OnePlus TV Q1 Pro review in 10 points: Picture quality, sound performance and other key bits to know

first_imgOnePlus TV Q1 Pro review in 10 points: Picture quality, sound performance and other key bits to knowThe OnePlus Q1 TV Pro and the OnePlus TV Q1 are here. Do they meet the expectations. In this quick, 10-point review of the OnePlus Q1 TV Pro we find that they more than match the expectations, particularly on the quality of the screen and sound.advertisement Next Javed Anwer New DelhiSeptember 27, 2019UPDATED: September 28, 2019 11:03 IST HIGHLIGHTSThe OnePlus Q1 TV Pro sports a gorgeous 55-inch QLED screen, which is one of the best in the industry.The 8-speaker soundbar produces great audio during music playback, although low frequencies in dialogues may sound muffled.For its price, OnePlus TV Q1 Pro delivers exceptional screen experience and smooth performance.If you follow consumer tech and the world of gadgets, you must have heard about the latest OnePlus products. There are three: the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro, the OnePlus TV Q1 and the OnePlus 7T. Of them, the two TVs are OnePlus entering a new segment, which is premium TV segment. Over here at the India Today Tech, we have been using the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro for a while. In the coming days, we will have a detailed review of the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro, but for now we do want to share a review that is not so-detailed but still one that has all the key information. So in case you are wondering about the picture quality of the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro, or its the sound performance, or what sort of software it has, dive in.One important bit to note here, essentially the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro and the OnePlus TV Q1 are the same despite their big price difference. The big price difference is because of the integrated soundbar in the Q1 Pro. The OnePlus TV Q1, while it has Dolby Atmos certificate, it has only 4 speakers compared to 8 in the Pro TV.With that out, here is the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro review in 10 key points.– First the image quality. It is fantastic, and right up there with the kind of image quality you get with Rs 1.5 lakh or Rs 2 lakh TVs. The colours on the 55-inch QLED screen of the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro are punchy and vivid. The contrast is great, backlight is event and most significantly the black is deep. In fact, despite being a QLED TV, I found the deepness of black on the OnePlus Q1 Pro TV nearing the black that OLED TVs show.advertisement– The sound quality, as far as the Q1 Pro, is concerned is fantastic. This is particularly noticeable when you play music on the TV and toggle surround sound option from the settings. Though the sound quality also depends a lot on the sound quality in source video or audio. In dialogues, particularly movie dialogues, when there are low frequencies the sound could be a bit muddy. But such instances are rare. — Design is different, but it is still a TV alright, so there is also nothing that I can say is groundbreaking. It’s more like TV designed tastefully and not just put together using parts, plastic and metal. So, there is still a huge screen on the front, and a plastic back — albeit with carbon fiber patter — and a stand, albeit one made of metal and glass. The stand is beautiful, but it is in the centre and given the size of the TV, it does make it wobble a bit if you place your hand on the TV. Talking of design, I love some nice touches that OnePlus TV Q1 Pro has: Like the fact that the integrated soundbar actually sits behind the TV when it is not in use, away from your eyes. But when you turn on the TV, the soundbar slides down and takes its place blow the screen. Then there are magnets that are used to keep port covers in place. The cover on the back where there are all the ports — lots of HDMI, USB 3, Ethernet etc — has these magnets and so does the cover on top of the TV where there is the micro USB-C port, which is provided so you can charge the OnePlus TV remote.– Talking of design, you can wall-mount the OnePlus TV or you can keep it on the stand. It’s a heavy TV and definitely needs two people, or someone well-skilled, to setup.– That is physical setup, though. As far as the setup of the TV and getting into its software is concerned, it’s very easy. The OnePlus TV runs Android TV Os, without any significant UI modifications. You turn on the TV, pair the remote, then you can use your phone to copy Wi-Fi settings and Google account settings. It is all done in less than 5 minutes.– Using the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro is also fairly simple. Almost all the content, and OnePlus has tied up with Hotstar, Google, Zee5, Eros, Amazon Prime etc — for content can be accessed through the Oxygen Play app. You can search for content using the Google Assistant. So, basically, speak loud. like “Play Godzilla”. Or “Open VLC”. The OnePlus TV remote has a button to invoke Google Assistant. Or you can type your search query. Navigating around the TV is extremely easy and snappy and I didn’t find any significant lag, except the lag induced by network speed. It’s all very snappy. When you are done watching the TV, you can put it in sleep mode and then when you wake it up, it wakes up within a second or two.advertisement — Talking of network, I used the OnePlus Q1 TV Pro with a 100mbps connection. Using a speed test app, I checked the speed and I mostly got between 80mbps to 100 mbps speed. But for 4K streaming or even for smooth and consistent 1080P streaming this is not enough. The OnePlus Q1 Pro TV definitely will work better with a 300mbps connection, or even 1gbps connection. thankfully such internet connections are not available in India.– While watching something, or playing something, it is easy to get into settings — a long press on the menu button on the remote does it — and select various picture and audio modes. In the settings, you also have options to change colour fidelity, smoothness of the video — controlled by the processor inside the TV to reduce screen lag for videos that have poor frames per second rate — sound.– No, Netflix is not yet supported on the OnePlus TV. That certification is soon coming, we hear from OnePlus. But Chromecast is inbuilt and that can be used to stream videos from various sources.– Overall, I think the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro is a magnificent premium TV. At a price of Rs 99,900, it is not cheap, definitely not as cheap as some other 55-inch TVs. But then the OnePlus TV Q1 is cheaper. However, you need to see the price in context. For Rs 99,900, the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro actually offers a lot. In particular I love its display. It’s one of the best screens I have ever seen on any TV, irrespective of its price, or its type of panel. OLED, QLED, LCD, IPS VA — VA is what the OnePlus TV Q1 Pro uses — none of that matters if the picture quality is not up to expectations. The OnePlus TV Q1 Pro more than meets the expectations. That it comes with an integrated soundbar, which is particularly brilliant at playing music, that it is a smart TV, that it has an attractive design only adds to the appeal. Stay tuned for some more thoughts on OnePlus TV Q1 Pro in the coming days.ALSO READ | OnePlus 7T quick review: A OnePlus 7 Pro for everyoneGet real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. 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