Housing Day

first_img Scoring one for Winthrop Famous residents of Winthrop House include John, Joseph, and Edward Kennedy. Here, Daniel Lage ’11 culls from history to heighten the allure of Winthrop House. Jungle love Leighdra the Lion (Johanna Rodda ’10) gets a beastly smooch off of Mike Pankratz ’11 of Mather House. Blood, sweat, and body paint Graham Frankel ’12, of Pforzheimer House, forgoes dignity and braves chilly temps in the name of Housing Day. The last bastion of innocence Eliot House’s resident tutor Brett Huggett holds one-and-a-half year old daughter Lucy for dear life. Jon Chase/Harvard Staff Photographer Too much information Harvard’s most historic House gets freaky with the likes of Kate Leist ’11 (left) and Kellie O’Toole ’11, who make a bold argument. Resident bear Body paint just won’t do for Graham Frankel ’12, as he do-si-dos for Pforzheimer House with polar bear mascot Cara Sprague ’11. Eliot forever Shouts and signs? This ain’t no political rally. It’s Alfredo Montelongo ’11, and he loves Eliot House. Housing Day 2010 A sea of undergraduates flows outside Memorial Hall, shouting, dancing, pulsating, as students bob and weave to find and greet new housemates. Banners dip and soar like tethered kites. Colors abound, on signs, on painted faces, on makeshift tents and domes labeled “Adams,” “Winthrop,” and “Kirkland.” Music throbs, and the energy is frenzied, like at an outdoor disco. But it’s actually Housing Day at Harvard.This is the time when freshmen receive their assignments to one of the 12 upper-class Houses where they will live for the next three years. It is one of Harvard’s most hallowed rituals, an annual event generating more anticipation than the Harvard-Yale football game. “If you’re not happy with your House assignment today,” said one upperclassman, “just wait a month, and you will be.”“Just look around, it’s magical,” said another. He might have been referring to the costumed lion, two moose, and polar bears running about. It could almost be the Magic Kingdom, right here at Harvard. Mean green Danielle Gram ’11 (left) and Amy Rosenthal ’11 are lucky charms for Currier House. Cheeky wabbit Lavinia Mitroi ’12 dons ears and Leverett House cheek tattoos. Better than what? Housing Day is kind of like the Mardi Gras of Harvard. Here, Ebele Anidi ’12 shows his passion for Cabot House, and some New Orleans-style bling. A tall order Max Binder ’10, from Adams House, is on stilts, towering above freshmen inside Annenberg Hall. House party Life is a breeze at Eliot House, or so this T-shirt suggests.last_img read more

God Debate’ sparks discussion on campus

first_imgTwo titans of the academic world will clash tonight in the Leighton Concert Hall when famed anti-theist and author of books such as “God is Not Great” Christopher Hitchens faces Catholic apologist Dinesh D’Souza in “The God Debate: Is Religion the Problem?”Hitchens and D’Souza represent two fundamentally irreconcilable positions, and both have come under criticism for their tendency to use demeaning language and bullying in debates.Theology Professor Fr. Richard McBrien said he will not be attending because both Hitchens and D’Souza represent the extremist sects of their respective viewpoints.“I’m not excited about the debate because an intelligent middle position will not be represented. The two debaters reflect, in my opinion, extreme anti-religious views, on the one hand, and an extreme right-wing view of Catholicism, on the other hand,” McBrien said. “It’s an important debate, but the religious side would require someone with a more comprehensive theological perspective.”Junior Sy Doan, who wrote an Observer Letter to the Editor criticizing Hitchens’ aggressive debate tactics, said despite his reputation as an “intellectual bully,” Hitchens is still a “viable member of the intellectual community who Notre Dame should welcome.”“I think it’s wrong that we expect intellectuals to be genial and mild-mannered,” Doan said. “Intelligence and comity do not necessarily go hand-in-hand.”After President Barack Obama was invited to speak at last year’s Commencement ceremony, Notre Dame’s identity as a Catholic university has been criticized.“To shun an important, admittedly controversial, member of the academic community in Mr. Hitchens would be to betray Notre Dame’s commitment to a holistic, liberal arts education, in my opinion,” Doan said.Some students around campus agreed with Doan’s sentiment and felt the debate would actually help strengthen their faith.“As when Obama visited our campus last year to give the Commencement address, it is important to open a dialogue with those who disagree with Catholic teaching in order to strengthen our own beliefs,” junior Zach Reuvers said. “The University cannot fulfill their mission of educating hearts and minds if they only present one side of an issue.”Junior Scott McIntosh, who is a theology minor, said ignoring works “by individuals such as Hitchens only hurts Catholicism.”“By engaging in civilized dialogue with those who have opposing beliefs, we can not only deepen our own understanding of the Scriptures, but also share and articulate the beliefs of the Catholic Church in the hopes that others may see what the Church has to offer,” he said.Sophomore Dennis Grabowski said hosting the debate is important for sustaining an intellectual climate at Notre Dame.“This debate has importance for all those who seek to promote an atmosphere of discourse on this campus — those who seek an atmosphere in which questions can be better resolved, positions strengthened and others’ beliefs accepted,” he said.Grabowski said Notre Dame’s position as the preeminent Catholic university in America made it the perfect forum for the God Debate.“There are few forums which are actually improper for the discussion of the existence of God; a University such as ours which seeks to be known as an intellectual one is certainly not among these,” he said. “Indeed, the world’s leading Catholic University is the perfect forum for the discussion of deep religious questions.”One complaint about the event centered on its timing. Theology Professor Fr. Neil Roy said it is odd that the God Debate would be scheduled during a holy week.“Given the splendid ceremonies of the Easter Triduum just celebrated so magnificently at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the ongoing exuberance of faith on campus during the Easter Octave, it seems somewhat awkward that this particular event should be scheduled on 7 April  — Easter Wednesday,” he said.Many students complained about the scarcity of tickets available. Both Reuvers and McIntosh said they were in class while the event sold out and were unable to get tickets afterward.“I was also frustrated by the lack of tickets available to students,” Reuvers said. “An event of this magnitude should be held in a location that allows a large number of people to attend and I believe a majority of the tickets should be reserved for students.”Junior Jessica Hedrich wrote a Letter to the Editor expressing her own frustration with the lack of tickets, but was given a ticket after an event organizer saw her letter.“I am a committed Catholic, and I think rationally considering these questions can bring a deeper understanding of my faith and why I believe what I believe,” she said.For those unable to attend the debate, it will be broadcast live tonight on NDTV.last_img read more

Saint Mary’s Resident Assistants share stories of ghostly encounters on campus

first_imgMaeve Filbin | The Observer Students gathered in Riedinger House on Tuesday evening to hear some of the ghost stories of Saint Mary’s.In the parlor of Riedinger House, students sat on couches and clustered together on the floor, leaning forward attentively to listen to the Resident Assistants sharing stories of ghostly encounters in the Saint Mary’s residence halls. Tuesday night, the Class Gift Campaign of the Office of Annual Giving hosted the annual reading of “Quiet Hours,” a 2002 collection of ghost stories and other paranormal activity reported on campus.Students sipped hot cider and ate donuts as they listened as Residence Life staff read from the collection written by three Saint Mary’s alumnae – Shelly Houser, Veronica Kessenich and Kristen Matha – and recalled their own experiences with slamming doors, shaking beds, disembodied knocks against the window and apparitions wearing red.At one point, the parlor lights flickered, briefly casting the listeners into darkness.“That’s enough,” senior and Resident Assistant (RA) Anastasia Hite said, as if chastising a ghostly presence pulling pranks in Riedinger House.Hite, who had several spooky stories to share, said she is no longer fazed by the strange occurrences that have plagued her time as a RA at Saint Mary’s.“It’s a constant thing,” Hite said. “If anyone wants to go ghost-hunting, they should just follow me around.”Recently, Hite said she has experienced some paranormal activity in her friends’ Le Mans Hall dorm room.“I hate Le Mans,” Hite said. “[My friends] have lived in Le Mans for the past three years. They lived in one of these rooms across the hall from the creepy stairwell. At one point, I am in their room and I’m like ‘I have to go to the bathroom.’ So I walk down the hall to go to the bathroom, and the doors in this bathroom are kind of squeaky but they all were propped open. So I walked by and shut all three of them, and they all squeak right. So I go to the bathroom in the last stall, and when I walk out, all the doors are open and there was no squeak.”Hite said while living in Holy Cross, she has often woken up to find her bed shaking, as if someone is standing at its foot and rattling the posts – a phenomenon she said other residents have reported having experienced. In other instances, Hite said she has heard knuckles rapping against bathroom windows and doors, only to find no one on the other side.Another time, Hite said she and senior Mia Washington shared a strange experience in the elevator of Cushwa-Leighton library.“We get in the elevator and we’re in the basement,” Hite said. “The doors start to close and they get about like two inches from being closed, and they just like slam open, slam shut and then the lights flicker in the elevator.”Though Washington was startled, Hite said she wasn’t moved by the encounter in the elevator.“Just another day,” she said.Senior and RA Liv Sencion said she experienced a ghost with an interesting hobby: redecorating her dorm room.“My first year, I lived in a single in on the second floor in the south side of Regina,” Sencion said. “There was a single next to me – another girl – and the girl and I were supposed to room together but didn’t, and it worked out because we weren’t that good of friends. I would go home some weekends. One weekend I go home and I didn’t tell her because she’s not my mom. I come back and she is all upset with me and she says ‘Why did you have to move all your furniture at like three o’clock in the morning? You kept me up. And why did you have to do it both nights?’ And I was like, ‘I wasn’t even here.’”The furniture in Regina is heavy, Sencion said, and makes a lot of noise when moved across the floor. Though the neighbor reported similar instances of disturbances on weekend nights, Sencion said she never returned to find her room disturbed.Tags: ghost stories, Paranormal Activity, Quiet Hours, residence halls, Residence Life, Riedinger Houselast_img read more

Colombian President Santos Will Not Apply the ICJ Ruling

first_img Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos stated that he will not apply the ruling by which the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of The Hague set new boundaries with Nicaragua on November 19. “This ruling has violated several rights of Colombians, so I am not going to apply it until the advocacy of those rights is guaranteed,” said Santos in Bogotá, during a meeting with mayors from across the country. The head of state also added that his government will deal with the situation created by the ICJ “decisively and conclusively.” The ICJ resolved a dispute between Bogotá and Managua over the Archipelago of San Andrés by determining that all isles, islets and keys belong to Colombia, while extending Nicaraguan maritime sovereignty in the Caribbean, with an unappealable ruling. Under the new demarcation, the Colombian keys of Serrana and Quitasueño are inside Nicaraguan maritime jurisdiction, something rejected by Bogotá in what Colombia considers an error made by the Court. The government assures that the ruling has “inconsistencies in the new demarcation,” the Minister of Foreign Affairs María Ángela Holguín stated when denouncing the Pact of Bogotá on November 27. Under this pact signed in 1948, the country agreed to settle its disagreements with other nations bordering the region at the United Nation’s court. By Dialogo December 03, 2012last_img read more


first_img Briefs BAR PRESIDENT KELLY OVERSTREET JOHNSON recently hosted a holiday reception for Board of Governors members, local lawyers, and area legislators when the board met in Naples. Pictured from the left are Don and Rep. Trudi K. Williams, R-Ft. Myers, President Johnson and her husband, Hal Johnson, and Laurie Lile, wife of Laird Lile, chair of the Real Property, Probate, and Trust Law Section. THE PAUL C. PERKINS BAR ASSOCIATION recently partnered with the Caribbean Bar Association and the Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers to host a Las Vegas Night in Orlando to raise money for its scholarship program. Pictured from the left are Michelle Tomlinson, president of the Caribbean Bar Association’s Central Florida Chapter; Wayne Golding, vice president of the Caribbean Bar Association’s Central Florida Chapter; Eugene Earnest DeLoach, Jr., and Kenneth D. Pratt, president of the Paul C. Perkins Bar. NANCY WEAR of Coral Gables is shown here with a plaque presented to her in recognition of her 20 years of service as a volunteer reader of lawbooks for the Miami Unit of Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic. The presentation was made by Miami Heat mascot “Burnie” at RFB&D’s annual awards banquet. Since 1984 Wear has read aloud 1,406 hours of casebooks, treatises, and other law books, recording them for free distribution to blind and print-handicapped lawyers and law students. RFB&D was founded to provide audio recordings of textbooks, manuals, and other technical and educational materials for blind and print-handicapped veterans returning from World War II. Its nationwide network of studios has grown to serve a burgeoning population of dyslexic and other learning-disabled youngsters and adults, with digital recordings. HANK JACKSON, from the left, Pat Lowry, and Judge James Hopkins gather at The Governor’s Club in West Palm Beach to celebrate the close of The Florida Bar Foundation’s Fellows Campaign for Palm Beach County. Nearly 150 of area lawyers joined the Foundation’s roster in one of the organization’s most successful drives ever, according to Skip Smith, local attorney and chair of the campaign’s committee. HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY BAR President Bill Schifino, Jr., in the back wearing a tie, greeted each child and congratulated them on their accomplishment as the HCBA’s Community Liaison Committee hosted its first reward party for the children at West Tampa Elementary School who have made improvements in their behavioral, attendance, and scholastic skills during the previous month. For the past three years, the Community Liaison Committee has organized the Time to Read Program, giving lawyers the opportunity to mentor students at West Tampa who are having trouble learning to read. The children were rewarded for their achievements with ice cream, stickers, book marks, and pencils. U.S. district court fees are going up President George W. Bush recently signed the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2005, which includes a provision raising the district court filing fee by $100 — from $150 to $250.The new fee will become effective on February 7, 2005.Copies of the District Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule, promulgated under 28 U.S.C. § 1914, are available on the United States District Court Middle District of Florida’s Web site at www.flmd.uscourts.gov. Copies also can be obtained free of charge at the intake counters in each divisional office in the Middle District of Florida. North County Section assists kids The Palm Beach County Bar’s North County Section recently hosted a holiday party for more than 125 abused and neglected children in the guardian ad litem program.The party included an afternoon of bowling, lunch, and gifts.“It’s amazing what a difference a little love can do for a child,” said Stan Klett, Jr., president of the Palm Beach County Bar. The holiday party was established 11 years ago by Klett and his dad, Stan Klett, Sr. Hardy to lead Scheb American Inn of Court Arthur M. Hardy of Sarasota will serve as the new president of the Judge John M. Scheb American Inn of Court.Other officers include Judge Barbara Briggs, president-elect; W. Russell Snyder, counselor; Bonnie Polk, secretary; and Kate Halvorsen, treasurer. The immediate past president is Roy Dean.The 2004-2005 term is composed of 17 masters emeritus, 22 masters, 31 barristers, 18 associates, and two pupils from Stetson College of Law. Rosenthal & Levy raise money for needy children Rosenthal & Levy recently donated $5,000 to the Love Doctors Charities, Inc., Love Doctors’ Marathon Toy Drive.For the second consecutive year, Rosenthal & Levy have served as the signature supporting sponsor of the event, which benefits underprivileged children and less fortunate families in South Florida and the Treasure Coast. More than $90,000 was raised during the toy drive last year. Wood fellowship established at UM Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer recently established the Hugh L. Wood, Jr., Fellowship.The annual scholarship, awarded though the University of Miami School of Law, perpetuates Wood’s legacies of commitment to higher education and his caring for the employees of the firm he founded.In memory of Wood’s commitment and respect for those he worked with, $1,000 will be donated on behalf of each employee to the fellowship for a total of $127,000. Briefs February 1, 2005 Regular Newslast_img read more

THINK is almost here. Are you ready?

first_img 163SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Four days. One city. Hundreds of thought leaders. Hosted in New York City, THINK 17 combines inspiring ideas with applicable takeaways you can use to transform your credit union. If you haven’t already, register now to secure your spot. Between May 8 and 11, you’ll experience an agenda packed with speakers and activities focused on helping you navigate your digital journey. You’ll leave feeling empowered to tackle new opportunities. Take a look at what’s in store.Day 1: Digitally Minded LeadershipTHINK 17 kicks off with a spotlight on developing a digital mindset. Deloitte defines a digital mindset as “a different way of thinking about customers, services and processes. It’s faster, iterative and dependable.” Today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape means change is the only certainty. Successful business leaders are those who embrace the resulting ambiguity, responding with confidence and adaptability. In the conference’s first session, Aaron Dignan, consultant to 99U, and CO-OP’s Samantha Paxson will explore ways to develop digitally minded leaders. They’ll walk you through stress-management techniques, important listening strategies and more. Consider this your chance to flex both sides of your leadership brain. Day 2: Jobs to Be Done‘Innovation’ is a buzzword consistently floating around organizations. Yet, 94 percent of global executives say they are dissatisfied with their innovation performance. The second day of THINK tackles the question of how to design winning innovation processes. For some experts, success in the credit union innovation game means understanding what causes members to make choices that help them progress on things they struggle with. In short: What jobs would members want to hire a service/product for? Best-selling author Stephen Wunker takes you through the “Jobs to Be Done” framework and recommends ways to apply this in your credit union. To hear more about the “Jobs to Be Done” approach, tune into CO-OP’s June webinar.Day 3: Develop Your Own Digital ActionThe rubber hits the road here for your credit union’s digital transformation. David Rogers, author of “The Digital Transformation Playbook,” leads a workshop centered on driving agility and efficiency. His insights will provide the groundwork for developing your own plan to enhance your digital member experience. Throughout the day, you’ll continue your journey to operational excellence. Rounding out the evening is a keynote speech from Dan Pontefract, Chief Envisioner at TELUS, discussing new ways to facilitate a more collaborative, open organizational culture. Day 4: Why Managing Change is Critical to Digital TransformationTaking that first step on the path of digital transformation can be daunting. Any resulting changes may evoke feelings of resistance or discomfort. Change management plays an important role in addressing those feelings. The final day of THINK is dedicated to helping you understand hurdles that may impede progress in your digital journey and how to creatively overcome challenges.Learn from Rowan Gibson, innovation expert and author, about creating an enterprise-wide culture committed to transformation. You’ll also develop breakthrough strategies for sustaining profitable growth and begin building a management infrastructure conducive to innovation. The day ends on a high note as you discover insights helping you on your way to becoming a digital powerhouse.Not Attending THINK? No problem.Even if you’re not able to attend THINK, you can still stay up-to-date with the latest insights. Follow @COOPTHINK and #THINK17 on Twitter for live updates. You can also catch daily recaps on CO-OPTHINK.org. For more detailed descriptions of each day’s events, visit the THINK blog.last_img read more

Renters, reduce fixed costs and unsubscribe from the additional RTV fee

first_imgLearn how to unsubscribe from paying the fee HERE Illustration: HrTurizam.hr As the current goal is for everyone to reduce all fixed costs, because no one knows how long the emergency will last, it is certain that paying the RTV fee for empty apartments and houses for rent is currently an unnecessary fixed cost.center_img So, if you are paying an additional RTV fee, our recommendation is that now is the time to unsubscribe as well. If there will be a need, it is easiest to reactivate it. last_img

Cass County fire claims six lives

first_imgLogansport, In. — A Wednesday morning house fire in the Logansport area killed six people in the 4300 block of Pottawatomie Point Road. The victims range in age from three months to 42-years-old.At 1:49 a.m., a 911 call to the Cass County Dispatch Center reported a burning home at 4317 Pottawatomie Point Road, rural Logansport, IN. The caller reported that there were possibly multiple people trapped inside.Two Cass County Sheriff’s Deputies were the first to arrive at the home and found the two story house engulfed in flames. Despite the police officers attempts to reach those inside, they were prohibited from doing so by the intense smoke and fire.Officers did encounter an adult male and an adult female who had allegedly escaped the fire. The pair was transported, by ambulance, to Logansport Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. One of the deputies suffered from smoke inhalation, but refused medical treatment at the scene.Multiple fire departments arrived on scene to battle the fire, cold temperatures, and lack of on scene access to water. Firefighters had to truck in water from a Logansport hydrant when their tanker trucks ran dry. After the fire was extinguished, fire personnel began the pain staking task of combing through the burnt-out home looking for the bodies of the deceased.During their search, firefighters recovered six bodies, two adults and four children. The adults were a 42 year-old man and a 25 year-old woman. The children found were three girls ages 10, one, and three, and boy three months. The youngest kids are the children of the 25 year-old female. The 10 year-old girl is the daughter of the 42 year-old man.The relationship between the 42 year-old man and the 25 year-old woman has not been established. The two adults that escaped the fire are believed to be the wife and son of the deceased 42 year-old man.This is an active investigation led by the Cass County Sheriff’s Department. At this time, there is no evidence to indicate the fire was intentionally set.Names of the deceased will be released when they are verified by the Cass County Coroner’s Office.There were numerous agencies assisting the Cass County Sheriff’s Department at the scene to include the Logansport Fire Department, the New Waverly Fire Department, the Clymer’s Fire Department, the Walton Fire Department, the Indiana State Police, the Logansport Police Department, the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, the Indiana Fire Marshal’s Office, Cass County EMA, Cass County EMS, the Cass County Coroner’s Office, and the local chapter of the Salvation Army.last_img read more

National Council on Sports agree to hold Sports Festival

first_img Also, the Minister charged participants, that ” overall, we must discuss ways to have an abridged or modulate version of the Festival. This may involve a reduction in the number of sports, especially contact sports, team sports, events and participants to the festival ”. Dare said : ” Our sportsmen and women need to gradually come back to training and competitions. This is necessary to oil their career and keep them meaningfully engaged.Mr Dare further admonished participants by way of caution when he said: ” However, I must sound a note of caution: this process of review today must not be seen as a rush to full sporting activities or a rush to hold the NSF. Any such return will be guided and will be a function of the trend if the variables – flattening the curve, a cue from the PTF on the COVID-19 and consultations with key stakeholders and in this case even the athletes and the global sport’s response. Nonetheless, we should be seen to continually be working to achieve the objectives of the National Sports Festival which are skill development of our athletes and priming them ahead of major international events, especially the Olympic and Paralympic Games coming up in 2021. The various States have invested heavily in the training, equipment, kits and sports infrastructure for the 2020 National Sports Festival before it’s postponement. We should not allow these efforts and resources to go to waste”.The Council which has about 87 members participating took robust contributions from members who were all in support of hosting the games this year but want a committee to monitor and ensure necessary variables were in place in Edo State. read also:Breaking: Edo Sports Festival postponed An 11-man committee was set up with a 30-day deadline to report back on the possibility and practicability of hosting the games and suggesting possible dates. The members of the committee are :The National Sports Policy review presently under review also was discussed especially the sports industry component with a promise by the Minister that council members will get an information pack and be consulted FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Promoted ContentPlaying Games For Hours Can Do This To Your BodyWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Best & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better7 Things That Actually Ruin Your PhoneWhat Is A Black Hole In Simple Terms?10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do10 Stunning Asian Actresses No Man Can Resist9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo6 Extreme Facts About HurricanesPortuguese Street Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic 3D GraffitiCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way Loading… center_img In what turned to be a unanimous decision member of the National Council on Sports, the Country’s highest Sports decision body at their virtual extraordinary meeting agreed that the National Sports Festival slated for Edo should hold before the end of the year 2020. The virtual Extra-ordinary meeting of the National Council on Sports Was called to deliberate on the possibility of hosting the 20th National Sports Festival this year 2020 in view of the health challenge posed by the scourge of COVID-19. In his keynote address to critical stakeholders; the Minister, Mr Sunday Dare said ” Nigeria, given it’s position as a sporting nation must begin to chart it’s the path out of the COVID-19 pandemic from the premises of challenges and opportunities. Hence, the rationale for this meeting. This meeting of the National Council has been called to deliberate on the possibility of hosting the 20th National Sports Festival this year, 2020. The Minister, while chairing the meeting comprising the Deputy Gov. Edo State, Comrade Phillip Shuaibu, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mr Gabriel Aduda, Commissioners of Sports, Permanent Secretaries of State Ministries of Sports, Chairmen, Directors and Sports Administrators across the country: said ” Before arriving at the possibility of holding the NSF this year, the issues to discuss amongst others are: what are the conditions precedents that must be on ground before a new date? what should be the roles and responsibilities of major stakeholders towards the execution of the NSF in a COVID-19 environment? what should be the nature of the NSF in terms of duration, size of contingent…”. Pressing further on rules for engagement, Mr Dare emphatically stated that ” beyond these questions is the bigger issue of the provision of the necessary COVID-19 prevention and treatment infrastructure viz body scanners, testing kits, face masks and sanitizers, temperature kits, isolation centers, PPEs, ventilators, hospitals, and health personnel. Equally, the enforcement of COVID -19 protocol of regular sanitizing of our hands, washing with water and soap, wearing face masks, keeping the physical distance rule, and observing global best practices in general.last_img read more

Mackay front-runner for Palace job

first_img Tony Popovic on Tuesday downplayed speculation linking him to the vacant post, insisting his former club had not been in contact. The 41-year-old former Australia international has strong ties with the Eagles, having played for the club for five seasons before returning in 2011 as part of Dougie Freedman’s backroom set-up. Popovic is now manager of Western Sydney Wanderers and, despite having been as short as 6/1 with one bookmakers to replace Pulis, insisted talk of taking charge at Selhurst Park was wide of the mark. “No there’s been no conversations with anyone in regards to that and it’s not for us to speak about speculation,” Popovic said. “If there was something happening we’d certainly speak to you about it. “I’m very fond of that club. I have great memories and history there and many friends I have there. “I wish them the best in whoever they choose as a manager.” Palace have signed just Fraizer Campbell, Brede Hangeland and Martin Kelly so far during the transfer window, with the board intent on adding at least three more recruits. Caretaker coach Keith Millen assumed control for Palace’s opening league fixture, the 2-1 defeat at Arsenal. Press Association The former Cardiff boss is now the clear front-runner to succeed Tony Pulis at the south London club, but Palace have remained tight-lipped on the situation. Selhurst Park bosses are believed to be close to finalising a three-year contract for Mackay, with bookmakers suspending bets on his appointment. Malky Mackay is expected to beat Tim Sherwood to the vacant Crystal Palace job. Former Tottenham bosses Sherwood and Martin Jol had been under serious consideration by the Palace board, but Mackay’s close relationship with sporting director Iain Moody should tip the balance in his favour. The duo worked in tandem at Cardiff, before Mackay was sacked in December. Former Watford manager Mackay could be in place to lead Palace in Saturday’s Barclays Premier League clash with one of his former clubs, West Ham. Pulis walked out on Palace on the eve of the league season after reported disagreements with co-chairman Steve Parish over transfer strategy. The ex-Stoke boss landed the manager of the year award for steering the Eagles from the depths of a relegation battle to an impressive 11th-place finish last term. His forthright style clashed with Parish and Moody across pre-season, leading to his departure. Now Palace look prepared to reunite Mackay and Moody, while also retaining the remainder of the backroom staff that worked under Pulis. Sherwood had been understood to favour a reshuffle of the behind-the-scenes coaching roster, while Palace are aiming to keep what semblance of continuity possible in the wake of Pulis’ surprise exit. last_img read more