Three most important elements of the game earnings gateway

The doorway of

small game website says very simple, three one: "faster, little advertisement, game a bit more."". In essence, the user, the pursuit of speed, play the game, of course, want good games, speed, smooth, undisturbed. Repeat it. Do your homework at three every day. Small game site is also a fool than work: a fool, there will be one. Think about these things every day, one day there will be some good results, right? Ha ha, listening to all feel fun.

but the difference is not that big. To put it bluntly, open different game sites and rarely see any difference. What determines which site is good? Which site is bad? read more

Talk about website function advertisement again is a concept

a few days ago sent two articles on the new model of commodity promotion, from the grassroots Internet advertising proximic speculated Taobao ad format, challenging the Taobao alliance several commodity promotion methods. The word "functional advertising" should be mentioned. It should be said that this concept was not created by me. I just feel that the present statement can not express the characteristics of these new advertising patterns, so I can only sum up one word by myself.

has a friend came over and I exchange, said advertising is said before advertising, I do not agree with this view, advertising is ideal to the individual as the main lock core, first find the target customers, and then targeted advertising customers, the need to mobilize more resources. But now, most of the so-called advertising just cry up wine and sell vinegar. read more

Red Net boss original is the way to survive the site

I always thought that a website is not like a business brand, no known products in the market, "a website without characteristics, is like a person without personality, it is hard to remember.". In recent years, the red has always stressed that the original strategy and established the development idea of "original strong network, network, fixed network planning Xing brand", in the integration of information, explores the original planning, brand promotion and other aspects, constantly in the website content’s appeal on the efforts to get rid of the net thousands of network side mode, the content of the website often see new. read more

Teach you to use Google Google map streetscape

in Losangeles, Santiago, Houston, Orlando, San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Miami and Denver City, you can see the street on the map in Google map (street view, street level images).

specific methods of use are as follows:

navigate to a certain location. If there is a street view here, the button for the map view of the street will appear in


click the button on the street view

. A blue border appears on the road

if you reduce the map to a certain extent, the camera icon read more

WeChat red envelopes massive operations send 1 billion red envelopes difficult where

Note: the 2015 WeChat

red book, new year’s Eve shake a total number of 11 billion times, the peak is 14 million times per second, 810 million times per minute, WeChat developed red 1 billion 10 million! Behind the alarming figures, the Tencent is how to support? The author before the interview to WeChat background responsible for share envelopes behind the technology with you.

this is from the WeChat public key Tencent auditorium (TX_DJT).

4800 times the challenge of

this year WeChat red and last year between users and users of mutual red envelopes compared to shake red way is a great burst of traffic light, is the new year’s Eve 10:30 sent a red envelope wave reached 120 million, is 4800 times the 2014 New Year’s Eve peak of the giant peak (2014 per minute is open envelopes only the number of 2.5W read more

Operation resurrection how to arouse and recall the lost users

users have different classifications from different perspectives: for example, from the point of view of user activity, they can be divided into zombie users, low frequency users, active users and deep users

has recently been thinking about some of the things that users have to do. Because when the platform operation to a certain stage, the user data will be accumulated in large quantities, the user data is operator gold property, how to manage and operate these users is one of the key personnel of the operation. read more

Lu Songsong a common problem in blogging

It is not easy for

to judge the value of blog content, but a good article is first to be friendly to the users who visit your blog, and secondly to search engines. Adhere to the deep thinking, adhere to hard Lianbi, see more excellent blog, slowly it is easy to find their own style, once has its own style, is to establish their own characteristics.

1: This is for the search engine, not for the user.

a good article is not only friendly to the search engine, but also more user-friendly, which includes the correct and fluent expression and the quality of information needed to search users. Proper search engine optimization is better than full stack keywords. Remember: search engines follow the user experience. If visitors think your article keywords are too stacked, then the search engine will not like it. read more

From the Amazon fresh web site Amazon is how to do fresh electricity supplier

    Tencent technology reported on June 24th,

Amazon fresh (AmazonFresh) is currently only launched in San Francisco and Seattle, a single amount over $35, free courier, morning list dinner time before 10 can be delivered before 10 p.m., the second day breakfast can be served.

contains fresh goods, from milk to electronic products, Amazon website contains more than Goods are available in all varieties., 500 thousand pieces of daily necessities, including apple, shampoo and digital camera, the family needed to stop traveling run supermarket. read more

Because of the earthquake my website was dropped by Baidu K

          May 12, 2008, suddenly, the sudden major disasters giant earthquakes and landslides that occurred, the magnitude 8 earthquake caused tremendous pain and suffering, to the compatriots in the disaster areas to sudden disasters, the shock of everyone’s heart, China people face a severe test. Sichuan city in Mianyang province hit, communications interruption, power outages, power supply room can not be normal, therefore, part of the server cannot be used normally, unfortunately the server is placed in the city of Mianyang telecommunications room. read more

Don’t make your website a maze


can give a good impression of the website, his layout is not necessarily gorgeous and dazzing, his content is not necessarily better than the three portals! The most important, is to let you enter the website of the people have a feeling of walking downstairs in their own home


believe that we also found that some sites, the layout is not very beautiful, others go to find what information, just a little a few can be found, and some sites, in the layout can be said to be very beautiful, gorgeous and dazzing, and want to find what information, looking for a long time in front of PA display. To vote or not find what you are looking for, and perhaps this site, but it is because can not find so give up read more

Home page layout techniques can increase click through rate

              webmaster what is most needed, may get a chorus of answer: flow. Yes, no matter is simply rely on advertising alliance site, or do the electronic commerce industry station, station, or rely on search engines rely on promotion and reputation, or products and services allow users to take the initiative to find a home. In fact it is in the flow, because whether it is effective or invalid user users, long-term users or short-term users, access website is the most direct traffic, although there are good products and services, even if there are few users website flow solid foundation can also Everfount profit, but the flow is always the basic site webmaster want to site traffic, the more the better their. read more

Me and my web site a secret that can’t say

me and my website, a secret that I can’t tell you.

has been wondering whether my body is loaded with the wrong soul. I grew up with the other boys are not the same, when they are in the fight I prefer reading indoors or with the girls home game player wine, primary school, middle school, high school all the way up I was very popular with the girls but I never love a girl, but instead I for that boy with bright sunshine not the same feeling, indistinct, also dare not to think…

After read more

Fall into the plight of innovative apes question library can come out

in front of the ape exam, profit exploration update product more than eager, even now to chalk network ape exam blood, who can guarantee that the core character of chalk elsewhere, the advantages and disadvantages of individualized teacher is obviously, the user will follow the teacher to go, rather than follow the this is the product, the biggest advantage of online education.

before the anatomy of a database, Jia Lang believes it necessary to become familiar with the course of its development. Ape exam is second, the former NetEase senior Li Yong online education business in November 29, 2013, chalk network officially closed, until August 2014, to enable the chalk net, but the type has changed to the occupation education, mainly for occupation test users, such as public servants, judicial examination etc.. read more

Liu Tao the realistic choice of the small and medium sized stationmaster in the post Google Era

for many grassroots small website, GG advertising alliance has been one of the important profit model, so in A5, we often discuss the topic all around the "profit, flow, IP and other words, the real success of the electronic commerce is rare. Once this "money flow a contemptuous disregard, value?" "advertising alliance website is rubbish station" category of speech, sometimes we do GG webmaster will quietly with a smile, "what do engage in traffic?! why should the investment flow?! money!" this much in line with the trend we have many websites, to attract more people, to improve traffic, and then sell advertising, put into the GG code, waiting for the monthly 15 GG. read more

By Baidu K station will be included again

a lot of webmaster are asking such questions, now I tell you, the answer is yes, Baidu K station, there is still hope not to be included, Baidu has repeatedly denied that, frankly, Baidu did not you say black, he also has his rule, not because he stood punished for you, you will think he is black, in the country, as long as you stand to do good, most of the traffic will be from Baidu, didn’t he, your standing flow will be greatly reduced, the words not to say

the following answer the question, why am I so sure of it, because I have experience, I have four station, city personals network campus secondary trading network Wudang free Internet cinema website ranking flow webmaster Club Forum read more

finally have a blog site of my own

has always wanted to have a website, but I was on the site, is a rookie, how can I build a website of their own,

?I want to

website, is actually quite simple, can have an independent domain name, a completely independent space, can be reproduced, published some of their favorite learning articles have experience of website construction and method, the exchange of learning, they would learn about the website construction skills, so think of blog.

learning some articles, online blog, the most easy, download a program, select your favorite skin, so the choice of PJBLOG, many people use the program, with more than 100 yuan to buy a domain name ( and 200M space, upload to the host, choose to download the template the site opened, low-key. read more

A four years of experiences do some Webmaster Station

website has is a turning point in life, because it makes me see hope, let me make a pot of gold of life, and the site also gave me a fatal blow, I am prepared to devote the time, Baidu gave gently my site from search to erase this means that, my website was sentenced to death around for help to no avail, I was desperate to fall, do not want to go to work, do not want to feel about the site was hollowed out, like what to me is not important.

I am

to download the station, a station of the most common, January 18, 2008 is an unforgettable day for me, in this black Friday I " to download station; " from the stable 40 thousand IP down to more than 10 thousand IP, in the days following the flow can be used almost too horrible to look at to describe, finally only Google day will come 56000 of the traffic, the gap is really indescribable, believe a lot like me to stick to a webmaster have the same feelings, do a website, need to pay too much effort, from the beginning of November 2006 to build my website for program buy, space, he spent several days to beautify their own ", then what all don’t understand, only know how to update the site every day, so stupidly insisted for 6 months, traffic From the beginning of a few hundred to 1000 to more than 3000 at the site traffic, the growth of every day, the heart can not tell the joy, then the flow rate reaches 10 thousand IP, the station GG advertising revenue is more obvious, every day there are more than 10 knives, then pointing at others, changed when income high Firefox (fire Gu) advertising, when web traffic has been relatively stable in 40 thousand IP, it should be said that many owners in all that time the use of FF made a fortune, but then the installation price 0.1$per user, monthly income is good, my FF collection can reach about $2000. I’m not ready in how to use the site to make money, the first gold came a bit too fast, I have more confidence to do, and decided to quit to concentrate on their own business website during the download station, also encountered many He did not think the problem more, the website was hacked, is horse, server is attacked, unable to access the site, these are far beyond the scope of an ordinary webmaster can assume, it also forced me to master some basic technology of network security, once the website was hacked, I stand on all the advertising code do join the Trojan link, and then soft kill no alarm, I found not finishing in the background file modification date, just know oneself website by black, then I can do is to put advertising code of the Trojan link to delete, the hacker friends, every day is after midnight online, he will the Trojan link to add, so every day I remove Trojan links every evening to morning, he added a Trojan link, the website is linked to the horse back and forth for half a month, Site traffic has also been seriously affected for more than a month after this read more

How far is the network marketing idea to go

this article point of view: network marketing, especially soft Wen marketing planning and writing, thinking how far can go

whether you do blog marketing, forum marketing, or event marketing, or other marketing methods, your program needs to be implemented through text planning. The author thinks that the text planning and writing is compulsory, network marketing practitioners in this regard, I in "method is the key to realize value marketing planning and writing" (due to the constraints of the problem, iResearch online article title words so Ereli article titled "marketing planning and writing the value is king") article and other articles are mentioned, will not be detailed here. read more

At the beginning of the legend play station experience

4 in December, my website officially installed successfully, psychological don’t mention how happy, on the two day of the background operation thought finally can set up their own website, the evening also drank some wine to celebrate, prepare formal advertising for second days, but on the second day they found no one knows my website, see your site click value and IP value of the halo is their own, pull, then depressed died, how to let people know that in my website, Baidu and Google are not search your own website. read more

Marketing recommendations use time urgency to increase network sales

for online transactions about fashion, household items, travel and food, consumers will be quick, regular or repeated, and they love it. For group buying or fast selling sites, they may prioritize urgency and act as a strategy for product sales. Even if you don’t belong to such sites, that’s OK, and you can also learn from some of these more successful websites.

market research firm eMarketer recently released a study, a detailed description of the relatively new electronic commerce mode of growth, which highlights the importance of promoting email site visits and purchases. Any member like these sites will tell you, if the website owner can release timely, targeted and well displayed reminder message, then click the information so that consumers almost does not have what problem, also from the final sales goal one step closer. The psychological factors behind this kind of behavior are wonderful, not just the reason for the urgency of making these products so attractive: read more