.Donal Skehan(Photocall Ireland)He is one of Ireland’s best loved chefs and is already involved in trying to promote healthy eating with children with the Grow it Yourself school scheme.Pixie McKenna(Screengrab/YouTube/uoks)The Irish doctor who isn’t afraid to go places that many of us wouldn’t. She has made a name for herself on the hit TV show Embarrassing Bodies.Pat Falvey(Photocall Ireland)He’s a world renowned adventurer, a team trainer and a motivational corporate speaker. He has led people up the world’s most dangerous mountains, surely he could lead Ireland to being a healthier nation.Brian O’DriscollHe is most likely retiring this summer, so he might be looking for a job to fill his time.  He has led us to many a triumph as a nation with Ireland’s rugby team, so he would be perfect to lead the communities of Ireland to a healthier lifestyle.(Press Association)Eamonn CoghlanEamonn Coghlan is an Irish Senator and former athlete, who is a 3-time Olympian and former World Champion in the 5000 metres. He would know how the politics game works on committees and would be another example of a good spokesperson to organise a national movement.(Photocall Ireland)Eva Orsmond(YouTube/RTE)The Operation Transformation weight loss expert from Finland is well-known here in Ireland for her “no nonsense” approach to getting fit and healthy – maybe that’s just what we need on the new Healthy Ireland Council. Dr Orsmond also owns Orsmond Weight Loss Clinics around the country.The Public Appointments Service ( is running the application process and the deadline for submission of expressions of interest is Friday 14 February, 2014. Who would make up your Healthy Ireland Council dream team? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below. Read: 10 reasons why we love going to the gym>Read: How your smartphone can help you get active>last_img read more

Watch Watson destroy humans at Jeopardy

first_imgThere has been a lot of coverage of IBM’s Watson supercomputer appearing on, and dominating, Jeopardy this week. The computer, it turns out, is clever and fast, making for a combination that even the smartest of mammals can’t beat. And the interesting (scary?) part is that Watson, and computers like it, are only getting smarter–one of the best reasons for having Watson appear on Jeopardy now seems to be that in the near future our champions won’t be able to put up any competition.It’s one thing to read a headline about a computer beating someone like Ken Jennings at the game he was born to play, but it’s another to watch it happen. Check out the video below to watch Watson at its best, during the night of February 15th.Jennings, our “Great Carbon-based Hope”, put up an article over at outlining how and why Watson won the match. It turns out that the machine’s keyword analysis and 15TB data storage were more powerful than Jennings expected. He took the loss in stride though and even though the post has some good analysis, Jennings’ humor came through:Watson has lots in common with a top-ranked human Jeopardy! player: It’s very smart, very fast, speaks in an uneven monotone, and has never known the touch of a woman. The day a supercomputer can come up with self-deprecating humor like that is the day my computer starts telling me to sends its email… and I humbly comply.last_img read more

Sony Xperia Play smartphone shipment to New Zealand stolen

first_imgFirst hackers, now thieves: Sony just can’t catch a break. A brand new shipment of Sony Ericsson Xperia Play smartphones, headed to New Zealand to be part of the device’s launch there, all turned up missing yesterday. Vodafone New Zealand called the issue a “major security breach” on Monday, and while it’s not the same as the data security problems that Sony has had with the PlayStation Network, it does represent a lack of physical security. Or so we thought, until Vodafone broke the news yesterday that the whole thing was really a marketing stunt designed to drum up publicity for the Xperia Play launch in New Zealand.The so-called “PlayStation Phone” was due to be launched in New Zealand this week, and initially Vodafone kept quiet on a rescheduled release in order to let the “theft” sink in. Then, this morning, they let the cat out of the bag and said that they were launching a “manhunt” to find the “stolen” phones, and that they needed the community’s help. They even released a video showing the supposed theft.AdChoices广告The goal of the PR campaign was supposedly to kick off a kind of scavenger hunt, encouraging Vodafone customers to join in to find the lost phones, with the winner getting six free phones and a $5,000 credit to use towards games.Vodafone New Zealand admitted to the stunt on Twitter, and when asked about it by another Twitter user, they responded that as long as people are talking about the launch, then the campaign must have been successful.The Xperia Play is already available in the UK, Spain, Ireland, and Canada. Just yesterday, Sony announced the Xperia Play would be available in the United States through Verizon Wireless on May 26th, with pre-orders starting on the 19th. The reaction to Vodafone New Zealand’s stunt has been largely negative so far, but its clear they’re trying to make the best of it, instead of just backing down and admitting it was a mistake.Read more at Twitter, via Mashablelast_img read more

Ship creates its own waves for stability in rough waters

first_imgThese days, waves are mostly an issue of comfort, rather than safety. So long as you’re sure the avoid bad weather zones, modern commercial ships are rarely in direct danger from the water itself. Yet some ships can’t pick and choose a route so easily, and must do precision work in sometimes quite rough conditions. A new Norwegian ship design looks to stop waves from rocking the boat.The designers have integrated U-shaped internal water tanks into the ship’s hull to create waves in opposition to any that hit the ship, counteracting their force and keeping the deck at a stable pitch. It’s designed as a transport and living space for oil platform servicing staff, and at 500 feet long it will have room for 800 of them. It integrates a gym, sauna, two pools, and office space for administrator.Air pressure changes the water level in the tanks, creating the wave effect by sloshing the water back and forth, changing the distribution of weight in direct opposition to any force acting on the exterior. The internal waves are complimented with six articulated propellers that adjust their orientation according to GPS information.The technology was developed to make ship safer and more efficient when connecting to an offshore installation like an oil rig. These ships maintain a connection as much as 55 meters long, and keeping both their position and pitch stable has been problematic. The propellers, called azimuth thrusters, keep the ship from moving, while the water tanks keep it from tipping.The obvious next application for this technology is on the giant cruise ships that market luxury above all else. Some routes wouldn’t need it much,  but many trips through rougher areas could charge more for a “No Sea-Sick Guarantee.” The design firm responsible for the concept has not yet spoken about the feasibility of this technology in a moving ship, however, nor on one as large as modern cruise ships can be.last_img read more

Google Fi resolves outage that prevented calls nationwide

first_img 1 Fi was off the hook for a while. Josh Miller/CNET Google confirmed that the widespread outage of its Google Fi phone service had ended as of 11:38 a.m. PT on Monday. “This issue should now be resolved. Please let us know … if you continue to experience any additional issues,” the company said on a support page. “Thank you for your patience, and sincerest apologies for any inconvenience caused.” Google Fi customers had been left without service earlier in the day, with some outbound and inbound calls not working and the Google Fi team saying it was “actively working on a fix.””For those of us who use our phones for work for public safety … this is completely unacceptable. I will be cancelling my service,” a user said in response. One user said it was possible to call Google Fi numbers, but not any other kind of number. “I can call Google Fi voicemail or other Google Fi mobile numbers, but not my home or anyone on another mobile network,” the person said. However, another user said inbound and outbound calls between Google Fi numbers were broken. The support page suggested a workaround of installing the Hangouts dialer. Once Hangouts was installed, Google said, users could set incoming calls by going to “On”: Settings > Your Fi Account > Google Fi Calls & SMS > Incoming Calls (On). “I have been actively trying to reach Google Fi support through email and chat to no avail. I can receive calls, texts and email but can make 0 (zero) outbound calls,” one user complained.Google didn’t say how widespread the outage was, but according to Is The Service Down it covered much of the US.  Google’s Wi-Fi first network, Project Fi, was launched last year. Google Fi uses network coverage form T-Mobile, Sprint and US Cellular if Wi-Fi is unavailable. Originally published June 3, 11:27 a.m. PT. Update, 12:20 p.m.: Reworks story in light of Google’s saying it had resolved the outage.  Mobile Tech Industry Internet Applications Mobile Apps Internet Services Preview • Five essential things to know about Google Project Fi (hands-on) Google Project Fi Comment Wi-Fi Google Sprint T-Mobile US Cellular Tags Share your voicelast_img read more

The Next US Corporate Security Risk Dating Apps

first_img 3 min read February 11, 2015 This story originally appeared on Reuters Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global The millions of people using dating apps on company smartphones could be exposing themselves and their employers to hacking, spying and theft, according to a study by International Business Machines Corp.IBM security researchers said 26 of 41 dating apps they analyzed on Google Inc’s Android mobile platform had medium or high severity vulnerabilities, in a report published on Wednesday.IBM did not name the vulnerable apps but said it had alerted the app publishers to problems.Apps such as Tinder, OkCupid and Match have become hugely popular in the past few years due to their instant messaging, photo and geolocation services. About 31 million Americans have used a dating site or app, according to a 2013 Pew Research Center study.IBM found employees used vulnerable dating apps in nearly 50 percent of the companies sampled for its research. Using the same phone for work and play, a phenomenon known as “bring your own device,” or BYOD, means users and their employers are both open to potential cyber-attacks.”The trouble with BYOD is that, if not managed properly, the organizations might be leaking sensitive corporate data via employee-owned devices,” said the IBM report.IBM said the problem is that people on dating apps let their guard down and are not as sensitive to potential security problems as they might be on email or websites.If an app is compromised, hackers can take advantage of users waiting eagerly to hear back from a potential love interest by sending bogus “phishing” messages to glean sensitive information or install malware, IBM said.A phone’s camera or microphone could be turned on remotely through a vulnerable app, which IBM warned could be used to eavesdrop on personal conversations or confidential business meetings. Vulnerable GPS data could also lead to stalking, and a user’s billing information could be hacked to purchase things on other apps or websites.IBM said it had not so far seen a rash of security breaches due to dating apps as opposed to any other kind of social media.Meanwhile, it recommends that dating app users limit the personal information they divulge, use unique passwords on every online account, apply the latest software patches and keep track of what permissions each app has.IAC/InterActiveCorp, which owns Tinder, OKCupid and Match, did not have any immediate comment on the IBM report.(Reporting by Bill Rigby; Editing by Cynthia Osterman)last_img read more

Florida City to Pay 600000 to Hackers After Ransomware Attack

first_img A city in Florida has decided to pay $600,000 to the hackers behind a ransomware attack that’s locked down the local government’s data.On Monday, the city council of Riviera Beach voted unanimously to let the city’s insurer pay 65 bitcoins to the hackers. Why the council authorized the payment wasn’t discussed at the emergency hearing. But the city is hoping to recover municipal files the hackers encrypted during the ransomware attack.According to The Palm Beach Post, the attack occurred back on May 29 when a police department employee opened an email containing the malicious code. The attack quickly spread to the rest of Riviera Beach’s IT systems, taking them all offline.In response, Riviera Beach has already spent $941,600 in upgrading the city’s IT systems, which has involved purchasing 310 desktops and 90 laptops to replace its old legacy hardware. The city, which is home to 35,000 residents, has also been cooperating with law enforcement on the investigation.Ransomware attacks generally work by encrypting your computer’s files and then forcing you to pay up to get them back. However, the FBI recommends against giving into the hackers’ demands. One reason why is because you may end up receiving nothing in return. Paying the hackers can also incentivize them to strike again.In this case, it isn’t clear if paying the ransom released the city’s data. But a Riviera Beach spokesperson told The New York Times: “We are well on our way to restoring the city system.” During Monday’s emergency meeting, the city’s interim IT manager said that Riviera Beach had already restored the city’s website and access to email, along with several finance-related systems.The incident occurs after the city of Baltimore was also hit with a ransomware attack that shut down local government computers. Since 2013, at least 169 ransomware-related incidents have affected state and local governments, according to the security firm Recorded Future. A common way the attacks can strike is by exploiting unpatched software and using emails containing malicious attachments. 2 min read June 20, 2019 Hear from Polar Explorers, ultra marathoners, authors, artists and a range of other unique personalities to better understand the traits that make excellence possible. How Success Happens This story originally appeared on PCMag Listen Nowlast_img read more

PNC Announces Successor to CFO Role

first_imgPNC Announces Successor to CFO Role in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing March 15, 2013 498 Views The “”PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.””:, a diversified financial services organization with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, announced that Robert Q. Reilly will take over the CFO position following the retirement of current executive Richard J. Johnson.[IMAGE]Reilly joined PNC Bank in 1987 and has held several management positions in investment and commercial banking, including serving as EVP for PNC’s corporate banking business. Prior to assuming his current role as head of the company’s asset management group, he was deputy head of PNC Advisors.Reilly also serves on the board of directors for RAF Industries, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and the Delaware Valley Community Reinvestment Fund Investment Committee.[COLUMN_BREAK]He will assume the CFO role upon the retirement of Johnson, who has announced his intent to leave PNC in Q3.””Rob helped build PNC’s asset management group into one of the top 10 bank-held wealth managers in the United States, with total sales growth above 30 percent in each of the two last years and revenue approaching $1 billion,”” said James E. Rohr, chairman and CEO at PNC. “”We believe he is the right person to advance the work of Rick Johnson.””Rick’s leadership contributed to PNC’s dramatic expansion over the past 10 years, and he was instrumental in guiding PNC through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression,”” Rohr continued.Succeeding Reilly as head of the asset management group is Orlando C. Esposito, who is currently EVP of corporate banking. Esposito will also be joining PNC’s Executive Committee.Esposito is responsible for growing corporate finance and middle market clients in the Northeast, including the states of Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, as well as the Akron, Cleveland, and Youngtown markets. He has been a key leader of the Sales Force Effectiveness initiative, which has contributed to strong client growth in newly acquired Southeastern markets.Esposito joined PNC in 1985 from Touche Ross & Company, where he was a certified public accountant.center_img Share Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Investors Lenders & Servicers Movers & Shakers PNC Bank Processing Service Providers 2013-03-15 Tory Barringerlast_img read more

Lakkotrypis rules out privatisation of EAC promises open market

first_imgEnergy Minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis said the government has no plans to privatise state-owned power producer Electricity Authority of Cyprus even as it intends to open up the market to competitors.“We will open up the market for independent private producers,” Lakkotrypis said in an interview. “We will open up the market and promote competition but generation and supply will stay in government hands”.The company, which was initially included in the government’s privatisations list, may not solve its problems by changing to private hands and is therefore currently undergoing a restructuring process ahead of the separation of its operations into two entities, one in charge of power generation and supply and another responsible for transmission and distribution, and the unbundling of its accounts, the energy minister said.He added that irrespective of his differences with “the EAC and the unions,” they acknowledge the need for the company which enjoys a virtual monopoly in all areas of the electricity market to be overhauled.Lakkotrypis said that the EAC’s board, management and workers “have been working very hard” towards the company’s separation into two entities which will show where the “fat” needs to be cut.Unions at the power producer oppose the company’s privatisation and have repeatedlythreatened to strike. Andreas Panorkos, head of EPOPAI, one of the unions at the power producer said on December 7 that workers also oppose the company’s separation into two legal entities.A study commissioned a year ago by the ministry on the future of the power monopoly, “showed specific reasons not to privatise” EAC, he said.“Is it best to have a government monopoly or a private monopoly?” he asked. “Not that I am in favour of monopolies. All the problems that we have as a country, as consumers (result from) either oligopolies or monopolies”.Cyprus’s business sector have repeatedly complained about electricity prices in the past, which have been falling since fell mid-2014 as a result of lower oil prices. EAC generators use mainly heavy fuel oil and diesel to operate and are likely to continue using liquid fuel following Cyprus’s latest failed attempt to introduce natural gas before production at the Aphrodite field begins the earliest in 2020.“The quantities (of natural gas) that we require are very small which make the economics of the entire project very difficult in the sense of the infrastructure that needs to be constructed, and the investment required is disproportionally high,” Lakkotrypis said in reference to Cyprus’s failure to find an interim gas supplier.“If you enter a long term contract that will justify the investment, then you put the country at risk” of facing a “take or pay” dilemma involving penalties as was the case with Shell which won a competition to supply Cyprus with gas in 2012, which authorities later cancelled, he said. “If you make the contract too short, then the price increases as one has to amortise in a very short period of time”.Lower oil prices made the equation even more difficult to solve, he added.Lakkotrypis said that allowing the private sector to introduce natural gas to Cyprus by scrapping the monopoly of the public natural gas company, known widely as DEFA, created by law, “is certainly one of the considerations”.Pavlos Liassides, the chairman of the Cyprus Free and Competitive Energy Market Business Association, which represents also investment projects with a production capacity of roughly 600 megawatts, said on February 8, that the group may decide to ask the government to cancel DEFA’s monopoly so that the private sector can take the initiative. Liassides also warned in the past that Cyprus risks outages if private producers fail to enter the market.Lakkotrypis who defined himself as being “pro-private initiative” said that “the reason we have DEFA (as) an intermediary in the process “is exactly because of the small quantities required in the country. The pie is there and it is not going to change whether electricity is produced by the EAC or another independent producer”.“We have the growth profile which is pretty much in line with the growth of the economy itself,” he said, adding that an independent producer would have to face even more difficulties to introduce “one third” of the quantity that DEFA was trying to import.When DEFA, before announcing the terms of the tender for the interim solution, invited independent producers, to declare how much gas they were prepared to commit that they would buy later “nobody did so,” the energy minister said. They only gave an indication about a possible demand in the future, he said adding that “nobody came to commit on a longer contract”.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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" The fallout will also have a direct impact on Asian economies such as Taiwan. read more

Janet; the Chief of

Janet; the Chief of Staff. He is a friend,娱乐地图Georgia, In Sarawak, (Reporting by Richard Cowan; Writing by Mohammad Zargham; Editing by Susan Heavey and Bill Trott) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Paul, Price: $42 at Amazon Keep your home secure with smart tech A standard home security system usually includes a complicated installation process and monthly monitoring fees to boot.

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