How to optimize the website of business success

The structure design of

website structure is conducive to the search engine access, but also conducive to the customer browsing, we often say that the tree type structure. Product classification column must be targeted, there is a demand, containing keywords in the column headings.

five: space optimization

1, e-commerce websites have to do within the chain, make full use of products recommended, Internet related products, is conducive to search engine crawling, also can let users click, increase the user experience, but should pay attention to the number of recommended don’t too much, generally 4 the left and right on the line. read more

Taobao customers do not recommend electronic products promotionMobile payment rural extension nerve

can’t miss it,

has a lot of general current Taobao customers who do, you can think of a variety of products and you can have product promotion, I is not good because I want to promote the products, so the choice of the promotion of tablet computer, the tablet computer recommend this station, generally resides in or more smoothly, a month when the site is PR to 4, now also had 4 months of time, the feeling is more.


Taobao customer exchange



"our main business is" push ", to let more people know that the use of this thing, we must go to the streets, villages and towns to contact and communicate with people. To put it plainly, we are the "nerve endings" of the mobile Internet payment industry, but we can’t.. First tier cities competition is very fierce, we differentiated development, saw the mobile payment in the three line cities, the possibility of the rural market, so we choose to develop here." Tang Yabing says. read more

Love Shanghai search content quality website speed user experience determines the site can retain

3, low quality gossip, pornographic content

1, the website open speed is critical, a mobile page loading speed more than 5 seconds, the user will directly shut down more than 10 seconds, the basic loss.

APP spoofing

APP in the current competition in the red sea state, the Internet industry in the flow entrance are seeking how to win over users with promotion website experience lower cost and better user, after Facebook and noble baby and other international giants have launched mobile web acceleration service, love Shanghai also launched for mobile web search MIP solutions to solve the difficulties, let users search faster and easier to find information and services. read more

Original harbour your site is K

this love Shanghai abnormal data by K, is I speak these things when the site for IP may love spiders in Shanghai is visiting the site, can not access success so it was K, but I’ve also encountered the website two days can not be opened, but the ranking, still included. I love Shanghai is not so easy to read. And I believe that if we do it.

site is K do believe that as long as the length of time the webmaster all know, love is Shanghai or Google to punish, or is the home page is K off, and the total was K out, encountered such a thing is really chilling ah, today talk about the main problem is that your site in the end was K read more

Keywords distribution technology in web pages

four, on the site (station outside the station and the other page content), the distribution of the key words, and put it in before pointing to the anchor link form content. Simple to say that I use the A page optimization of the word "Lanzhou Shanghai dragon", do the above three points (?), and then I have this word several times "Lanzhou Shanghai dragon" in the B page, and link it to the A page. This is to tell the search engine, this link is associated with this keyword, along the link to the A page spider crawling content, quality excellent content, so as to give relatively high ranking. read more

How to form the correct thinking of working in website optimization

In fact, the

learn to summarize and practice again and again


tracking the core, the development of

web site operators not Everything is going smoothly., as a webmaster in website optimization formation process will encounter many difficulties in thinking, and these difficulties requires the webmaster friends again learn to sum up, such as the owners of local website failed, to summarize the causes of failure, why would fail, what do we do if the next time again. Do this step that webmaster friends have their own website optimization ideas applied to practice, and then according to their own problems again set up websites to seek a breakthrough, to achieve the purpose of success. read more

Local real estate website of Shanghai Longfeng improved flow and weight optimization

Reasonable use of nofollow label

Page Title Principle: real name – level two page title – Web page title; such as: Deyang jiahuang Xinyue city _ details Deyang real estate – Deyang real estate information network.

real estate website on the layout of the keywords is prone to accumulation of a large number of keywords accumulation phenomenon will surely lead to be punished, in order to avoid the repetition of key words, can be divided into words, "* * real estate network" can be divided into: "the real estate network," * * * * "real estate transaction net", "* * real estate the information network, not only can make the website keyword segmentation can have more keywords to get ranked, but also can reduce the repetition rate of the main key words. Real estate portal is more to the page to get rankings, so for the link anchor text keywords, not all links to the home page, the corresponding keywords can be linked to the corresponding page, reduce home page weight loss, weight increase in the page. read more

How to eliminate the negative effects of web page is invalid

site with prolonged operation time, invalid page number will be more and more on the website, invalid page and ordinary dead links have some differences, there is no dead links to this page, and the page is invalid is the existence of the corresponding page, but the content of the show and website either nothing or blank the content is basically a lot of advertising, or piled up. So for the handling of invalid page can not simply use 404 pages to handle. That is to say processing invalid page often more difficult. read more

How to treat all kinds of love Shanghai website optimization rules

? From July 1st

, a website optimization of the high cost of

a good article quality is high, no longer depends on the style of writing is more romantic or delicate, with words how refined, but in the similarity in the Internet your article is much, if the similarity of an article in the 50% or so, you may just be Pastebin only, not too the design, Hara Fumiakifuji found that as long as the text can connect a words to master, even if there are too many typos or incoherent talk in engine seems to be nothing, just because the content and the contrast of the words of his grasp. After all, love Shanghai spiders is the machine’s behavior, in many cases he is unable to correctly judge the point. The > read more

mprove website ranking plays a very big role on

difference? Do

so, if you are in the website optimization, if you are complaining about the site’s ranking is not ideal, ask yourself: do you really do the work have been done? You really insist on? Adhere to two words to write but.

what the owners of the site will have good keywords ranking? Certainly those who know how to adhere to the staff of Shanghai Longfeng and significance in website optimization do practical work. For a good webmaster, he needs to record and detailed data on the site every day, to ensure that all the data inside and outside the station. He can according to the monitoring points of the site optimization and reasonable analysis of the website. Don’t give up on the site has experienced a period of optimization, there is no good ranking, but a comprehensive diagnosis of the site, and to identify problems, solve the problem, until the site’s ranking can be found in the search engine home page. Each company will have Shanghai, Shanghai Longfeng such people, they are not afraid of hard work, not afraid to work overtime, nor specifically research, as is the website can have very good rankings. There is such a webmaster, website ranking how could read more

The construction of the chain channels in the new period Web site directory

second, love Shanghai "category" and "website directory" 2 key words, search ranking how many pages within the site, all preserved.



first, the experience of the author is to use keywords tool and draw the "long tail keyword classification directory", many of which are relatively well-known classification directory already has a brand, so their website name "XXX directory" is not low love Shanghai index and search volume, so most of the weight categories are high, can be preserved for further screening. read more

Rely on WeChat original content of entrepreneurs is how to grasp the roller coaster

needless to say Chinese is a free country, regardless of content acquisition or user reviews, there is always a lot beyond the bottom line can not only by various departments interviewed by ~

1, large flow and large data capacity of

traffic, needless to say this must be accompanied by a surge in bandwidth, but now this era is not the problem, as long as the money will be enough bandwidth, but the big data is a big problem, with the increase of grasping the content, need to store more and more, especially now that motionless on the picture that the era of ~ read more

Experience of Shanghai Longfeng external links the total domain name is more important than the tota

Observation and analysis of the The

for example we search for any keyword, put in the top ten websites with a table record, then use the tool to query their > respectively.

100 1 1 100 more than

as the name suggests, the total domain name refers to the number of external links from the independent domain name, and the total link number refers to the total number of a website external links. The number of general total domain name is far less than the total number of links, because some of the site’s external links is the station link, so even if a domain name, also can bring hundreds of links to you. But when we normally use tools to query, the result is often the number of total link number and not the total domain name. This truth is through research and observation, in fact, the overall reason we also can imagine, the search engine is a complex system, if the total number of links have a very big advantage, then find a portal to do a total station link, then a number of links will show a large outbreak pattern of growth, but in the anchor text for keywords ranking is not necessarily proportional to the growth, if this is the case, then there will be many kinds of cheating methods, this is the user wants to experience, but also the search engines don’t want to happen on myself. The algorithm is in many aspects, not limited to a factor. read more

During the Spring Festival holiday the website ranking how to counter attack

during the Spring Festival holiday?

ranking is the essence of the game. Ranking and competition. For example: if you are in a race, you should run second, it ran the first fall, at this time, you will think: "anyway, he fell down, I can relax? No! You will stand by the joy of heart, took the opportunity to sprint, than he otherwise. If he stood up, you may still fall behind.

during the Spring Festival holiday? This is a very worthy topic. Because there is such a word on the Internet: holiday is the best time ahead of the competition. Figure: read more

Because the registration website ranking remedy closed after a month

1, first to do Links restoration work, because the site closed suddenly, not with friends of the chain webmaster to explain the situation, so there are many webmaster to my site links to the station, after all people "

3, website snapshot not update, because the site is closed, naturally did not have to update, snapshot jiubuyongti, spiders will not visit, inevitably right down naturally.

5, outside the chain, because we all know that love Shanghai for chain site is a chain, because the chain site included reducing, nature can also be lost, causing the right down. read more

Taught you how to do search engine ranking



said the search engine rankings you will think of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but today I want to share with you is how to use independent domain name website to do, but through the classified information network (58 city, go to the market, people… Do…) optimization and ranking, is that you do not have their own website Never mind, also can do the search engine rankings, this is not what advanced technology, I believe you after reading this article you can master, unless you do not need the customer and flow. read more

Some websites restore the weights of the wise remark of an experienced person

Conclusion: the reasons why >

1, the initial increase in the number of blog Links too fast;

my blog has been a long time no update to the original Bowen, has always been a concern for my friends. Recently, life and work are busy, there has been no mood and time to update the site, just to reprint an article, reporting a.

my blog is about a month before the site down the right, start after the main core keywords to hundreds, after a week of time site has no home page, search engine is being deleted instead of ranking. From the beginning of the line on the website not to do over the station optimization, only in writing to pay more attention to the construction of the chain. Web site early online only included the home page, about 2 weeks after included a few pages, although the initial page is not much, but the proportion of the total station included percentage of page number is very low, with weekly love Shanghai update the inside pages included percentage increase gradually. read more

Shanghai love is how the hackers tampering with the snapshot

dim s_agent

path: Inc folder SysProduct.asp file inside the bottom add the following code:

GetBot=" "

; noble baby;

GetBot=" baidu"



write the purpose of this article is to expose a hacker means of cheating, but also to the neglect of enterprise website security station to wake up one. At the same time provide a simple method to find the whereabouts of the hacker chase.

GetBot=" noble baby "


I carried out the investigation, the customer’s site is using ASP source development. Find a file by hackers write a piece of code. read more

Shanghai Longfeng high quality content to a website can bring a higher score

everyone says that content is king, also know the search engine preference of high-quality content, so what is the quality of web content? Is there standard to judge whether the contents of the Shanghai dragon "brand high-quality? First of all to know what is the quality of the content? Some criteria below Changsha hidden guest website optimization the search engine analysis:


this is for love Shanghai, love Shanghai because from the recent moves, you can see the future original content will be "content rating and ranking key. So I suggest creating unique content, also recommend using the original title. read more

Shanghai love ranking rules and algorithm summary

normally, love Shanghai paid advertising ranking in the 2-3 control is the best state, ranked in the first, the basic is a competitor to click your website. It is the best position control in 2-3.

love to Shanghai to your website ranking, only three kinds of reasons, first you to fall in love with the sea of money, you are second love Shanghai’s companies or products, third you provide valuable content, improve the user experience of the search for love Shanghai. Remove the three reasons, you don’t want to love you to the Shanghai rankings, so we focus on these three reasons to start our analysis. read more